Mark Edwin Peterson

Sunday, March 7, 2021

I keep reworking my basic project, but experience with putting together some proposals and generally looking at what people are funding has made me think more about urban space and national myth-making. So, once again totally reworked everything. I am going to try to think about why people thought that they needed and why big academic institutions were the place to have them. The Cultural Studies angle on all of this is still not clear, but thinking about my classes this semester and the requirements that are left has also worked to shape what the chapter structure might look like. I don’t like being wasteful. I gave my presentation on urban renewal for the JMU conference. Everything went fine. The group was very international and much smaller than it could have been and larger than I feared. Not many people from JMU or Virginia were interested. I had the most interesting, concrete topic, but that did not lead to a lot of questions. Have to work on that. I am giving a presentation on the same paper for the iConference in Beijing at the end of the month. It is really looming and I just don’t have time to think about it. I am working on my Twitter project from last semester. I continue to have problems getting the archive search to work, so my attention has been sucked into the presentation I am giving on it for cultural studies in April. Very bad news for me. But I did get all of my deployment issues fixed by moving everything to the slow process of the Mason website and giving up on github and all of its hangers on.