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Activate your MASON account 
to publish your Web site 
This is NOT your MEMO E-MAIL account.

You must activate your mason account if you want to create a Web directory on the mason server and post Web material.  Some other programs are also available on the mason/osf1 server.

Do it on the Web at:

If that is not working, do it this way from a telnet program:

Click on Start (bottom left side of your Windows screen).

Select RUN. Then type in telnet

  • At the login: prompt, type accounts and press Enter
  • At the Password: prompt, press Enter
  • At the GMU ID number (SS#) prompt, type in your 9 digit number and press Enter. Your SS # won't be displayed for privacy.
  • Your first name will then appear. When prompted "Is this correct?", type Y if correct. If the information is not correct, the session will end and you will have to start over.
  • At the prompt for "Your Pin," type your four (4) digit PIN number. Your PIN won't be displayed for privacy.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts to get your new account or reset your password.

Accessing the GMU MEMO E-mail account system 
[not the same as your mason account, above]

1. To activate your account or reset your password, go to

2. To use  your MEMO E-mail account on the Web, type:  in the location address of your browser.

  • You will see a login window.  Type in your email name (without the and your password, where indicated.
  • Then click the LOGIN button
To use your MEMO account on the Web:

To configure your Netscape mail client for MEMO mail:

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