Problem Tasks

Jr. Architect's Math Tasks

Use the blueprint of your clubhouse to solve these problems.

Task 1: Mosaic floor design

Design tiles for your clubhouse floor using pattern blocks.

If each tile covers one square foot, how many tiles will you need to cover the entire floor?

Task 2 : Painting the clubhouse

You are going to buy some paint for your clubhouse.  Compare the prices at these three paint stores and find the best bargain!



Paint Depot

 $10 per gallon

Colorful Paint Co.

Buy 3 gallons for $13 each and get one free


Buy 1 gallon at $18 and get all additional Ĺ off


1. Complete the table below so you can compare prices for 1 through 10 gallons of paint.



Paint Depot

Colorful Paint Co.

Colors R'US

1 gallon




2 gallons




3 gallons




4 gallons




5 gallons




6 gallons




7 gallons




8 gallons




9 gallons




10 gallons




















































































































































2.  Where should you purchase the following amounts of paint?

a) 3 gallons? ____________________________

b) 4 gallons? ____________________________

c ) 10 gallons? ___________________________

3. Letís make a graph of the paint prices.

a) Use three different colors or marks

to plot the three stores.

b) Explain the pattern in the graphs.



c) Which graph shows that you can buy 4

   gallons for the same price as 3 gallons?


Number of gallons



Task 3: How many gallons will you need?                   


4. Assume all the ceiling heights are 10 feet. Using the dimensions of the doors and windows from the blueprint, find the wall area of the clubhouse.  Donít forget that the windows and doorways donít get painted.


5. a) What is the total area to be painted?

b) If each gallon of paint covers 400 square feet, how many gallon cans of paint should be purchased?

c) Which store would provide the best buy on the paint?

d) How can you tell from the table in problem 1?

e) How can you tell from the graph?


6. a) If the clubhouse requires two coats of paint, how many total square feet will be painted?

b) How many gallon cans of paint should be purchased?

c) Where should the paint be purchased?

d) On the average, which store has the best buy?




Task 4: The Garden


You only have 20 feet of fencing to create a garden in the backyard. Use the geoboard and the inch graph paper to design your garden.  How many different rectangular gardens can you make with 20 feet of fencing?  Which dimensions will give you the most gardening space? You can be creative and create a garden in any shape.  Be sure to calculate how much gardening square footage you will have with your design.