Undergraduate Research in the Couch Lab
Since January of 2007, I have provided research opportunities for over 45 different undergraduate students. Students work alongside graduate students in performing research. Priority is given to students that are Chemistry/Biochemistry majors. Without exception, students must register in either Chem 355, Chem 451, Chem 452, Chem 455, or Chem 456 to perform research in the Couch lab. Research credit ranges from 1-3 credits per course, with 1 credit equating to 4 hrs of lab work per week. Priority is given to students that have 8-12 hrs of time available per week to perform research, in at least 4 hour uninterrupted sessions. Research projects depend on availability and lab needs. Depending on the project, students will gain hands on experience in areas of protein chemistry (expression, purification, characterization), molecular biology (PCR, qPCR, DNA/RNA isolation, electrophoresis, cloning, etc), metabolomics, and the use of modern/state-of-the-art equipment. Contact Dr. Robin Couch to discuss current opportunities.