Mark Koyama

Current Projects

Bones, Bacteria and Breaks: The Heterogeneous Spatial Effects of the Black Death on Urban Economic Development” with Remi Jebwab and Noel D. Johnson [PDF]

Negative Shocks and Mass Persecutions: Evidence from the Black Death ” with Remi Jebwab and Noel D Johnson [PDF]

Autocratic Rule and Social Capital: Evidence from Imperial China ” with Melanie Meng Xue [ssrn]

Resisting Education” with Jean-Paul Carvalho. [ssrn] [slides]

Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom” with Noel D. Johnson. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming [Preorder at Amazon and Cambridge University Press.]

Published Research Papers

Geopolitics and Asia's Little Divergence: A Comparative Analysis of State Building in China and Japan after 1850” with Chiaki Moriguchi and Tuan-Hwee Sng [ssrn] [slides] [Video] Journal of Economics Organization and Behavior November 2018, Volume 155, Pages 178-204

Plague, Politics, and Pogroms: The Black Death, the Rule of Law, and the persecution of Jews in the Holy Roman Empire” with Theresa Finley Journal of Law & Economics, May 2018, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 253-277 [ssrn] [Link]

The State, Toleration, and Religious Freedom” with Noel D. Johnson, Forthcoming in Iyer, Rubin and Carvalho (Eds.), Advances in the Economics of Religion, 2018, Palgrave. [ssrn]

States and Economic Growth: Capacity and Constraints ” with Noel D. Johnson, Explorations in Economic History, April 2017, Volume 64, Issue 2, pp 1–20 [Link] [PDF]

Education, Identity and Community: Lessons from Jewish Emancipation ” with Jean-Paul Carvalho and Michael Sacks, Public Choice, April 2017, Volume 171, Issue 1, pp 119–143 [Link ][PDF]

Unified China; Divided Europe” with Chiu Yu Ko and Tuan-Hwee Sng International Economic Review, February 2018, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 285-327 [Link] [ssrn] [Slate] [The Upshot] [slides]

Jewish Communities and City Growth in Preindustrial Europe” with Noel D. Johnson, Journal of Development Economics, July 2017 Volume 127, pp 339-354 [Link ][SSRN]

Jewish Persecutions and Weather Shocks 1100-1800” with Warren Anderson and Noel D. Johnson Economic Journal, June 2017, Volume 127, Issue 602, pp 924-958 [Link ] [PDF] [ssrn] [VOX] [Foreign Policy] [Times of Israel] [Wired] [Tablet] [Israel Hayom] [Winner of RES prize for Best Paper Published in EJ in 2017]

Jewish Emancipation and Schism: Economic Development and Religious Change” with Jean-Paul Cavalho Journal of Comparative Economics , August 2016, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 562–584 [PDF] [Link]

The Long Transition from a Natural State to a Liberal Economic Order ” International Review of Law and Economics, August 2016, Volume 47, , pp. 29–39 [PDF] [Link]

Monetary Stability and the Rule of Law” with Blake Johnson. Journal of Financial Stability, April 2015, Volume 17, pp. 46-58. [PDF] [Link]

Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witchcraft Trials in France” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Law and Economics, February 2014, Volume 57, Number 1, pp. 77-112 [PDF] [Washington Post] [Globe & Mail]

The Law & Economics of Private Prosecutions in Industrial Revolution England Public Choice March 2014, Volume 159, Number 1-2, pp. 277-298, [Link] [PDF]
Joint winner of the Tullock Prize for Best Paper Published in Public Choice by a junior scholar

Tax Farming and the Origins of State Capacity in England and France” with Noel D. Johnson. Explorations in Economic History January 2014 , Volume 51, Number 1, pp. 1-20. [Link] [PDF]

Legal Centralization and the Birth of the Secular State” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Comparative Economics November 2013, Volume 41, Number 4, pp. 959–978. [Link] [PDF] [slides] [NEP-HIS]

The Transformation of Labor Supply in the Pre-Industrial WorldJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization February 2012 , Volume 82, Number 2, pp. 505-523. [Link] [PDF][FT]

Prosecution Associations in Industrial Revolution England: Private Providers of Public Goods?Journal of Legal Studies January 2012 , Volume 41, Number 1, pp. 95-130. [Link] [PDF]

Evading the taint of usury: the usury prohibition as a barrier to entryExplorations in Economic History December 2010, Volume 47, Number 4, pp. 420-442. [Link] [PDF]

The political economy of expulsion: the regulation of Jewish moneylending in medieval EnglandConstitutional Political Economy December 2010 , Volume 32, Number 4, pp. 374-406. [Link] [PDF]

Book reviews and Review Papers

A Review of From Warfare to Wealth: The Military Origins of Urban Prosperity in Europe by Mark Dincecco and Massimiliano Onorato February 2018. [Link]

A Review of A Culture of Growth by Joel Moykr The Independent Review Volume 22 Number 3. Winter 2018 [PDF] [Link]

A Review of WTF?!: An economic tour of the weird by Peter T. Leeson Review of Austrian Economics Forthcoming [Link] [PDF]

A Review of Economic History of Warfare and State Formation by Jari Eloranta, Eric Golson, Andrei Markevich, and Nicholas Wolf September 2017. [Link]

A Review of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality From the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century by Walter Schiedel Public Choice Volume 172, Issue 3–4, pp 545–548. September 2017 [Link] [PDF]

A Review of Ultrasociety by Peter Turchin Journal of Bioeconomics, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 239–242. October 2016 [Link] [PDF]

A Review of The Rise of Market Society in England 1066-1800 by Christine Eisenberg Journal of Economic History, Vol 72, 3, pp. 931-933. September 2015 [JEH] [PDF]

A Review of the History Manifesto by Jo Guldi and David Armitage Journal of Economic History, Vol. 75, 2, pp. 584-587. June 2015 [Link][SSRN] [PDF]

A Review of Rationalism, Pluralism, and FreedomPublic Choice, Vol. 163, N. 3, pp/ 409-412, May 2015 [PDF]

Preindustrial Cliometrics: A Review Article. Economic Affairs Vol. 33, 2, pp. 268-279 2013 [Link] [PDF]

Review of Timur Kuran’s The Long DivergencePublic Choice Vol. 154, Issue 3-4, pp 341-343 March 2013 [Link]

Review of Douglas W. Allen’s The Institutional [Link]

Review of James K. Galbraith’s The Predator State.Economic Affairs Vol. 29, 1 March, 2009 [Link]