Professional Summary


Beyond Computation



Through the lens of complex adaptive systems (in progress)

o  Going beyond complexity



Though my research is heavily quantitative, I believe that qualitative methods can enhance quantitative research, making important contributions to social inquiries. Field observations help scientists develop intuitions and insights, which guide quantitative data collection and analysis. Qualitative interviews can complement and enrich quantitative data analysis by revealing underlying processes and offering nuanced understanding about human behavior and social interaction. Self-reflections, though not representing scientific knowledge, provide access to perception, thought, emotion, and other cognitive functions. We can better understand social behavior and decision making if we examine lower level mechanisms of cognition. A deep understanding of social behavior and decision making also provides a foundation for modeling and for designing “smart” policies that induce individual decisions and actions to collectively move a system toward more desirable states. 

Land use and development in China

-       Field trip in Jiangxi (2008)

-       Old Beijing and field trip in Jiangxi (2014)

-       Land use patterns from the train (2015)

-       New Beijing (2015)

-       Once upon a time a village (2019)

Washington DC: An apolitical view

(A study of people and place)

Experience, perception & thought

-       Memories of the Great Lake

-       Gibberish along the Huron River

-       Casual thoughts on traveling (in progress)