Handbook of Computational Finance

Handbook of Computational Finance

Editors: Jin-Chuan Duan, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, and James E. Gentle

Springer, 2011.


Part I: Introduction

1 Computational Finance: An Introduction - Jin-Chuan Duan, James E. Gentle, and Wolfgang Karl Härdle

Part II: Asset Pricing Models

2 Modeling Asset Prices - James E. Gentle and Wolfgang Karl Härdle

3 Diffusion Models of Asset Prices - Jerome Detemple and Marcel Rindisbacher

4 Jump-Diffusion Models Driven By Levy Processes - Jose E. Figueroa-Lopez

5 Multivariate Time Series Models of Asset Prices - Christian M. Hafner and Hans Manner

6 Option Data and Modeling BSM Iimplied Volatility - Matthias R. Fengler

7 Interest Rate Derivative Pricing with Volatility Smile - Haitao Li

8 Volatility Investing with Variance Swaps - Wolfgang Karl Härdle and Elena Silyakova

Part III: Statistical Inference in Financial Models

9 Evaluation of Asset Pricing Models Using Two-Pass Cross-Sectional Regressions - Raymond Kan and Cesare Robotti

10 Parametric Estimation of Risk-Neutral Density Functions - Maria Grith and Volker Kraetschmer

11 Nonparametric Estimation of Risk-Neutral Densities - Maria Grith, Wolfgang Karl Härdle, and Melanie Schienle

12 Value at Risk Estimation - Ying Chen and Jun Lu

13 Volatility Estimation Based on High-Frequency Data - Christian Pigorsch, Uta Pigorsch, and Ivaylo Popov

14 Identifying Jumps in Asset Prices - Johan Bjursell and James E. Gentle

15 Simulation-Based Estimation Methods for Financial Time Series Models - Jun Yu

Part IV: Computational Methods

16 Filtering Methods - Andras Fulop

17 Fitting High-Dimensional Copulae to Data - Ostap Okhrin

18 Numerical Methods for Nonlinear PDEs in Finance - Peter A. Forsyth and Kenneth R. Vetzal

19 Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations in Finance - Timothy Sauer

20 Lattice Approach and Implied Trees - Rudiger U. Seydel

21 Efficient Options Pricing Using the Fast Fourier Transform - Yue Kuen Kwok, Kwai Sun Leung, and Hoi Ying Wong

22 Dynamic Programming and Hedging Strategies in Discrete Time - Shih-Feng Huang and Meihui Guo

23 Approximation of Dynamic Programs - Michele Breton and Javier de Frutos

24 Computational Issues in Stress Testing - Ludger Overbeck

25 Portfolio Optimization - Jerome Detemple and Marcel Rindisbacher

26 Low Discrepancy Simulation - Harald Niederreiter

27 Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Their Applications in Bankrupcy Prognosis - Yuh-Jye Lee, Yi-Ren Yeh, and Hsing-Kuo Pao

Part V: Software Tools

28 MATLAB as a Tool in Computational Finance - James E. Gentle and Angel Martinez

29 R as a Tool in Computational Finance - John P. Nolan