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Job Resources Online
U. S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook - "provides valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives"

  America's Job Bank - over one million jobs nationwide, create and post resume online, set up an automated job search, search by state
  CareerBuilder - job leads via email, resume services, continuing education, resume resources
  Career Journal- the Wall Street Journal
  College - Wall Street Journal (resume builder, job hunting, global careers, ....) - connects independent professionals with contract projects - "focused exclusively on college and university positions" and "concentrates on open positions in higher education."
  JobHunt.Org - by
  JobHunt.Org - listings for academia -
  JobNext - career match services free to both job seekers and employers 
  The - personal salary report, senior executive searches to college student searches, global network
Monster - hotjobs - job categories, post resumes, employers/recruiters section
Net Temps - "temporary employment markets. ...boasts a cross posting 
distribution of over 500 Internet search engines, portals, directories, on-line 
services and newsgroups"
Resumes and Career Portal
The Online Job Application: Preparing Your Resume for the Internet - The Riley Guide
The Riley Guide - prepare for a job search resumes & cover letters, targeting & researching employers, salary guides, ...
USAJOBS - the United States Government's official source of  job and employment information provided to the public at no cost (job openings, jobs to you by email, resume builder, online application) 
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updated Oct 2010
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