Graduate Research in the Couch Lab
Graduate student opportunites are available in the Couch lab, relating to research areas described here. Priority is given to students that are Chemistry/Biochemistry majors and those interested in pursuing a PhD degree. Whether you intend to work in academia, industry, or for the government after graduating, your future employer will be keenly interested in your hands-on experience with research-related techniques and instrumentation. Exposure and experience obtained in an undergraduate teaching lab is typically insufficient for most employers seeking personnel with expertise in the use and troubleshooting of modern research tools and techniques. Hence, it is imperative for you to develop your expertise through experience acquired during your graduate program. Depending on the specific aims of their research project, graduate students in the Couch lab will gain hands on experience with techniques in areas of protein chemistry (protein expression, protein purification, protein characterization, enzymology, protein crystallography), drug discovery (structure-activity relationships, molecular modeling, structure determination, inhibitor screening), molecular biology (PCR, qPCR, DNA/RNA isolation, electrophoresis, cloning, etc), bacterial and mammalian cell culture, metabolomics (gas and liquid chromatography, sample preservation and processing, data processing, biomarker identification), all while using a wide array of modern state-of-the-art equipment. For some students, aspects of the thesis project can be performed on-location with our collaborators, creating network opportunities and connections to potential employers. Contact Dr. Robin Couch for more information and to discuss current opportunities.