Press Coverage of the Policy Analysis Market

The following is all press coverage known to me on the Policy Analysis Market that does not mention Robin Hanson.


Pierre Thomas, Betting on Terror Controversial Website, ABC News, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, 06:30 ET, July 28, 2003.

Linda Douglass, Secret Spending Betting On Terror, ABC News, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, 06:30 ET, July 29, 2003.

Defense Dept. Program Taking Terror Bets; Program Models 'Futures' Markets,, 5:57 a.m. EDT July 29, 2003.

Melissa McDermott (anchor), Newscast: Pentagon may allow traders to profit by predicting terror attacks or assassinations, CBS News: Morning News, July 29, 2003.

Pat Buchanan (anchor); Ron Reagan; Tom Aspell; Andrea Mitchell, Show Buchanan & Press (18:00), MSNBC, July 29, 2003.

Anderson Cooper (anchor), Anderson Cooper's Final Thought, Show Live from the headlines (19:00), CNN, July 29, 2003.

Pentagon plans "terror" stock exchange, NDTV, July 29, 2003.

Pentagon axes online terror bets, BBC World News, 29 July, 2003.

Tom Brokaw (anchor), Program for futures trading market on terrorist events canceled by Pentagon, NBC Nightly News (6:30 PM ET), NBC, July 29, 2003.

Terror Betting Torpedoed, CBS News and AP, July 29, 2003.

Roger Ward, Terror-Futures, Broadcast News (Canada), NewsWatch, 00:16 GMT, July 30, 2003.

Lou Dobbs (Anchor), Moneyline News Hour, CNNfn, 31 July 31, 2003.

Bob Woodruff (anchor), Poindexter resigns, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (06:30 PM ET), ABC, July 31, 2003.

Kyra Phillips (anchor) and Barbara Starr, Admiral John Poindexter Will Resign, CNN: Breaking News, July 31, 2003.

Brian Williams (anchor), Newscast: John Poindexter, responsible for canceled futures trading market in terrorism resigns, NBC News: Nightly News, July 31, 2003.

Terror Betting Plan Honcho To Quit, CBS News and AP, July 31, 2003.

Gloria Borger (anchor), Terrorist futures market, CNBC News Transcripts, Show Capital Report, (9:00 PM ET), CNBC, August 1, 2003.

Louis Rukeyser, Commentary: Failed controversial proposal of online futures market to predict terrorist activity could have other applications in the economic and financial marketplace, CNBC: Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street, August 1, 2003.

Andy Borowitz, Commentary: Ideas for futures markets, NPR: Weekend Edition, August 3, 2003.

William Spain, Betting on Bush's next global move - Proposed futures market models Pentagon Terrorism plan, CBS MarketWatch, 12:01 AM ET Aug. 8, 2003.

James Arnold, Bush for president? You bet!, BBC News, November 5, 2004.

Stephen Evans, Futures market right on new Pope, BBC News, 17:23:00 GMT, April 19, 2005.


Kai Ryssdal (anchor), B.B. Rivera (reporter), Proposed policy analysis market, Marketplace Morning Report, (6:50 AM ET), July 29, 2003.

Robert Siegel (anchor), Larry Abramson (reporter), How the Policy Analysis Market would have worked, All Things Considered, (9:00 PM ET), NPR, July 29, 2003.

Michele Norris (anchor), David Welna (reporter), Reaction to Pentagon's proposed terror futures market, All Things Considered, (9:00 PM ET), NPR, July 29, 2003.

Cheryl Glaser (anchor), Bob Moon (reporter), Pentagon scraps terrorism futures plan, Marketplace, (6:30 PM ET), July 29, 2003.

Cheryl Glaser (anchor), Filler: Satirical look at DARPA, Minnesota Public Radio - Marketplace, 29 July 2003.

'Terror Futures Market' Reaps Criticism from US Congress, Voice of America, 19:21 UTC, 29 July 2003.

Nick Grimm (anchor), Pentagon terror futures market, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, July 29, 2003.

Alan Murray and Gloria Borger (hosts), John Poindexter is reportedly likely to soon leave post, CNBC: Capital Report, July 30, 2003.

Controversial Member of Defense Research Agency to Resign, Voice of America, 20:48 UTC, July 31, 2003.

Pentagon - Terrorism - Futures, Voice of America, July 31, 2003.

Robert Siegel (host) and Tom Gjelten, Analysis: Resignation of John Poindexter from the Pentagon, NPR: All Things Considered, July 31, 2003.

Neal Conan (host) and Steven Aftergood, Interview: Steven Aftergood discusses DARPA, NPR: Talk of the Nation, July 31, 2003.

Cherl Glaser (anchor), John Poindexter to quit Pentagon after futures market plan set off political firestorm, Minnesota Public Radio: Marketplace, July 31, 2003.

News Wires

Gambling on terrorism?, Associated Press, July 29, 2003.

Pentagon To Abandon Terror-Futures Mkt-Senate Panel Chmn, Dow Jones International News, 15:26 GMT, July 29, 2003. Second update, to Pentagon Drops Terror-Futures Idea Amid Outrage, 17:56 GMT.

Pentagon terror futures market scrapped - Wolfowitz, Reuters News, 16:19 GMT, July 29, 2003.

Warner Says Pentagon To Scrap Terror-Futures Market Plan, Dow Jones Business News, 17:07 GMT, July 29, 2003.

New Mexico senator calls for head of agency to resign , Associated Press Newswires, 07:54 pm, July 29, 2003.

Deborah Zabarenko, Pentagon scraps terror futures market, Reuters News 19:52 GMT, July 29, 2003, also in Calgary Herald, (Alberta, Canada), July 30, 2003.

Mike Madden, Amid outcry, Pentagon scraps plans for terror futures market, Gannett News Service, July 29, 2003.

Jeff Milchen, Terror Trading Market: Business as Usual for This Administration, Pacific News Service, July 29, 2003.

Pentagon terminates scheme for online betting on future terrorist attacks, Agence France Presse, July 29, 2003.

Ken Guggenheim, Pentagon abandons plan to establish threat-bet futures program, The Canadian Press 20:17 GMT, July 29, 2003.

George Edmonson, Pentagon halts terror betting plan, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 29, 2003.

Ken Guggenheim, GOP senators said they had few clues about terror market plans, Associated Press Newswires, 07:23 GMT, July 30, 2003.

US GOP Sens: Budget Proposals Unclear On Terror Futures, Dow Jones International News, 12:00 GMT, July 30, 2003.

John Connor, Capital Views: 'Dr. Strangelove Meets The Invisible Hand', Dow Jones Capital Markets Report, 15:18 GMT, July 30, 2003.

Rumsfeld says nixed terror futures plan after flap, Reuters News, 23:14 GMT, July 30, 2003.

Pentagon Shuts Down Terror Futures Market, Periscope Daily Defense News Capsules, July 30, 2003.

Poindexter to Give up Post Amid Terror-Market Flap, Dow Jones Business News, 22:24 GMT, July 31, 2003.

Poindexter to resign - defense official, Agence France Presse, July 31, 2003.

USA - Poindexter to Step Down, Periscope Daily Defense News Capsules, August 1, 2003.

Mike Hedge, A certain confusion over Terror Australis, Australian Associated Press, August 1, 2003.

Eric Burroughs, Online exchanges mull Pentagon `terror futures', Reuters News, 18:45 GMT, August 7, 2003.

Maxim Kniazkov, `Misunderstood' Poindexter to leave Bush administration, Agence France Presse, August 13, 2003.

Exotic Branch Of US Defense Dept Stumbles Into Limelight, Dow Jones International News, 23:10 GMT, September 1, 2003.

Spencer Jakab, Influence Of Information Markets Spreading In Finance, Dow Jones International News, 01:17 PM, April 8, 2005.

Daily Print Media

The nation Pentagon plan oks betting on terrorism, The Augusta Chronicle, (Georgia), July 29, 2003.

Tom Bowman, Pentagon's Futures Market Idea to Predict Terrorism Raises Privacy Concerns, The Baltimore Sun, (Maryland), July 29, 2003.

Josh Meyer, The Nation; Trading on the Future of Terror; A market system would help Pentagon predict turmoil. To critics, it's 'gambling' on security, Los Angeles Times, Jul 29, 2003.

Carl Hulse, Threats and responses: plans and criticism; Pentagon Prepares A Futures Market On Terror Attacks, New York Times, July 29, 2003.

Ken Guggenheim, Mideast 'Futures' System Set ; Pentagon Project Would Use Market to Seek Information, Washington Post, A15, July 29, 2003. Also in Deseret News, A2.

Shailagh Murray Online Exchange Chooses Turmoil As a Commodity --- In Bizarre U.S. Project, Traders To Bet on Events in Middle East; Some Democrats Oppose Plan, Wall Street Journal, C1, July 29, 2003.

Ken Guggenheim, Betting on terror ; Futures market based on world terrorism will yield insights, Pentagon argues, Grand Rapids Press, A1, July 29, 2003.

Audrey Hudson, Hill hits gambling program on terror; TIA eyes markets to predict attacks, The Washington Times, July 29, 2003.

Pentagon will cancel terror 'betting' program, Charleston Gazette, P1A, 29 July 29, 2003.

Pentagon may start market for wagers on world events ; Fans say it'll help predict turmoil; foes call it crass, The Seattle Times, A1, July 29, 2003.

Editorial: Say goodbye to this admiral, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 29, 2003.

US cancels plan to establish futures market to predict terrorism, Xinhua General News Service, July 29, 2003.

Richard Sisk, Gambling on terror Pentagon wants crisis Web site to take bets, Daily News, (New York), July 29, 2003.

Conor Dougherty, Pentagon taps traders to predict the future - Defense project angers Democrats, San Diego Union-Tribune, A-1, July 29, 2003.

Andrew Orlowski, Kill a Middle East head of state, win prizes! – Pentagon shows how, The Register, 08:46 GMT, July 29, 2003.

Mark Tran, Pentagon scraps terror betting plans, Guardian, 5:30pm, July 29, 2003.

Roland Watson, US realises $8m terrorism gamble is not a good bet, The Times (London), 13, July 30, 2003.

Shailagh Murray, Pentagon Retreats From Terror Futures In Face of Criticism, Wall Street Journal, C1, July 30, 2003.

Pentagon scraps terror futures market - Plan drew criticism from Democrats, Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon), July 30, 2003.

Richard Thomson and Steve Hawkes, Pentagon forced to pull the plug on 'terror futures', The Evening Standard (London), 31, July 30, 2003.

Peter Spiegel, Pentagon ditches 'terror futures market', Financial Times, 7, July 30, 2003, appeared on FT.Com on 29 July 2003.

William Lowther, Fury at plan for betting on terror attacks, Daily Mail London, p.8, July 30, 2003.

David Rennie, Pentagon scraps plan for betting on terror strikes, Daily Telegraph, (London), Page 12, July 30, 2003.

Carl Hulse, Threats and responses: plans and criticism; Swiftly, Plan for Terrorism Futures Market Slips Into Dustbin of Idea Without a Future, New York Times, July 30, 2003.

Poindexter's Follies, New York Times, 16, Editorial Desk, July 30, 2003.

Bush's Dr. Strangelove, Editorial, The Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal, 10A, July 30, 2003.

Peter G. Gosselin, The Nation; Plan for Terrorism Futures Market Killed; The proposal by onetime Reagan aide John Poindexter drew widespread outrage, Los Angeles Times, Jul 30, 2003. Also same day in Grand Rapids Press, A5.

Tom Bowman, Pentagon Halts Proposal to Let Investors Bet on Likelihood of Terror Attacks, The Baltimore Sun, (Maryland), July 30, 2003.

Tom Walker, Futures Markets Help Run Economy, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, July 30, 2003.

Tom Bowman, Terror futures market canceled; Pentagon halts proposal to let investors bet on likelihood of attacks, The Baltimore Sun, July 30, 2003.

Poindexter's policy racket, The Boston Globe, July 30, 2003.

Harebrained Defense mission aborted in the nick of time, Chicago Sun-Times, 47, July 30, 2003.

Who dreamed up this plan?, The Herald, (Rock Hill, S.C.), July 30, 2003.

Deborah Zabarenko, Pentagon scrubs Internet futures market on Mideast terrorism Volley of criticism, National Post's Financial Post & FP Investing, (Canada), July 30, 2003.

Craig Gordon, All Bets Off; Amid furor, Pentagon halts terror market plan, Newsday, (New York), July 30, 2003.

Ellis Henican, Wagers on Terror? Dumb, Newsday, (New York), July 30, 2003.

Andrew Buncombe, Pentagon drops betting market on terror attacks, The New Zealand Herald, July 30, 2003.

Nikki Kallio, Investment program could have encouraged terrorism; Luckily, our nation's lawmakers scrapped the plan for a futures market in the Mideast's instability, Portland Press Herald, (Maine), July 30, 2003.

Ann Mcfeatters, Terror futures market no future; Pentagon cancels controversial program betting on next attacks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, A9, (Pennsylvania), July 30, 2003.

Ruth Rosen, Gambling on terror, The San Francisco Chronicle, July 30, 2003.

A market for terror; Poindexter should be fired over Pentagon's outrageous scheme, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, (Florida), July 30, 2003.

What is policy analysis market?, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, (Missouri), July 30, 2003.

Playing the terror market, Times-Picayune, (New Orleans, LA), July 30, 2003.

Terrorism guessing games, St. Petersburg Times, July 30, 2003.

Terrorism Bets: Stupid pentagon plan makes its way to the trash, Detroit Free Press, July 30, 2003.

Mike Blahnik, Pentagon drops plan for terror futures; Theory has its fans, but many are cringing , Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1A, July 30, 2003.

Terrorism program killed amid uproar, Marin Independent Journal, (Marin, CA), July 30, 2003.

George Edmonson, Amid political outrage, Pentagon drops terrorism futures market, Austin American-Statesman, (Texas), July 30, 2003. Also in Atlanta Journal - Constitution, A1.

Emilie Faxon, Tom Miller, Letters to the Editor, The San Francisco Chronicle, July 30, 2003.

Carl Hulse, Swiftly, Plan for Terrorism Futures Market Slips Into Dustbin of Idea Without a Future, The New York Times, July 30, 2003.

Niles Lathem, Pentagon De-Lists Its `Tereror Market', New York Post, 5, July 30, 2003.

Ken Guggenheim, Pentagon drops terror futures market plan, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2A, July 30, 2003. Also as No bets placed on Pentagon threat-bet site, Tulsa World, A5.

Julian Borger, All bets are off on terror, rules Pentagon, The Guardian London, Foreign p.10, July 30, 2003.

Tom Detzel, Pentagon Kills Plan for Terror Futures Market, The Oregonian (Portland), July 30, 2003.

David Sarasohn, Terror Bookie Plan One for the Books, The Oregonian (Portland), C7, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Dale Eisman, Terror Futures Trading Plan Halted; Lawmakers Outraged by Pentagon's Plan to Bet on Attacks, The Virginian-Pilot & The Ledger-Star, A1, July 30, 2003.

Bradley Graham and Vernon Loeb, Pentagon Drops Bid For Futures Market; Investors Could Bet on Terrorism, Coups, The Washington Post, A17, July 30, 2003.

Any Bets on Poindexter's Future?, Roanoke Times and World News, A14, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Tired Thinking Kills Bold Wager Plan, Dayton Daily News, A6, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Another weird idea from Adm. Poindexter, Seattle Times, B6, Opinion, July 30, 2003.

All market bets are off with nation's security, The Republican, A12, Opinion, July 30, 2003.

At Pentagon, all Bets Off; 'Egregious Error of Judgment,' J. Warner Says of Proposal, Richmond Times-Dispatch A1, News, July 30, 2003.

Betting On Terror; Crazy scheme should spell end of bizarre defense agency, Houston Chronicle, Editorial, A26, July 30, 2003.

Pentagon battiness, Arizona Daily Star, B6, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

The Pentagon's unsafe bet, The Star-Ledger, 14, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Other futures market ideas, Journal Gazette, 8A, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Lawrence M. O'Rourke, Pentagon market in terror crashes, News & Observer, A1, July 30, 2003.

Pentagon bets are off, News & Observer, A18, Editorial, July 30, 2003.

Betting On Terror, The Oregonian, Editorial, C6, July 30, 2003.

Peter Kammerer, Controversy returns to haunt architect of terror futures plan, South China Morning Post, 10, July 31, 2003.

Terror futures market plan scrapped, The Hindu, July 31, 2003/

The Economy: Poindexter Is to Leave Pentagon In Wake of Terror-Futures Plan, Wall Street Journal, A2, July 31, 2003.

Hal Varian, A Good Idea With Bad Press, page C2, July 31, 2003. original

Pentagon Buys Into Tragedy, Christian Science Monitor, July 31, 2003.

Dr. Strangelove caught in bizarre betting parlor, Santa Fe New Mexican, (New Mexico), July 31, 2003.

James P. Pinkerton, In Terrorism Game, Intelligence Is Big Loser, Newsday, (New York), July 31, 2003.

No betting on blood, The Herald-Sun, (Durham, N.C.), July 31, 2003.

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John Hall, Of Fruitcakes And Nutty Ideas, Tampa Tribune, 15, July 31, 2003. Also in Richmond Times-Dispatch, A9.

Poindexter's Insidious Hand, Los Angeles Times, July 31, 2003.

Pointy Heads, Deadly Game, Los Angeles Times, July 31, 2003.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Terrorism: There's No Futures in It, Los Angeles Times B13, July 31, 2003.

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Surely there's a better way, Times-Picayune, (New Orleans, LA), July 31, 2003.

A Bad Bet, Winston-Salem Journal, A12, July 31, 2003.

Betting on Security; A Second Outlandish Intelligence-Gathering Plan Casts Doubts on the Usefulness of a New Agence and the Government's Ability to Keep Us Safe, Greensboro News & Record, Editorial, A14, July 31, 2003.

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A Bad Bet; Pentagon Deserves Criticism for Trying to Deploy a Weapon of Mass Stupidity, Buffalo News B12, July 31, 2003.

Pentagon flutters - Back in the game, Poindexter gambles, The Guardian, 23, July 31, 2003.

Ed Truitt, Internet once a `scheme', Houston Chronicle, Viewpoints, 37, July 31, 2003.

Pentagon Drowns In Its Own `Dead Pool', The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star, B10, July 31, 2003.

Sack Poindexter The Pentagon's bet-on-terror originator goes from one rotten idea to another, Omaha World-Herald, 6b, Editorial, July 31, 2003.

Bizarre bazaar, Salt Lake Tribune, A14, July 31, 2003.

Did he say this? Place your bets, Star-News, 10A, Editorial, July 31, 2003.

Don't bet on terror, but support DARPA, Lancaster New Era (Lancaster, PA), Editorial, A6, July 31, 2003.

Betting On Catastrophe, The Ledger (Lakeland, FL), Editorial, A20, August 1, 2003.

Sean O'Driscoll, US to cancel terror betting scheme, Irish Times, 6, August 1, 2003.

David Ignatius, Back in the Safe Zone, Washington Post, A19, August 1, 2003. Also August 2 as Attack on America - Intolerance for unconventional ideas, San Diego Union-Tribune, B-8:7, Opinion, and Spiking the terrorism futures market? and the future, Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon).

Eric Schmitt, Poindexter Will Be Quitting Over Terrorism Betting Plan, New York Times, August 1, 2003. Also in Houston Chronicle and San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Thomas M. DeFrank, He Lost Bet on Future Horrors, New York Daily News, 10, August 1, 2003.

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Corrections, New York Times, August 1, 2003.

Going long on lunacy, Palm Beach Post, (Florida), August 1, 2003.

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Poindexter's Pentagon days over, Investor's Business Daily, August 1, 2003.

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Poindexter on way out for terror futures plan, Commercial Appeal, In Washington, A13, August 1, 2003.

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Poindexter quits after idea on terror predictions flops, The Globe and Mail, A12, August 1, 2003.

Poindexter May Leave Defense Agency, Dayton Daily News, A3, August 1, 2003.

Bet this (Observer Column), Financial Times, 18, August 1, 2003.

No tears for Poindexter, The News Tribune (South Sound), B6, Editorial, August 1, 2003.

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