Correcting Errors

Review my corrections on your Discipline Awareness Project. Choose one sentence for which I made at least one grammatical, stylistic, or format correction. Copy and paste that sentence into a new document, complete with my comment.

Skip down to the next line, then rewrite the sentence in a way that you think addresses the grammatical or stylistic error I pointed out.

Do that two more times, for a total of three.


Choose only one sentence for each of the three corrections. However, the sentence may contain as many errors as you like.

I suggest you choose sentences for which correcting the problem or problems is a challenge for you. If the problem is simply that you typed effect when you meant affect, or you used an adverbial intensifier and I suggested you cut it, then that probably isn’t worth discussing.

Bring two hard-copies with you to class.
Note: I will be using the document camera to show your corrections to the class and open them up to discussion.

If you complete the exercise according to the instructions, you will receive full credit. Ignoring elements of the instructions can bring that down.

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