Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps

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CCmaps, documents, and examples with boundary files and data are free.

CCmaps will need a Java runtime environment to run on your computer.

Often this is already present. 


The table below contains hyperlinks to the resources.

The CCmaps Bundle Zip File contains everything.

The table column labels indicate resource subsets.     

Quick start comments appear below the tables. 


With your browser set to save files you can left click on the desired link(s). 

Another way to download files:  Right click on the Link and Use: Save Link As

If the downloaded ap_lungRainPov.txt file has run on lines in notepad, open it with wordpad and save.


CCmaps Bundle

Zip file

Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps

Zip file with CCmaps and the book examples

Documents (pdf files) and

Contributed Examples Zip File


With 1 example

CCmaps Bundle Zip File

CCmaps and Book Examples

An Introduction to CCmaps

Making a New CCmaps Project

Contributed Examples








The CCmaps Bundle Zip File Contains






Example parameters


Data file with region links


Region boundaries


Reference region boundaries




Book Examples

From: Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps

Contributed Examples

Folders for Health, Biodiversity,…


Guidance, Example Credits …

Quick Start  
Double click on the CCmaps jar file
     (right click and select open)
Select Open in the File menu
Select ap_LungRainPoverty from the browser
    If this file does not appear, browse to the folder with this file
    and select
The main 3 x 3 map panel view should appear
Options To Try
Click and drag a class-boundary in a slider
         Class boundaries appear as lines
         For example the line between gray and red in the top slider
Click on one map panel to enlarge it
Click on it again to return to the 3 x 3 map panel view  
Variable Menus
        Variable selection
        Slider text editing, etc.
Edit Menu     
       Color changes
       Top text 
        Map scales
View Menu
       Scatterplots with interactive smoothes
       Two-way effects and interaction table
       Dynamic QQplots 
See the documentation for more information 
Enjoy thinking with three variables at a time in a geospatial context.

This is site will evolve as CCmaps evolves and as people contribute new examples.

Contact to contribute examples.