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Lichenicolous fungi live exclusively on lichens, most commonly as host-specific parasites, but also as broad-spectrum pathogens, saprotrophs or commensals. Over 1800 species have been described throughout the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota, and estimates are that 3000 species will eventually be described (Lawrey and Diederich 2003). The great majority (over 95%) of described lichenicolous fungi belong to the ascomycetes, representing 19 orders and seven classes. Fewer than 5% of lichenicolous species are basidiomycetes, but they are phylogenetically diverse, representing eight different orders and four classes (Lawrey and Diederich 2003). Many described species are of unknown phylogenetic position.


This site contains a systematic listing of all known genera and species of lichenicolous fungi (modified from Lawrey and Diederich 2003), known hosts, isolated strains available in major culture collections (with collection accession numbers), and published sequences (with GenBank accession numbers). Literature references are provided for each genus.


Groups are arranged phylogenetically, with lichenicolous fungi in bold; lichenicolous lichens or facultative lichenicolous fungi are in italics.


Suggested citation:

Lawrey, J. D. & P. Diederich. 2018. Lichenicolous fungi – worldwide checklist, including isolated cultures and sequences available.

URL: [2/12/2021].


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Phylogenetic listing of genera


Major fungal culture collections that contain lichenicolous strains


Cited literature on lichenicolous fungi

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(lichenicolous fungi in bold;
lichenicolous lichens or facultative lichenicolous fungi in italics)

Significant literature

Cultures (with accession numbers when known; culture collection links)

Sequences (with accession numbers)





















Arthonia s. lat. [incl. anam. Helicobolomyces and Subhysteropycnis

abrothallina Nyl.: on Pseudocyphellaria

agelastica R. C. Harris & Lendemer: on Lecanora louisiana

almquistii Vain.: on Amygdalaria, Koerberiella, Porpidia and Trapelia

amylospora Almq.: on Porpidia and Farnoldia

anatolica Halıcı & Candan: on Aspicilia contorta

anjutii S. Y. Kondr. & Alstrup: on Teloschistes velifer

apotheciorum (A. Massal.) Almq.: on Myriolecis albescens

arthoniicola Diederich & Aptroot: on Arthonia catenulata

aspiciliae (Metzl.) S. Y. Kondr.: on Aspicilia

atropunctata Vain.: on sterile foliicolous cf. Echinoplaca

ayseniae Halıcı & Candan: on Acarospora [as ‘aysenae’]

badia Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria granulata

biatoricola Ihlen & Owe-Larss.: on Biatora efflorescens

caerulescens (Almw.) R. Sant.: on Lecanora varia

calicii Kantvilas & Wedin: on Calicium tricolor [as ‘caliciae’]

catillarioides Etayo: on Sticta

ceracea Etayo & Breuss: on Peltigera polydactylon [a homonym of Arthonia ceracea Fée]

cinnabarinula Müll. Arg.: on foliicolous Porina and Trichothelium [anamorph: Helicobolomyces lichenicola Matzer]

circinata Th. Fr.: on Umbilicaria

clemens (Tul.) Th. Fr.: on Rhizoplaca

cohabitans Coppins: on Arthothelium reagens

colombiana Etayo: on Cladonia

coriifoliae Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria coriifolia

coronata Etayo: on Flavoparmelia caperata

cryptotheciae Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Cryptothecia candida

darbishirei Follmann & Werner: on Roccella nigerrima

destruens Rabenh.: on Physcia

destruens var. nana Grube & Hafellner: on Xanthoria fallax

digitatae Hafellner: on Cladonia digitata

digitispora Etayo: on Sticta [as ‘digitospora’]

diorygmae S. Joshi, D. K. Upreti & S. Nayaka: on Diorygma

diploiciae Calat. & Diederich: on Diploicia canescens

epicladonia (Nyl.) Alstrup & Zhurb.: on Cladonia

epifarinosa Etayo: on Pannaria

epimela (Norman) I. M. Lamb: on Buellia punctata

epiphyscia Nyl.: on Physcia

epitoninia Halıcı & Candan: on Toninia

excentrica Th. Fr.: on Lepraria and Leprocaulon

farinacea (H. Olivier) R. Sant.: on Ramalina farinacea

flavicantis Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria flavicans

follmaniana Diederich: on Roccella

fuscopurpurea (Tul.) R. Sant.: on Peltigera

galactinaria Leight.: on Myriolecis

garajonayi Etayo: on Porina

gelidae R. Sant.: on Placopsis gelida

glacialis Alstrup & E. S. Hansen: on Rhizoplaca melanophthalma

glaucomaria (Nyl.) Nyl.: on Lecanora rupicola

graphidicola Coppins: on Graphis scripta

griseopruinosa F. Berger & E. Zimm.: on Pertusaria pseudocorallina

haematommatum Kalb & Hafellner: on Haematomma

haematostigma Grube & Hafellner: on Ramalina

hawksworthii Halıcı: on Dimelaena

hertelii (Calat., Barreno & V. J. Rico) Hafellner & V. John: on Aspicilia

heterodermiae Etayo: on Heterodermia

hodgesii Lendemer & R. C. Harris: on Graphis lineola

Mycopegrapha hymeniicola Vain.: on Lecanora [a poorly known species]

ingaderiae Follmann: on Ingaderia

insularis Kantvilas & Wedin: on Caloplaca eos

intermedia Matzer: on foliicolous Phyllobiale and Porina

intexta Almq.: on Lecidella

invadens Coppins: on Schismatomma

japewiae Grube & Holien: on Japewia

lecanoricola Alstrup & Olech: on Lecanora populicola [as ‘lecanoriicola’]

lecanorina (Almq.) R. Sant.: on Lecanora albella

lepidiota (H. Olivier) R. Sant.: on Fuscopannaria praetermissa

lepidophila (Anzi) Clauzade, Diederich & Cl. Roux (comb. inval.): on Cladonia

lethariicola Alstrup & M. S. Cole: on Letharia

leucomelodis F. Berger & E. Zimm.: on Leucodermia leucomelos

lobariellae Etayo: on Lobariella

lobothalliae Etayo: on Lobothallia alphoplaca

maculiformis Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria glabra and P. homoeophylla

marginalis Etayo: on Pseudocyphellaria

mazosiicola Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Mazosia

microsticta Vain.: on foliicolous cf. Fellhanera bouteillei; a species of doubtful application

minuta Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria coriifolia

molendoi (Frauenf.) R. Sant.: on Caloplaca and Xanthoria

navasiana Etayo: on Lepraria

neglectula Nyl.: on a sterile, sorediate crust (Lepraria neglecta?)

nephromiaria Nyl.: on Nephroma

nideri (J. Steiner) Clauzade, Diederich & Cl. Roux: on Caloplaca gr. variabilis

obscurior Triebel: on Pilophorus dovrensis

oligospora Vězda: on Myriolecis crenulata

pantherina Etayo: on Pertusaria pustulata

parietinaria Hafellner & A. Fleischhacker: on Xanthoria parietina

parmeliae (C. W. Dodge & G. E. Baker) D. Hawksw. & Iturr.: on Physcia caesia

peltigerea Th. Fr.: on Peltigera and Solorina

peltigerina (Almq.) H. Olivier: on Peltigera and Solorina

pelvetii (Hepp) H. Olivier: on Pseudocyphellaria aurata

pepei Etayo & Pérez-Ortega: on Parmelina

phaeophysciae Grube & Matzer: on Phaeophyscia

plectocarpoides (S. Y. Kondr. & D. J. Galloway) Wedin & S. Y. Kondr.: on Pseudocyphellaria scabrosa

polia Etayo & R. Sant.: on Diploicia canescens

prominens Follmann: on Ingaderia gracillima

protoparmeliae Etayo: on Protoparmelia badia

protoparmeliopseos Etayo & Diederich: on Protoparmeliopsis muralis

pseudocyphellariae Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria multifida

pseudopegraphina Matzer: on foliicolous Mazosia

punctella Nyl.: on Diplotomma

rangiformicola Brackel & Etayo: on Cladonia rangiformis

rimeliicola Diederich: on Parmotrema

rinodinicola Candan & Halıcı: on Rinodina oleae

rubescens (Arnold) Clauzade, Diederich & Cl. Roux: on Buellia epipolia

rufidula (Hue) D. Hawksw., R. Sant. & Řvstedal: on Umbilicaria

sagenedii Vězda & Kantvilas: on Sagenidium molle

sampaianae (Diederich & Etayo) Ertz & Diederich: on Fuscopannaria sampaiana

santessoniana Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria scabrosa

santessonii Matzer: on foliicolous Porina

semi-immersa Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria

sherparum Grube & Matzer: on Lecanora sherparum

squamarinae Etayo: on Squamarina lentigera

stereocaulina (Ohlert) R. Sant.: on Stereocaulon

stevensoniana R. C. Harris & Lendemer: on Haematomma accolens

stictaria Nyl.: on Pseudocyphellaria

stipitata M. M. E. Alves, Aptroot & M. Cáceres: on unidentified sterile, sorediate, corticolous lichen (?Bacidina, Fellhanera)

subaggregata Wedin & Hafellner: on Pseudocyphellaria hirsuta

subconveniens Nyl.: on Lobaria

subfuscicola (Linds.) Triebel: on Lecanora albella and L. carpinea

subvelutinae (Vain.) R. Sant.: on foliicolous Sporopodium

sytnikii S. Y. Kondr.: on Xanthoria

tavaresii Grube & Hafellner: on Anthracothecium and Pyrenula

tetraspora S. Y. Kondr. & Kärnefelt: on Caloplaca chilensis

thelotrematis Coppins: on Thelotrema

tremelloides Etayo: on Heterodermia

triebeliae Zhurb.: on Dactylina

urceolata (Elenkin) Calat., Barreno & V. J. Rico: on Aspicilia

varians (Davies) Nyl.: on Lecanora rupicola and L. helicopis

versoeensis Alstrup: on Buellia punctata [= A. aggregata Alstrup, M. S. Christ. & Hafellner]

xanthoparmeliarum Etayo: on Xanthoparmelia

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apotheciorum (UPS:Frisch 11/Se23): RPB2: KJ851148; mtSSU: KJ850970

biatoricola (UPS:Thor 24350): RPB2: KJ851149; mtSSU: KJ850990

graphidicola (UPS:Frisch 10/Jp102): RPB2: KJ851034; mtSSU: KJ850980

molendoi (UPS:Frisch 11/Se36): nrLSU: KJ851051; RPB2: KJ851117; mtSSU: KJ851000

neglectula (UPS:Frisch 10/Se91): nrLSU: KJ851037; RPB2: KJ851118; mtSSU: KJ850989

parietinaria: nrLSU sequences reported in Fleischhacker et al. (2016) for four specimens

peltigerina (UPS:Westberg Frisch 11/Se46): RPB2: KJ851122; mtSSU: KJ850998

phaeophysciae (UPS:Ertz 11/2): nrLSU: KJ851067; RPB2: KJ851112

stereocaulina (UPS:Westberg Frisch 11/Se48): nrLSU: KJ851062; mtSSU: KJ850999

subfuscicola (UPS:Frisch 11/Se15): RPB2: KJ851111; mtSSU: KJ850972

subfuscicola (UPS:Thor 11/1): RPB2: KJ851110; mtSSU: KJ850971


cytospora (Vouaux) Diederich, Ertz, Lawrey & van den Boom: on parmelioid lichens, Lecanora conizaeoides, Cladonia and Lepra

Diederich et al. 2011b

cytospora: CBS 128707 TYPE CULTURE

cytospora (CBS 218707): nrLSU: JF830769; mtSSU: JF830771

cytospora (Ertz 15244): nrLSU: JF830770; mtSSU: JF830772







imitans Werner & Follmann: on Roccella humboldtiana

occidentalis Egea & Torrente: on Roccellina

rinodinae (Vězda) R. Sant.: on Phaeorrhiza nimbosa

Egea & Torrente 1994

Follmann & Werner 2003




glaucomaria (Nyl.) Hafellner: on Lecanora rupicola s. lat. (incl. L. bicincta)

protoparmeliae Hafellner: on Protoparmelia badia

zwackhii (Zwackh) Hafellner: on Phlyctis

Hafellner 2009


glaucomaria (UPS Frisch 11Se/33): nrLSU: KJ851028; RPB2: KJ851136; mtSSU: KJ851022

protoparmeliae (UPS Westberg and Frisch 11Se/49): nrLSU: KJ851075; RPB2: KJ851137

zwackhii (UPS Frisch 11/Se3): nrLSU: KJ851048; mtSSU: KJ851021

zwackhii (UPS Thor 26283): nrLSU: KJ851074; RPB2: KJ851135


aequatoriale Etayo: on Sticta

arthonioides Diederich: on Lobaria isidiophora

bunodophori Wedin, Ertz & Diederich: on Bunodophoron patagonicum

cladoniae R. Sant.: on Cladonia

concentricum Ertz, Diederich & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria homeophylla

coppinsii Ertz & Diederich: Pseudocyphellaria crocata

cristalliferum Christnach, Ertz & Diederich: on Sticta

diedertzianum Y. Joshi, Upadhyay & Chandra: on Flavoparmelia, Myelochroa, Parmotrema and Punctelia.

dirinariae Ertz & van den Boom: on Dirinaria

encausticum (Nyl.) R. Sant.: on Brodoa intestiniformis

gallowayi (S. Y. Kondr.) Ertz & Diederich: on Pseudocyphellaria dissimilis

gayanum Etayo: on Siphula

hypogymniae Zhurb. & Diederich: on Hypogymnia bitteri

lambinonii Diederich & Etayo: on Lobaria

latisporum Ertz, Diederich & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria coriifolia

leuckertii (S. Y. Kondr. & D.J. Galloway) Ertz & Diederich: on Pseudocyphellaria intricata and P. norvegica

lichenum (Sommerf.) D. Hawksw.: on Lobaria anomala, L. anthraspis and L. pulmonaria

linitae (R. Sant.) Wedin & Hafellner: on Lobaria linita

macaronesiae Diederich, Etayo & Sérus.: on Lobaria immixta and L. macaronesiae

melanohaleae Christnach, Ertz & Diederich: on Melanohalea ushuaiensis

nephromeum (Norman) R. Sant.: on Nephroma bellum

obtectum Ertz & Diederich: on Pseudocyphellaria encoensis

opegraphoideum Christnach, Ertz, Diederich & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria homeophylla and P. multifida

peltigerae Zhurb., Ertz, Diederich & Miadl.: on Peltigera leucophlebia

pseudocyphellariae Diederich: on Pseudocyphellaria gilva

pseudoleuckertii Diederich, Ertz & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria coriifolia

pseudosticta Fée: on Pseudocyphellaria freycinetii and P. glabra

aff. pseudosticta Fée: on Pseudocyphellaria intricata

scrobiculatae Diederich & Etayo: on Lobari(n)a scrobiculata

serusiauxii Ertz & Diederich: on Sticta

stereocaulicola Kukwa, Etayo & Flakus: on Stereocaulon

sticticola Ertz, Wedin & Diederich: on Sticta

tibellii Ertz & Diederich: on Pseudocyphellaria rubella

triebeliae Diederich & Ertz: on Lobaria quercizans

usneae Diederich & Etayo: on Usnea exasperata

usneaustralis Etayo: on Usnea

venustum Ertz, Coppins & Diederich: on Nephroma papillosum

violaceum Ertz, R. Sant., Diederich & Wedin: on Nephroma antarcticum

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lichenum (Thor 26770): RPB2: KJ851140; mtSSU: KJ850988

nephromeum (UPS: Nordin 5813): RPB2: KJ851139; mtSSU: KJ851004






Opegrapha s. lat.

agelaea Fée: on pyrenocarpous lichen

anomea Nyl.: on Lepra, Ochrolechia, Pertusaria and Varicellaria

bacidiae R. Sant.: on ‘Bacidiabrasiliensis

blakii Ertz & Diederich: on cf. Ochrolechia

brevis Coppins: on Thelotrema petractoides

brevissima Kalb & Hafellner: on Haematomma

briancoppinsii S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös & J.-S. Hur: on Porpidia albocaerulescens

brigantina Hafellner: on Brigantiaea

bryoriae Zhurb.: on Bryoria

buelliae Zhurb.: on Buellia insignis

chapsae Etayo: on Chapsa

cladoniicola Ertz & Diederich: on Cladonia

cryptotheciae Matzer: on foliicolous Cryptothecia

diffracticola R. C. Harris & Ladd: on Bacidia diffracta

ectolechiacearum Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Calopadia, Loflammia and Sporopodium

encephalographoidea Diederich & Aptroot: on Pyrenula

enterographae Etayo & R. Sant.: on Enterographa

epiporina Matzer: on foliicolous Phyllobiale and Porina

foreaui (Moreau) Hafellner & R. Sant.: on Heterodermia

Leciographa furfuracea (Anzi) Rehm: on Lecanora rupicola and Rhizocarpon [a poorly known species]

geographicola (Arnold) Hafellner: on Rhizocarpon

gregalis Vain.: on pyrenocarpous lichen

Leciographa gyrolophii (A. Massal.) Vouaux: on Dictyonema [a poorly known species]

hafellneri E. Zimm., Etayo & F. Berger: on Placopsis gelida

hellespontica Vondrák & Kocourk.: on Caloplaca aurantia

insidens (J. Steiner) S. Y. Kondr.: on Caloplaca and Verrucaria

invadens Etayo: on Pannaria farinosa

kalbii Matzer: on foliicolous Byssoloma

lamyi (Nyl.) Triebel: on corticolous Lecanora

lichenicola Thor, Lücking & Tat. Matsumoto: on Porina

lopezariae Etayo & Sipman: on Lopezaria

maligna Triebel: on Lecidea fuscoatra

matzeri Lücking: on foliicolous Amazonomyces sprucei

mazosiae Matzer: on foliicolous Mazosia

melanospila Müll. Arg.: on Parmotrema

Leciographa nephromatis Stein: on Nephroma

nigeriensis C. W. Dodge: on Thelotrema

parasitica (A. Massal.) H. Olivier: on Aspicilia calcarea

perturbans Follmann: on Ingaderia pulcherrima

pertusariicola Coppins & P. James: on Pertusaria leioplaca

phaeophysciae R. Sant., Diederich, Ertz & Christnach: on Phaeophyscia hispidula

phlyctidicola (Vouaux) Etayo: on Phlyctis

phyllobathelii Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Phyllobathelium

phylloporinae Müll. Arg.: on foliicolous Porina

physcidiae Kalb & Elix: on Physcidia australasica

pigozziana Etayo & Aptroot: on Thelotrema

plectocarpoidea Diederich: on Phaeographis

porinicola Matzer: on foliicolous Phyllobiale and Porina

pulvinata Rehm: on Dermatocarpon, possibly also on Catapyrenium, Endocarpon and Staurothele

pulvinata var. placidiicola Zhurb.: on Placidium

reactiva (Alstrup & D. Hawksw.) Etayo & Diederich: on Hymenelia lacustris

reinkellae Follmann: on Roccella lirellina

romsae S. Y. Kondr. & Kudratov: on Staurothele areolata

rupestris Pers.: on Verrucaria [incl. O. centrifuga]

aff. rupestris 1 [Vondrák & Kocourková 2008]: on Caloplaca cirrochroa

aff. rupestris 2 [Vondrák & Kocourková 2008]: on Caloplaca variabilis

rotunda Hafellner: on Physconia distorta

rouxiana Nav.-Ros. & Hladun: on Polyblastia nidulans

sipmanii Matzer: on foliicolous Porina

sphaerophoricola Isbrand & Alstrup: on Sphaerophorus globosus

stellanigra Etayo: on Sticta

stereocaulicola Alstrup & D. Hawksw.: on Stereocaulon

stigmodes Nyl.: on Porina

strigulae Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Strigula

submaritima Hafellner: on Tephromela atra

tenuior Stirt.: on Thelotrema

thelotrematis Coppins: on Thelotrema lepadinum and T. macrosporum

uniseptata Matzer: on foliicolous Strigula

velata (Müll. Arg.) Vain.: on foliicolous Actinoplaca, Calenia, ?Echinoplaca and Gyalectidium

verseghyklarae S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkős & J.-S. Hur: on Ochrolechia pallescens

vulpina Vondrák, Kocourk. & Tretiach: on Caloplaca erodens

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grumulosa (Dufour) Egea & Torrente [incl. L. hemisphaerica (Laundon) Egea & Torrente]: on Roccella, rarely on Dirina, Gorgadesia or Opegrapha

Egea & Torrente 1994


grumulosa (Ertz 13568): nrLSU: HQ454556; RPB2: HQ454696

grumulosa (Ertz 13565): nrLSU: HQ454555; RPB2: HQ454695

grumulosa (Ertz 13558): nrLSU: HQ454554; RPB2: HQ454694

grumulosa (Tehler 9031): nrLSU: HQ454553; RPB2: HQ454693

grumulosa (Tehler 9010): nrLSU: HQ454552; RPB2: HQ454692

grumulosa (Tehler 9809): nrLSU: HQ454542; RPB2: HQ454682

grumulosa (Tehler 9028): nrLSU: HQ454541; RPB2: HQ454681







bagliettoae F. Seavey & J. Seavey: on Bagliettoa

epigraphis Etayo & Sipman: on Graphis

epiphylla (Sérus.) Ertz, Diederich & Sparrius: on foliicolous Coenogonium flavicans

mazosiae Matzer & R. Sant.: on foliicolous Mazosia

osagensis C. A. Morse: on Bacidina

punctata Ertz & Diederich: on Lobaria

Ertz el. 2005

Etayo 2017

Matzer 1996

Morse 2013

Seavey et al. 2017




adelphoparasitica Matzer: on foliicolous Mazosia

Matzer 1996




labyrinthica (Follmann) Ertz & Diederich: on Roccella portentosa

Ertz et al. 2005



Incertae sedis






parmeliarum Hafellner: on Parmelia s. str.

Hafellner 1998a




hymeniicola Ertz & Friday: on Bacidia (hymenium)

Ertz & Fryday 2017




lichenicola Aptroot & M. Cáceres: on Pyrenula

Cáceres et al. 2014




canariense Etayo: on Ramalina

insidiens (Vouaux) Etayo & van den Boom: on Ramalina fraxinea

nashii Hafellner: on Niebla robusta

Ertz & Diederich 2007

Etayo 1995a

van den Boom & Etayo 2017




nymanii Matzer: on foliicolous Strigula

Matzer 1996




lobariae Zhurb.: on Lobaria japonica agg.

nitida Ertz, Diederich, Christnach & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria glabra

phaeophysciae Etayo & Pérez-Vargas: on Phaeophyscia

superveniens (Nyl.) Hafellner: on Parmelia sulcata

Ertz et al. 2005

Hafellner 1996a

Pérez-Vargas et al. 2013

Zhurbenko et al. 2015a




varium (Tul.) Trevis.: on Xanthoria

Hafellner 2009



Schismatomma s. lat.

physconiicola Ertz & Diederich: on Physconia

Ertz & Diederich 2006




bunchosiae Rehm: on foliicolous Strigula

similis Matzer: on foliicolous Strigula

Matzer 1996














trypethelii (Flakus & Kukwa) Diederich & Ertz: on Graphidaceae, Lecanora, Pertusaria, Trypethelium and other crustose lichens

Ertz et al. 2014b

trypethelii: Cultures obtained by Ertz et al. (2014)

trypethelii (Mukherjee): nrLSU: KF176943; mtSSU: KF176970

trypethelii (Common 9434K): nrLSU: KF176942; mtSSU: KF176969

trypethelii (Common 9215P): nrLSU: KF176941; mtSSU: KF176968

trypethelii (Common 9200G): nrLSU: KF176940; mtSSU: KF176967

Lichenostigma [incl. Phaeosporobolus anamorphs]

alpinum (R. Sant., Alstrup & D. Hawksw.) Ertz & Diederich: on Lepra, Ochrolechia, Varicellaria and other lichens [incl. Diederimyces fuscideae Etayo, D. microsporus Etayo, Phaeosporobolus minutus Etayo]

chlaroterae (F. Berger & Brackel) Ertz & Diederich: on Lecanora and other lichens

fellhanerae (R. C. Harris & Lendemer) Ertz & Diederich: on Fellhanera

hyalosporum Kalb & Hafellner: on Haematomma eremaeum

maureri Hafellner: on Usnea and other macrolichens

Ertz et al. 2014b

Etayo 1995b

Etayo & Sancho 2008

Hawksworth & Hafellner 1986

Kalb et al. 1995

cf. alpinum: Cultures obtained by Ertz et al. (2014)

chlaroterae: Cultures obtained by Ertz et al. (2014)

alpinum (Ertz 17519): nrLSU: KF176946; mtSSU: KF176973

alpinum (Ertz 17522): nrLSU: KF176945; mtSSU: KF176972

alpinum (Diederich 17379): nrLSU: KF176944; mtSSU: KF176971

chlaroterae (Goward 12-42): nrLSU: KF176949; mtSSU: KF176977

chlaroterae (Neuberg): nrLSU: KF176948; mtSSU: KF176975

chlaroterae (Diederich 17329): nrLSU: KF176947; mtSSU: KF176974

chlaroterae (Goward 12-30): mtSSU: KF176976

maureri (Diederich 17337-teleomorph): nrLSU: KF176954; mtSSU: KF176980

maureri (Diederich 17337-anamorph): nrLSU: KF176952

maureri (Diederich 17326): nrLSU: KF176953; mtSSU: KF176979

maureri (Diederich 17306): nrLSU: KF176951; mtSSU: KF176978

sp. (Ertz 17591): nrLSU: KF176961; mtSSU: KF176987

sp. (Diederich 17240): nrLSU: KF176955; mtSSU: KF176981






(lichenicolous fungi in bold;
lichenicolous lichens or facultative lichenicolous fungi in italics)

Significant literature

Cultures (with accession numbers when known; culture collection links)

Sequences (with accession numbers)






















acetabuli Diederich: on Pleurosticta acetabulum

bertianus De Not.: on Melanelixia

boomii Pérez-Ortega & Suija: on Nephroma

brattii (S. Y. Kondratyuk) Suija & Pérez-Ortega: on Pseudocyphellaria faveolata

bryoriarum Hafellner: on Bryoria

buellianus De Not.: on Parmelina

caerulescens Kotte: on Xanthoparmelia

canariensis Pérez-Ortega, van den Boom & Suija: on Pseudocyphellaria aurata

cetrariae Kotte: on Platismatia glauca

chrysanthus Stein: on Usnea

cladoniae R. Sant. & D. Hawksw.: on Cladonia

doliiformis Pérez-Ortega & Suija: on Sticta

eriodermae Suija, Etayo & Pérez-Ortega: on Erioderma

ertzii Suija & Pérez-Ortega: on Lobaria pulmonaria

etayoi Pérez-Ortega & Suija: on Sticta

granulatae Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria

halei Pérez-Ortega, Suija, D. Hawksw. & R. Sant.: on Lobaria

heterodermiicola Etayo & F. Berger: on Heterodermia

hypotrachynae Etayo & Diederich: on Hypotrachyna

kamchatica (Zhurb. & Stepanchikova) Pérez-Ortega & Suija: on Nephroma

macrosporus Etayo & R. Sant.: on Durietzia

microspermus Tul.: on Flavoparmelia caperata

nephromatis Suija & Pérez-Ortega: on Nephroma

niger Etayo: on Everniastrum, and possibly Parmotrema and Usnea

parmeliarum (Sommerf.) Nyl.: on Parmelia

parmotrematis Diederich: on Parmotrema

peyritschii (Stein) Kotte: on Vulpicida

pezizicola Diederich & R.C. Harris: on Cladonia peziziformis

prodiens (Harm.) Diederich & Hafellner: on Hypogymnia

puntilloi Brackel: on Lobaria pulmonaria

ramalinae Diederich: on Ramalina

secedens Wedin & R. Sant.: on Pseudocyphellaria

stereocaulorum Etayo & Diederich: on Stereocaulon

stictarum Etayo: on Sticta

stroblii Hafellner: on Menegazzia terebrata

suecicus (Kirschst.) Nordin: on Ramalina

teloschistis Brackel, Pérez-Ortega & Suija: on Seirophora and Teloschistes

tulasnei M.S. Cole & D. Hawksw.: on Xanthoparmelia

usneae Rabenh.: on Usnea

usneae var. tetraspora Etayo & Osorio: on Usnea

welwitschii Mont.: on Sticta

Brackel 2015

Brackel & Puntillo 2016

Diederich 1990

Diederich 2003

Diederich 2004a

Diederich 2011

Diederich et al. 2017

Etayo 2002

Etayo 2010b

Etayo 2017

Etayo & Osorio 2004

Etayo & van den Boom 2006

Hafellner 1994a

Hafellner et al. 2008

Hawksworth 1990a

Ihlen & Wedin 2008

Kondratyuk 1996b

Nordin 1964

Pérez-Ortega et al. 2014

Suija 2006

Suija et al. 2011

Suija et al. 2015a

Wedin 1994

Zhurbenko et al. 2012


acetabuli (SPO308): ITS: KF816165; nrLSU: KF816232; nrSSU: KF816215; mtSSU: KF816205; RPB2: KF816194; RPB1: KF816192; TEF1: KF816188

acetabuli (von Brackel 5661): ITS: KP165100

boomii (van den Boom 43228): ITS: KP165092; TEF1: KP165108

buellianus (SPO303): ITS: KF816166; nrLSU: KF816234; nrSSU: KF816217; mtSSU: KF816207; RPB2: KF816195; RPB1: KF816191; TEF1: KF816186

caerulescens (SPOc80): ITS: HQ702852

canariensis (van den Boom 37849): ITS: KP165087; TEF1: KP165123

cladoniae (AB53): ITS: KF816173; nrLSU: KF816228; nrSSU: KF816220; RPB2: KF816200; RPB1: KF816190; TEF1: KF816181

doliiformis (S309): ITS: KP165086

eriodermae (AB60): ITS: KP165101; TEF1: KP165126

eriodermae (AB74): TEF1: KP165117

ertzii (Ertz 12517): ITS: KP165102; TEF1: KP165127

etayoi (Perez-Ortega 2003): ITS: KP165085; TEF1: KP165112

granulatae (Perez-Ortega 3166): ITS: KP165094; TEF1: KP165122

hypotrachynae (SPO302): ITS: KF816167; nrLSU: KF816233; nrSSU: KF816218; mtSSU: KF816208; RPB2: KF816196

kamchatica (S310): ITS: KP165091; TEF1: KP165107

nephromatis (Spribille 10581): ITS: KP165088; TEF1: KP165130

nephromatis (AB77): ITS: KP165105; TEF1: KP165119

nephromatis (Ertz 12514): ITS: KP165103; TEF1: KP165118

nephromatis (Perez-Ortega 3159): ITS: KP165089; TEF1: KP165115

nephromatis (Diederich 12530): ITS: KP165104

parmeliarum (AB36): ITS: KF816172; nrLSU: KF816229; nrSSU: KF816222; RPB2: KF816201; TEF1: KF816182

parmeliarum (AB57): ITS: KF816178; nrLSU: KF816227; nrSSU: KF816221; mtSSU: KF816211; RPB2: KF816198; TEF1: KF816180

parmotrematis (AB1): ITS: KF816176; nrLSU: KF816231; nrSSU: KF816225; mtSSU: KF816214; RPB2: KF816204; TEF1: KF816185

secedens (SPO305): ITS: KF816169; nrLSU: KF816236; nrSSU: KF816216; mtSSU: KF816206

secedens (Perez-Ortega 3158): ITS: KP165098; TEF1: KP165121

secedens (Perez-Ortega 3156): ITS: KP165095; TEF1: KP165111

secedens (Perez-Ortega 3161): ITS: KP165093; TEF1: KP165110

secedens (Perez-Ortega 3162): ITS: KP165097

secedens (Perez-Ortega 3175): ITS: KP165096

sp. (Perez-Ortega 3155): ITS: KP165099; TEF1: KP165124

sp. (von Brackel 5491): ITS: KP165106; TEF1: KP165120

sp. 1 (SP-2014): ITS: KF816168; nrLSU: KF816235; nrSSU: KF816219; mtSSU: KF816209; RPB2: KF816197; RPB1: KF816193; TEF1: KF816187

sp. 2 (SP-2014): ITS: KF816175; nrLSU: KF816230; nrSSU: KF816224; mtSSU: KF816213; RPB2: KF816203; TEF1: KF816184

suecicus (AB56): ITS: KF816177; nrLSU: KF816226; mtSSU: KF816210; RPB2: KF816199; TEF1: KF816179

suecicus (SPO304): ITS: KF816171

usneae (AB20): ITS: KF816174; nrSSU: KF816223; mtSSU: KF816212; RPB2: KF816202; RPB1: KF816189; TEF1: KF816183

usneae (SPO306): ITS: KF816170

welwitschii (Perez-Ortega 3171): TEF1: KP165131

welwitschii (AB61): TEF1: KP165129

welwitschii (Ertz 1083): TEF1: KP165128

welwitschii (Perez-Ortega 3169): ITS: KP165090; TEF1: KP165116

welwitschii (Perez-Ortega 3168): TEF1: KP165114

welwitschii (Perez-Ortega 3176): TEF1: KP165113

welwitschii (Spribille 24949): TEF1: KP165109







aeruginosum Diederich, M. Brand, van den Boom & Lawrey: on Cladonia

cargillianum (Linds.) D. Hawksw.: on Letharia, Parmotrema, Platismatia, Ramalina and Usnea

christiansenii M. S. Cole & D. Hawksw.: on Nodobryoria abbreviata

echinosporum D. Hawksw.: on Cladia muelleri

edgewoodensis Alstrup & M. S. Cole: on Parmelia sulcata

erodens M. S. Christ. & D. Hawksw.: on various lichens

follmannii S. Y. Kondr. & D. J. Galloway: on Lobaria pulmonaria

laevisporum Kalb & Hafellner: on Haematomma

lecanorae (Jaap) D. Hawksw.: on various lichens

lichenicola (P. Karst.) Petr. & Syd.: on Physcia

plectocarpoides S. Y. Kondr. & D. J. Galloway: on Pseudocyphellaria

pyxidatae (Oudem.) Petr. & Syd.: on Cladonia

reichlingii Diederich: on Ramalina fraxinea

usneae (Anzi) D. Hawksw.: on various lichens

xanthoriae M. S. Christ.: on Xanthoria, also reported from Caloplaca, Cetraria, Cetrelia, Heterodermia, Melanelia, Physcia and Teloschistes

Alstrup & Cole 1998

Christiansen 1956

Christiansen 1980

Cole & Hawksworth 2004

Diederich 1986

Hawksworth 1977b

Hawksworth 1981

Kalb et al. 1995

Kondratyuk & Galloway 1995b

Kondratyuk et al. 1994

Lawrey et al. 2011

aeruginosum: CBS 129239

erodens: Culture obtained by Crittenden et al. (1995)

erodens: CBS 128028

erodens: CBS 128030

erodens: CBS 128704

lecanorae: Culture obtained by Crittenden et al. (1995)

lecanorae: CBS 128024

sp.: CBS 129139

usneae: CBS 128020

aeruginosum (CBS 129239, JL359-09): nrLSU: HQ174269; mtSSU: HQ174268

erodens (JL363-09): nrLSU: HQ174267; mtSSU: HQ174266

lecanorae (CBS 128024): nrLSU: HQ174263; mtSSU: HQ174262

usneae (CBS 128020): nrLSU: HQ174265; mtSSU: HQ174264







Genera incertae sedis






colombiana Etayo: on Phlyctis andensis

dirinariae Diederich: on Dirinaria picta

eximia Kalb & Hafellner: on Pyxine cocoes

inops (Triebel & Rambold) Hafellner: on Caloplaca

heppiae van den Boom: on Heppia arenacea

lecanorae Suija & Alstrup: on Lecanora

minimula (Tuck.) Hafellner: on Pertusaria

physciicola Poelt & Hafellner: on Phaeophyscia and Physcia

poetschii Hafellner: on Endocarpon

protoparmeliopseos Etayo & Pérez-Ortega: on Protoparmeliopsis

pusilla Hafellner: on Brigantiaea leucoxantha

trypethelii (Tuck.) Hafellner: on Trypethelium

Aptroot et al. 1997

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Etayo 2002a

Hafellner 1979

Hafellner 1985b

Hafellner et al. 2008

Kalb 1990

Pérez-Ortega & Etayo 2010

Suija & Alstrup 2004

van den Boom 2010


physciicola (Ertz 19173): nrLSU: KP456148; mtSSU: KP456173

physciicola (Ertz 18113): nrLSU: KP456147; mtSSU: KP456172

poetschii (Ertz 18116): nrLSU: KP456150; mtSSU: KP456175

poetschii (Ertz 18115): nrLSU: KP456149; mtSSU: KP456174


asteriscus (Müll. Arg.) D. Hawksw.: on Peltigera

atlantica Diederich & Wedin: on Sticta canariensis

nephromatis Wedin & Diederich: on Nephroma australe

phaeospora Matzer & Lücking: on foliicolous Strigula phyllogena

pilocarpacearum M. Cáceres & Lücking: on Byssoloma and Fellhanera

pseudocyphellariae Diederich & Wedin: on Pseudocyphellaria argyracea

strigulae Matzer: on foliicolous Strigula

tenellula (Müll. Arg.) Matzer: on foliicolous Porina

Cáceres & Lücking 2000

Diederich & Wedin 2000

Eriksson et al. 2001

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Hawksworth 1975b

Matzer 1996


asteriscus (Ertz 18690): mtSSU: KP456176

atlantica (Ertz 14014): nrLSU: KP456151; mtSSU: KP456177


alpicolae D. Hawksw. & Alstrup: on Allantoparmelia alpicola

santessonii Hafellner: on Porpidia

talcophila (Flot.) Koerb.: on Diploschistes

Alstrup & Hawksworth 1990

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Hafellner 1979

Santesson 1994a


talcophila (Diederich 16749): nrLSU: KP456155; mtSSU: KP456181


canariense (D, Hawksw.) Etayo & Pérez-Ortega: on Pertusaria

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Hawksworth 1982b

Pérez-Ortega & Etayo 2010


canariense (Ertz 16907): nrLSU: KP456158; mtSSU: KP456184

canariense (Ertz 10878): nrLSU: KP456156; mtSSU: KP456182

canariense (Ertz 16308): nrLSU: KP456157; mtSSU: KP456183


tribuloides (Tuck.) Müll. Arg.: on Anthracothecium and Pyrenula

Ertz & Diederich 2015



Melaspilea s. lat.

amarkantakensis S. Joseph & G. P. Sinha: on Pertusaria amarkantakana

cupularis Müll. Arg.: on Pyrenula

epigena Müll. Arg.: on Reimnitzia santensis

epigraphella (Nyl.) Müll. Arg.: on Acanthothecis consocians

galligena Zhurb. & I. Zhdanov.: on Pertusaria

insitiva Stirt.: on Pertusaria leioplaca

leciographoides Vouaux: on Verrucaria

lekae Brackel & Kalb: on Sarcographa

tucumana Flakus, Etayo & Kukwa: on Pertusaria

Clauzade et al. 1989

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Flakus et al. 2014

Joseph & Sinha 2015

Kalb et al. 2012

Zhurbenko & Zhdanov 2013


lekae (Ertz 17325): nrLSU: KP456162; mtSSU: KP456185


cf. diplasiospora (Nyl.) Ertz & Diederich: on Graphis elegans

Ertz & Diederich 2015


cf. diplasiospora (Ertz 16625): nrLSU: KP456166; mtSSU: KP456190

cf. diplasiospora (Ertz 16624): nrLSU: KP456165; mtSSU: KP456189

cf. diplasiospora (Ertz 16247): nrLSU: KP456164; mtSSU: KP456188

Taeniolella s. lat.

atricerebrina Hafellner: on Tephromela

beschiana Diederich: on Cladonia [= Ameroconium cladoniae U. Braun & Zhurb.]

breviuscula (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) S. Hughes: facultative lichenicolous

caespitosa M. S. Cole & D. Hawksw.: on Pertusaria

christiansenii Asltrup & D. Hawksw.: on Stereocaulon

chrysothricis Diederich: on Chrysothrix candelaris

cladinicola Alstrup: on Cladonia subgen. Cladina

delicata M. S. Christ. & D. Hawksw.: on various lichens

diederichiana Etayo & Calat.: on Placopsis

friesii (Hepp) Hafellner: on Strigula stigmatella

hawksworthiana Heuchert, Ertz & Common: on Phaeographis

ionaspisicola Alstrup & E. S. Hansen: on Ionaspis odora

pertusariicola D. Hawksw. & H. Mayrh.: on Pertusaria and possibly other lichens

phaeophysciae D. Hawksw.: on Phaeophyscia orbicularis, possibly also on Physcia and Physconia

pseudocyphellariae Etayo: on Pseudocyphellaria

punctata M. S. Christ. & D. Hawksw.: on Graphis, more rarely on Arthonia, Fissurina, Pertusaria and Phaeographis

pyrenulae Heuchert & Diederich: on Pyrenula

rolfii Diederich & Zhurb.: on Cetraria and Cetrariella

santessonii Etayo & Heuchert: on Roccellina cerebriformis

serusiauxii Diederich: on Dendrographa decolorans and sterile crustose lichens with Trentepohlia

strictae Alstrup: on Cladonia stricta

toruloides Heuchert & Diederich: on Thelotrema

trapeliopseos Diederich: om Trapeliopsis

verrucosa M. S. Christ. & D. Hawksw.: on Arthonia pruinata

Alstrup 1993b

Alstrup & Hansen 2001

Alstrup & Hawksworth 1990

Cole & Hawksworth 2001

Diederich 1990

Diederich 1992b

Diederich & Zhurbenko 1997

Diederich & Zhurbenko 2001

Ertz et al. 2016

Etayo 2010b

Etayo & Calatayud 2005

Etayo & Sancho 2008

Hafellner 1998b

Hafellner 2007

Hawksworth 1979a

Zhurbenko & Alstrup 2004


hawksworthiana (Common 9199B): nrLSU: KX244970; mtSSU: KX244984

punctata (Diederich 16040): nrLSU: KX244973

punctata (Cezanne-Eichler 7279): nrLSU: KX244974

punctata (Ertz 17390): nrLSU: KX244972; mtSSU: KX244986

punctata (Diederich 16714): nrLSU: KX244971; mtSSU: KX244985

pyrenulae (Diederich 17075): mtSSU: KX244988

tortuloides (Diederich 17048): mtSSU: KX244990

tortuloides (Diederich 17047): mtSSU: KX244989


dirinariicola Diederich & Ertz: on Dirinaria picta

lentiginosa (Leight.) Müll. Arg.: on Phaeographis dendritica

Ertz & Diederich 2015

Diederich et al. 2017


lentiginosa (van den Boom 47621): nrLSU: KP456171; mtSSU: KP456195

lentiginosa (Ertz 17570): nrLSU: KP456170; mtSSU: KP456194

lentiginosa (Ertz 17447): nrLSU: KP456169; mtSSU: KP456193












antarcticum K. Schub., Crous & U. Braun: isolated from Caloplaca regalis, probably lichenicololous

arthoniae M. S. Christ. & D. Hawksw.: on corticolous lichens with Trentepohlia [not Cladosporium; Taeniolella-like]

licheniphilum Heuchert & U. Braun: on Cetraria, Glypholecia, Hypogymnia, Lecanora, Peltigera, Pertusaria, Phaeophyscia, Physcia, Physconia Thamnolia and Xanthoria

Bensch et al. 2012

Diederich 1989

Hawksworth 1979a

Heuchert & Braun 2006

Zhurbenko 2012

antarcticum: CBS 690.92

licheniphilum: CPC 13224; CBS 125990

antarcticum (CBS 690.91): ITS: EF679334; TEF1: EF679405; histone H3: EF679636; cmdA: EF679560; act: EF679484

licheniphilum (CPC 13224): ITS: NR_119847

licheniphilum (CBS 125990): ITS: HM148111; TEF1: HM148355; act: HM148600


dirinae K. Schub., Aptroot & Crous: on Dirina massiliensis

roccellae U. Braun, Diederich & Heuchert: on Roccella

Braun et al. 2009

Crous et al. 2007

dirinae: CBS 112794

dirinae (CBS 112794): ITS: EU040244







cladoniicola U. Braun & Heuchert: on Cladonia portentosa

tropicum U. Braun & Diederich: on crustose lichen with Trentepohlia

Braun et al. 2009

Diederich et al. 2017









lichenum (Keissl.) D. Hawksw.: on Haematomma cismonicum

Etayo 2002

Hawksworth 1979a



Sphaerulina s. lat.

dolichotera (Nyl.) Vouaux: on Collemataceae [probably a synonym of Merismatium decolorans]

dubiella (Nyl.) W. Wats.: on crustose lichen

intermedia Vouaux: on Leptogium [probably a synonym of Merismatium decolorans]

lepidiotae (Anzi) Vain.: on Fuscopannaria praetermissa

Clauzade et al. 1989




acarosporae Etayo: on Acarospora nodulosa

maheui (Werner) Nav.-Ros., Cl. Roux & Giralt: on Rinodina

Etayo 2010c

Navarro-Rosinés et al. 1996

Navarro-Rosinés et al. 1998d









mastodiae Pérez-Ortega & Garrido-Benavent: on Mastodia tessellata

Pérez-Ortega et al. 2015


mastodiae (MA: 18210): nrLSU: KP282858

mastodiae (MA: 18215): nrLSU: KP282859

mastodiae (MA: 18214): nrLSU: KP282860

mastodiae (MA: 18204): nrLSU: KP282861; nrSSU: KP282863

mastodiae (MA: 18213): nrLSU: KP282862; nrSSU: KP282864


physciae (Kalchbr.) D. Hawksw.: on Xanthoria

Hawksworth 1979a

Hawksworth & Punithalingam 1973

Ruibal et al. 2011


physciae (CR4): nrLSU: JN040487

physciae (CR10): nrLSU: JN040488

physciae (CR20): nrLSU: JN040489

physciae (CR21): nrLSU: JN040490

physciae (CR22): nrLSU: JN040491

physciae (CR23): nrLSU: JN040492

physciae (CR44): nrLSU: JN040493

physciae (CR45): nrLSU: JN040494

physciae (CR50): nrLSU: JN040495

physciae (CR51): nrLSU: JN040496

physciae (CR58): nrLSU: JN040497

physciae (Diederich 16713): nrLSU: KF176965; mtSSU: KF176990












cephalodiorum (Triebel & Grube) Grube: on Pilophorus cephalodiorum

Grube 2005




collematum (J. Steiner) Grube & Hafellner: on Collema

latitans (Nyl.) Clem. & Shear: on Gonohymenia and Lempholemma

nephromatis Zhurb. & Etayo: on Nephroma cellulosum

perigena (Nyl.) Grube & Hafellner: on Placidium squamulosum

pulposi (Zopf) Grube & Hafellner: on Collema and Leptogium

viridireagens Etayo: on Leptogium

Etayo 2017

Grube & Hafellner 1990

Zhurbenko et al. 2015b




argentinae (Räsänen) D. Hawksw. & V. Atienza: on Acarospora

aspiciliae Halıcı & Candan: on Aspicilia

berengerianus (Arnold) Grube & Triebel: on Lecidea berengeriana

calcariae (Flagey) Hafellner & Nik. Hoffm.: on Aspicilia

calcisedus Cl. Roux: on Verrucariaceae

cervinae Calat., Triebel & Pérez-Ortega: on Acarospora

cladoniae (C. W. Dodge) Diederich: on Cladonia

coepulonus (Norman) Grube & R. Sant.: on Caloplaca and Xanthoria elegans

diederichii D. Hawksw. & Iturr.: on Cladonia

dispersus (Körb.) Triebel & Grube: on Protoblastenia rupestris

echinulatus Brackel: on Physconia

euplocinus Hafellner, Grube & Egan: on Speerschneidera euploca

heppiae van den Boom: on Heppia arenacea

insconpicuus Grube & Hafellner: on Myriolecis dispersa

kantvilasii S. Y. Kondr.: on Parmotrema

kiszkianus D. Hawksw. & Miadl.: on Peltigera

lacustris (Arnold) Orange: on Ionaspis lacustris

lecanorae (Stein) Nik. Hoffm. & Hafellner: on Lecanora

lithoiceae (B. de Lesd.) Hafellner & V. John: on Verrucaria

macrosporus Alstrup & Olech: on Protopannaria

martinatianus (Arnold) Triebel & Grube: on Porpidia

melanohaleae Etayo & van den Boom: on Melanohalea exasperata

namibiensis Diederich & M. Schultz: on Psorotichia

peltigerae Miadl. & Alstrup: on Peltigera

physciicola Alstrup: on Physcia caesia

polischukii Darmostuk & Khodos.: on Bacidia

rolfii (Etayo) Etayo: on Candelina

sipmanii Diederich & Zhurb.: on Phaeorrhiza sareptana

socialis (Körb.) Cl. Roux: on Clauzadea, perhaps also on Bacidia bagliettoana

solenopsorae van den Boom: on Solenopsora holophaea

sphinctriniformis Grube & Hafellner: on Romjularia lurida

sphinctrinoides (Zwackh) Grube & Hafellner: on Lecanora campestris

turcicus Kocakaya, Halıcı & Aksoy: on Physcia magnussonii

Alstrup 1993a

Alstrup & Olech 1993

Aptroot et al. 1997

Diederich & Zhurbenko 2009

Etayo 2010b

Grube & Hafellner 1990

Halıcı & Candan 2009

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Khodosovtsev & Darmostuk 2017

Kondratyuk 1996b

Miadlikowska & Alstrup 1995

Orange 2002

Roux 2014

van den Boom 2010

van den Boom & Etayo 2014














usneae (Vouaux) D. Hawksw.: on Usnea

Hawksworth 1981









mereschkowskyi Vouaux: on Aspicilia hispida

Clauzade et al. 1989














convexa Henssen: facultative lichenicolous over siliceous rocks

renobalesiana D. Hawksw. & V. Atienza: on endolithic Verrucariaceae (Bagliettoa, Thelidium, Verrucaria) over calcareous rocks

rugosa (G. Thor) Ertz & Diederich: on Diploschistes

spiralispora Etayo [as ‘spiratispora’]: on Acarospora sphaerospora

Atienza & Hawksworth 2008

Etayo 2010c

Ertz et al. 2014b

Kocourková & Knudsen 2011b

rugosa: Cultures obtained by Ertz et al. (2014)

convexa (Diederich 17491): nrLSU: KF176962; mtSSU: KF176988

convexa (L1609): nrSSU: KC015086

convexa (L1608): nrSSU: KC015085

convexa (L1607): nrSSU: KC015084

convexa (L1606): nrSSU: KC015083

convexa (L1702): nrLSU: KC015072

rugosa (Ertz 16065): nrLSU: KF176964

rugosa (Diederich 17310): nrLSU: KF176963; mtSSU: KF176989

sp. (L986): nrSSU: KC015089

sp. (L985): nrSSU: KC015088

sp. (L984): nrSSU: KC015087

Lichenostigma s. lat. (see under Lichenostigmatales for Lichenostigma s.str.)

amplum Calat. & Hafellner: on Buellia

anatolicum Halıcı & Kocakaya: on brown Acarospora

bolacinae Nav.-Ros., Calat. & Hafellner: on Caloplaca bolacina

canariense Etayo & van den Boom: on Aspicilia calcarea

cosmopolites Hafellner & Calat.: on Xanthoparmelia

dimelaenae Calat. & Hafellner: on Dimelaena oreina

diploiciae Calat., Nav.-Ros. & Hafellner: on Diploicia subcanescens

elongatum Nav.-Ros. & Hafellner: on Aspicilia and Lobothallia

epipolinum Nav.-Ros., Calat. & Hafellner: on Diplotomma epipolium

epiporpidiae S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös & J.-S. Hur: on Porpidia

epirupestre Pérez-Ortega & Calat.: on Pertusaria pertusa

episulphurella Etayo & van den Boom: on Lecanora sulphurella

gracile Calat., Nav.-Ros. & Hafellner: on Acarospora fuscata

heterodermiae S. Y. Kondr., L. Lőkös et J.-S. Hur: on Heterodermia

iranicum Brackel & Valadbeigi: on Lobothallia praeradiosa

lecanorae Calat. & Nav.-Ros.: on Lecanora farinacea

radicans Calat. & Barreno: on Aspicilia

rouxii Nav.-Ros., Calat. & Hafellner: on Squamarina

rupicolae Fern.-Brime & Nav.-Ros.: on Pertusaria rupicola

saxicola K. Knudsen & Kocourk.: saxicolous, facultative lichenicolous on Polysporina simplex

semi-immersum Hafellner: on Buellia

subradians Hafellner, Calat. & Nav.-Ros.: on Acarospora

supertegentis Ihlen & R. Sant.: on Aspicilia supertegens

svandae Vondrák & Šoun: on Acarospora cervina

triseptatum Halıcı & D. Hawksw.: on Aspicilia

verrucosum Brackel & Valadbeigi: on Pleopsidium gobiense

Alstrup & Hawksworth 1990

Calatayud & Barreno 2003

Calatayud & Navarro-Rosinés 2000

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Vondrák & Šoun 2007


cf. elongatum: Cultures obtained by Ertz et al. (2014)

Lichenotheliaceae sp. (Ertz 17540): nrLSU: KF176960; mtSSU: KF176986

Lichenotheliaceae sp. (Ertz 17457): nrLSU: KF176959; mtSSU: KF176985

Lichenotheliaceae sp. (Ertz 16455): nrLSU: KF176958; mtSSU: KF176984