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George Mason University Technology Resources

This is my compilation of GMU resources and not an official GMU Web site.

GMU Antivirus protection software -  free to download or buy in bookstore cheap - site license for faculty, students, staff of GMU 

GMU Classweb space [IRC Instructional/Academic Web space] - Reserve an account

GMU IP Address for Laptops in classroom networks under Windows 95/98 

GMU IRC Instructional Resource Center for faculty and staff, instructional design, tools, how-to resources, and classroom technology services 

GMU ITU Instructional Technology Support Center - alerts, technical outages, virus alerts, online help, mason's systems instructions, documents, downloads,statistics and announcements ....

GMU ITU Student Technology Guide - getting started, survival guide, e-mail, library, dormitory, dialup networking

GMU ITU Support Center Online Help (dorm hookup, email, hardware, Internet, LAN, software, etc.) 

GMU ITU Information Technology Security - dealing w. spam, viruses, security practices, tools

GMU IT Training @ Mason - workshop/training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. Other training opportunities (via the IT Training Council) are also listed in this site. 

GMU MEMO (Mason Enterprise Messaging Online) e-mail system information

GMU People Finder - Faculty and Staff Directory (on the Web)

GMU Responsible Use of Computing Policy

GMU Security Review Panel - to keep gmu faculty, staff, students informed about campus computer policy, network security issues, and activities of the SRP. 

GMU Software Download (browsers, anti-virus software, ftp, ...)

GMU Technology Across the CurriculumCollege of Arts and Sciences

GMU TOPS Training in office & productivity skills for faculty, staff and students

GMU Blackboard Resources - IRC/Instructional Technology & Classroom Services

GMU Web Development (copyright, creating your page, resources, policies)

[education and technology resources][how-to guides]