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Feel free to adapt the scripts for use with your data.  


Copyright Notes


1.  Copyrights to book figures that can be produced using

these resources belong to CRC Press.  Be sure to get permission

from CRC Press if you intend to publish these particular figures.


2. The scripts and functions are not to be copyrighted by anyone else.

    These resources are for use, not ownership.  The goal is to develop

    an R package for public use. 


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Resources for Figures

     Figure Reminders 


4.1 - 4.4, 4.8, 4.9, 4.14, and 4.15

4.9 Smooth + residuals

4.15 Iowa Migration


7.1 – 7.6, 7.11

7.1 Parish  population,

% Black and % poverty

Use R scripts “Ch4 Figures” and “Ch7 Figures” to generate the figures.

This makes sure the required functions and boundaries are read first.












1.  Figure 4.8 (states estimates with confidence intervals, arrows to show change and boxplots for

     county estimates) uses R functions that go a long way toward simplifying the production and

     provides a path to further generalization.  The NCI’s Java version is already more general in

     many ways.  However, parts of the R community may want more control in terms of graphics device

     choice, appearance details, and the ability to add their own variations and extensions.       


2.  Figures 4.10 – 4.13 are older figures previous created using S-PLUS.   I may be able to find the scripts and

     data, but without substantial external interest am not inclined to go searching.  There are new things to do.