The Mason Metabolomics Facility
The MMF is operated in the
, located in the Institute
for Advanced Biomedical Research on the Science and
Technology Campus of George Mason University.
With funding from
Our metabolomics platform is based upon several analytical
instruments including
Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph with 5977B Mass Spectrometer (with a
       High Efficiency Source)
Agilent 1290 Infinity LC with a 6530 QToF (MS/MS)
Agilent 1100 LC-MSD (with interchangeable ESI, APPI, and APCI sources)
Three Agilent GC-FIDs, an Agilent GC-NPD, a Beckman semi-preparative
      HPLC, and an Agilent preparative HPLC
Coupled with both the Agilent Mass Profiler Professional software
package and our in-house cheminformatics software, the MMF is
capable of both targeted (eg. lipid, amino acid, carbohydrate) and
untargeted (global) metabolomic profiling of
 metabolites present in biological samples.
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