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Forward GMU MEMO E-mail to Preferred Account
[This function can only performed from the Web-based GMU email option.]
Using the GMU E-mail from the WWW
Not reading your GMU e-mail may cause you to miss out on important campus and academic information.  Also, professors may require you to use your GMU e-mail account for course activities.  Here is how to forward your MEMO email to your preferred account so you don't miss out.

1. Open your browser window browser (for example Netscape or IE).

2. Type http://mail.gmu.edu in the location/ address window. Press the "Enter" key.   

3. You will see the screen below. Click on the "Activating my Account" button to register for the first time.

iplanet messenger

4. If you forgot your password, click on the "I forgot my  Password" option..

5. To view your mail on the Web, just type in your Username and Password and then click the "login" button. 

6. To Forward your Email to another account, click on Options from the menu choices.

memo options menu

7.  Then click on Settings on the Options menu.

memo settings menu

8. Enter the email address for the account you want to forward your mail to in the "Mail Forwarding" text box and click on the "Save Changes" button.
memo mail forward window
save changes, reset buttons

9.  Check to see if your forward works by sending yourself an e-mail from your MEMO account to your preferred account.

Caution: Forwarding mail does not erase it from your GMU email account.  If you don't periodically log in to your GMU e-mail and delete your mail, your account will fill up and you won't be able to use your email account or forward mail.

These instructions are not an official GMU document. Comments and corrections are appreciated.
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created February 2002