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Base Ten Block Activities

Materials Available
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Base Ten Block Applet

Special thanks are given to the developer of the Base Ten Block Applet,
Jacobo Bulaevsky.
You will need a JAVA-capable Browser to run the applet.

When you click on the Base Ten Block Applet button above, a window will open up with the applet running. You will have two windows open. You want to size the windows so that you can switch from the activity page (this page) to the applet and back again. Click on the activity window to read the question then click on the applet page to work! After you open and size the screens, you can go to the activities. You will be able to print the work you create on the applet by using the Shift Print Screen key (PC). You will have to paste the screen into a word processor and then print.

Base Ten Block Cutouts
Base Ten Block Grid Paper
(Graph Paper)
Base Ten Block Applet On-Line




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