Berlin Airlift

Annotated Project Maps

The maps below reflect the geographical extent of the American Milcom network in western Germany and depict the concepts of sectors (zones) and military communities (Milcoms).

Allied Sectors

The Allied powers divided postwar Germany into sectors (zones) of control for purposes of administration. This included the city of Berlin which was located in the center of the Soviet Sector. Image Source: Wiki Commons.

Notes for Map 1 (above):

1. Portions of eastern Germany including East Prussia became new territories of Poland and the Soviet Union.

2. The Allies separated the Saarland from Germany and designated it as a special protectorate of France.

Corps Milcom Areas

American military authorities divided their sector into two areas each controlled by a Corps headquarters. Milcoms fell under the control of either one or the other. (Map inset also shows separate Milcoms of Bremerhaven and Berlin). Image Source: Wiki Commons.

Notes for Map 2 (above):

1. Map depicts only the locations of major Milcoms. Satellite communities are not shown.

2. Unit insignia are used to show areas of responsibility for subordinate headquarters.

Stuttgart Military Community

Larger military communities were sub-divided into smaller regions for easier administration. This added bureaucratic layers but also increased levels of interface with the German host communities. Image Source: Wiki Commons.

Notes for Map 3 (above):

1. The population of military communities included military service members and civilian government employees as well as the family members of both.

2. Every American military unit was a tenent of a Milcom.

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