Reflective Commentary Guidelines
After revising each of your major assignments, you need to write a reflective commentary in which you discuss your experience of completing this assignment. In the case of the Discipline Awareness Project: Tracing the Path of Scholarship, please consider the following questions:

1) How has this process changed your conception of your original topic? Which of the sources you have found will prove useful? Examining these sources should have introduced you to ideas and raised questions that you would not have gleaned from your initial source. Discuss them.

2) This process should also make you aware of ways — big or small — you might want or need to change your own project. What are they?

3) What was the hardest challenge you faced in completing this project? Why? What do you think you have done particularly well? Why?

4) How did the peer response process go and what changes did you make after receiving your peers’ comments?  Note that you should not tell me about every little change — I don’t need to read about every comma you put in or took out; instead, you should describe how you spent your time in revision. Did you re-think some of your points, change the organization, focus on technical issues?

The commentary should be written like an essay — meaning well-organized and properly paragraphed, grammatically correct, do not number your answers — but the style may be informal, and of course you should use the first person. I expect it to be between 300 and 350 words total (not per question). Please use your word count function to put the total (not including the header) after the commentary. No title is necessary.
Reflective commentaries, like other aspects of the essays, earn scores of √+, √, √-, or -. However, rather than being averaged into the score, your reflective commentary score will be converted to a bonus: a √+ will earn a bonus of 1 point; a √ will earn a bonus of .5 points; a √- will not earn a bonus; a – will result in a .3 point deduction, and not turning in a reflective commentary will result in a 1 point deduction.  Remember that this essay assignment starts with a base value of 16 points.
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