Days on the
Family Farm

From the Golden Age through
the Great Depression

By Carrie A. Meyer
U of MN Press, 2007


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From cryptic entries such as these below, Days on the Family Farm was crafted. Check here for periodic updates or follow along at MayDavisDiary on Twitter.

July 1921

7-1-1921 Mama more wakeful & restless.  Dr here. Very warm.  J finish cultivating at noon.  Elmo cut hay at “20”.  Men get up 3 loads hay in PM.  Mama have cards from Mrs Heidenreich’s & Dorothy.

7-1-1921 thru 7-14-1921 [no entries -- Emily Lyford dies July 10 – Fred D was one of the poll bearers, as per funeral program]

7-15-1921 Life hardly seems worthwhile without my precious mother, but I must go on to the end.  Still very warm, tho NE breeze this AM. Men haying.  Starr, Joe & Franklin help in PM.  Maggie Watson call.  Elmo & I go to CV at eve.

7-16-1921 Finish haying.  Warm, but good breeze.  Mr & Mrs King call at eve.  John go R on bicycle at eve.  Rest of us go in Ford.

7-17-1921 (Sunday) Warm, SW breeze.  We take Beulah home in morn.  Stop few min at CK’s on way home.  In PM, I stay at Starr’s while Elmo go to Durand.  Picken boys here at eve.  H Fitch’s bring John back at eve.

7-18-1921 2 ears of sweetcorn.  Beulah come before breakfast.  Very warm, tho SW breeze.  Men put away machinery & then John draw manure.  Elmo do odd jobs.  A gentle rain most of PM.  Elmo go to R in Ford about 5PM for Buick taking Walter to bring F[ord] home. 

7-19-1921 Nice day.  Road all dry by noon.  Elmo hoe potatoes in AM.  Help get out thresher in PM.  John haul manure.  Beulah wash.  Beulah, Elmo & I go CV at eve.

7-20-1921 Nice day, not so hot as before rain.  Men thresh barley at Barkley’s & EMB’s.  Beulah, Elmo & I go to CV.  At eve stop at Starr’s.  They thresh at Carlson’s in PM.  Sadie M, Lilah & Myrtle here in PM. Beulah get about 2 qts b.berries

7-21-1921 Men thresh at F Reid’s & move machine here at eve.  Beulah’s sisters come in morn, thinking we are going to thresh. 

7-22-1921 Warm & exceedingly dry.  Some cloudy, but regular “dog days.”  We thresh wheat & barley.   Wheat over 25 bu & barley 23.  Machine move to Brown’s at 10:30AM.  Men there rest of day.  Beulah at McFarlands & Brown’s on errands.  Ed Fitch leave Florence here in PM.

7-23-1921 Men thresh at Mat’s & CK.  Starr finish his threshing at non.  We all go R at eve.  Drive in to Fitch’s a min.

7-24-1921 (Sunday) Starr & children up in AM.  Very warm, tho windy.  We take Beulah home in morn, she come back at eve.  John go to see his friend at H Fitch’s in PM.  Elmo & I go to Fred Davis’ about 5 PM, on to CV, then to R & to cemetery.  Then I stay at CK’s till Elmo get chores done & he & B come for me. 

7-25-1921 Thunder & lighten & sprinkle a few drops last night.  Warm.  Men thresh at Barkley’s & some at EMB’s. 

7-26-1921 Men finish at EMB’s in AM & at Frank Reid’s in PM.  Oil man here.  Annetta in, Beulah ride “over home” with her.  Warm.

7-27-1921 We have threshers, light rain stop work about 2 hrs in AM.  Ed bring Mable in morn, Elmo go to CV in morn.  We all go to CV at eve.  Very windy, warm.  Oats over 37.

7-28-1921 Cloudy, warm.  Men thresh at Brown’s till middle PM.  Then at Ralston’s.  Beulah go to Brown’s in PM & from there to her home in PM.  Whittles & Kings call at eve. 

7-29-1921 9 qts watermelon pickles.  4 glasses grape jelly from last years juice.  Finish Ralston’s threshing middle AM & Kleckner’s in time to put machine away.  Maggie, Annetta, Emily & Stanley & Eunice Boline [?] here in PM.

7-30-1921 Elmo take grist to R.  Help John take bad out of silo.  Haul manure, etc.  Go to CK’s & Mat’s on errand (I go along).  At eve all but John go to Belv.  He go to R. 

7-31-1921 (Sunday) Nice day, cooler.  Mable, Elmo & I call on Beulah’s folks when we take her home.  Then after dinner, we go to see Netta P McD who is sick.  Leave Mable at her home, call at Aunt Alice’s. 


June 1921

6-1-1921 54o at 7AM.  Partly cloudy & rain a little about 2PM.  Beulah wash blankets & quilts.  John cultivate.  Elmo go CV & R and then cultivate.

6-2-1921 Can 3 qts pieplant.  7 more chicks, now have 54.  Rainy 1st part of AM.  Then sun shine & B put out quilts to finish drying.  Men do odd jobs.  E go CV in AM.  In PM, men cultivate garden potatoes & then begin corn 2nd time. Dr West here to see mama.

6-3-1921 Fr with Jimmy Reid here at eve.  Men cultivate.  Beulah hoe garden 2nd time.  partly cloudy, cool.  Starr in a min to see how ma is.  She is weak.  Spinach for dinner.  Mama some better.  Letter to Martha.

6-4-1921 Cool & clear.  Men cultivate in AM & John cultivate & hoe in PM.  Elmo go R in PM & when he get home he take Beulah home, as she go to 8th grade commencement with her folks.  Our school gets cup for running, etc.

6-5-1921 (Sunday) Elmo & John gone most of AM.  Miss Goodwin & Mr McDowell call in AM.  Also Starr & 4 children. In PM, Ed & Florence (stay to supper).  At eve Mat & Mary J & Earl McLarty’s.  Beulah come back in PM.

6-6-1921 Letter from Puss.  Lovely day.  Warmer.  Elmo election clerk at Hall.  John cultivate. Mrs Brown call.  John cultivate.

6-7-1921 Letters to Puss & Kate. Letter from Mrs Frigast.  Beulah wash.  Fine, warm day. John cultivate. Elmo bale at EMB’s in AM.  Get gravel in PM.  7 more chicks, now 66.

6-8-1921 Elmo get grist in AM. John cultivate.

6-9-1921 Dr West here to see mama. John cultivate.

6-10-1921 Mama’s head bad & Dr here twice.  Get nurse at eve.  Starr here twice.  Maggie, Emily & Stanley in.  Rain little twice.  Elmo go R AM & PM & CV at eve. John cultivate.

6-11-1921 F Reid’s & Fred D call at eve.  Finish cultivating 2nd time at noon, start 3rd time. Mary K & children call to see how mama is.  She much the same.  Dr here twice.  Beulah go to Kleckner’s to telephone.  Men go R at eve.  Mrs W. Shaw bring Mama flowers. 

6-12-1921 (Sunday) Letters to Puss & Aunt Alice.  Starr, Maggie & children here.  Mama very weak in AM.  Stronger in PM.  Gsells, Aunt Emma & Dudley here in PM.  Elmo take Beulah home after dinner & she back soon after 4PM.  Dr here twice.  John go CV on wheel in PM & Elmo have to get him at eve as wheel get broken.

6-13-1921 Letter to Puss.  Starr in.  Letter from Mary W.  Let ducks out of pen.  Mama little better.  Elmo go CV in AM & get team shod.  Very warm.  Go R in late PM.  He & John mow lawn & cultivate garden potatoes.  John cultivate corn most of day.  Dr here twice.

6-14-1921 Cooler.  Cloudy all AM & trifle rain early.  Beulah wash, iron in PM. John cultivate. Elmo do odd jobs.  Dr West here twice. Starr call.

6-15-1921 John cultivate. Elmo do odd jobs.  Rain enough to make roads little muddy in AM.  Then clear.  Elmo go to Mrs Rutz funeral in PM.  (Starr & Maggie stop on way) & then to R.  Dr here in AM.  Mama little better.  Starr call. 

6-16-1921 Mama quite a little better.  Dr here in AM.  Elmo go CV in AM, hoe corn & potatoes etc.  He & J get up road hay & John cultivate.

6-17-1921 Letters from aunt Alice & Anna L.  Elmo go CV in AM.  Hoe in PM.  Mama little better.  Elmo also cultivate. John cultivate. Starr’s here at eve.  Men go R at eve.  Annetta & Emily & Stanley here in morn.  Very warm.  Threaten shower at eve, but no rain.  Dr here in AM.

6-18-1921 90o at noon, but a good breeze from W.  Elmo cultivate till 4, then go R. John cultivate.  Mama weak, but about the same.  Starr in at noon with hollyhocks.  Letters from Puss, Aunt Augusta, & Mable.  J go R at evening.  Letter to Puss. Dr here at noon & drive in on way home from R in PM.  Beet greens for dinner.

6-19-1921 (Sunday) Letters to Mable, Lady Aunts, Anna Lyford, Mama better.  Dr here at noon.  Starr & Maggie & 3 children here in PM.  Also Picken boys while E & I at CV.  Annetta & Russell in earlier.  H Fitch’s & Ed Fitchs’ here at eve.  E go to Pickens at eve, they gone. John come in night.  Very warm.

6-20-1921 John cultivate. E go CV in AM.  Then mow little in yard.  Mama better.  Starr drive in with Annetta & Emily.  Very warm.  Dr here.  J get back sometime last night after having been run into Sat night.

6-21-1921 Letter to Aunt Agnes. John cultivate.  Elmo also go R.  Dr here.  Elmo green potatoes in AM.  Light shower at noon.  Warm. 

6-22-1921 Elmo go Argyle & Belv in AM.  Cut hay in PM, ½ of 10A.  Very light crop. John cultivate.  Dr here.

6-23-1921 Mama sit up in bed a little.  Letters to Kate & Aunt Aug.  Letter from May P.  Warm. John cultivate some.  Elmo hoe potatoes in AM.  In PM, men get 1 load hay from 10A.  Annetta bring flowers. Elmo & J go R at eve & get bicycle when had been repaired.  Dr here.

6-24-1921 Very hot & oppressive.  Dr here.  Say mama doing as well as possible.  She propped up a little while in bed.  Elmo & I go CV at eve.  Starr’s here when we return.  Men cultivate, rake hay, get up 2 small loads. 

6-25-1921 Letter from Aunt Augusta.  A fine rain in early PM.  A light shower in AM.  Elmo & J cultivate in AM.  Elmo come up at 10 & take Miss Hounsels to R [the nurse?].  Fine rain early PM.  Elmo & I do odd jobs, fix up Buick, put on license, etc after rain. Dr here.

6-26-1921 (Sunday) Very warm.  Dr here.  J go R in morn on wheel.  Elmo take Beulah home in PM.  Then go CV & call at Frank Davis’.  Russell in with flowers.  J back in time for chores.

6-27-1921 Dr here.  Letter from Clarence.  Elmo take grist to CV in wagon as muddy.  Very warm, muggy.  Rain last night & several showers thru AM.  Thunder all PM, but showers go around.  J[ohn] hoe in AM.  Men fix fence in PM.  Elmo & I go R at eve.  Threaten showers.  Rain little. 

6-28-1921 Letters to Aunt Alice & Uncle Chas & Martha. Letter from Puss.  Very warm.  Cloudy in morn, then clear about 9AM.  Dr here.  Elmo & Beulah go R in Am.  Elmo cut grass in PM.  J cultivate. 

6-29-1921 Letter from May Seal.  Elmo take 7 pigs to Perryville early.  Then cultivate till noon.  In PM, he take Miss Hounsell to R.  Then men get up 1 load hay.  Dr here.  J cultivate.  Mama sit in chair little.  Very warm.

6-30-1921 Letter from Kate, Very warm.  Mama better, sit about a hour in PM & have gifts [her birthday].  Anna McF call with her aunts.  Starr’s up at eve.  Men get up 4 loads hay which make only 7 from 10A.  Beulah drive on fork.  She not feel well at eve.  Dr here in PM


May 1921

5-1-1921 (Sunday) Cool & cloudy. E wind, trifle of rain before dark.  Elmo take Beulah home in morn then call on Picken boys. In PM, Frank & Mamie call & later Starr, Maggie, Annetta, Russell, Emily & Stanley.  Elmo pull auto out of mud by pasture in PM.

5-2-1921 37o at 7AM.  Cloudy & windy.  Elmo & Geo cut potatoes in AM.  Geo pulverize creek piece in PM.  Elmo try to fix road by pasture.  Too bad to do much.  Fred Davis get stuck in mudhole by pasture & Elmo pull him out.  Beulah clean more in kitchen.

5-3-1921 34o at 6:30AM, 42o at 8:30.  cloudy, snowed few flakes.  Windy.  Elmo get potato planter from Starr’s & plant potatoes in AM.  Then Geo pulverize & Elmo go down where truck with tractor on stuck S of here.  In PM, go R. Beulah put out part of wash & finish cleaning kitchen.

5-4-1921 Letter to Cousin Lucy.  Finish wash.  Nice, bright day.  Still.  Light frost last night. Finish wash. Letter from Clarence M.  Elmo & Geo fix fence, turn young cattle in pasture. Mama & Beulah go over home.

5-5-1921  52o at 7AM (Elmo & I go R in AM, home 2 PM.  Elmo go CV in PM.  Geo pulverize.  Beulah clean in hall wash outside windows & put up screens, etc.

5-6-1921  46o at 6:30AM.  Bright & still.  Elmo & I go to 14 Ave for pulverizer rep in morn.  Get sheller from CK’s on way home & Elmo shell seed-corn & burn brush & cut Canada thistles.  Geo B drag & pulverize.  Letter from May P.  Set out cabbage plants & sow more peas. 

5-7-1921  Elmo begin to plant corn in PM.  Geo finish pulverizing N of house & then drag. Elmo take Beulah home at eve.  Go R after chores.  Starr call at eve with Emily & Stanley.  Look showery at times. 

5-8-1921 (Sunday) Elmo try to get Monte [bull] from pasture in morn.  Bull get out of barn, broke ring in nose. Elmo go to dinner at Fitch’s & then to Durand, as hear Uncle Henry not so well.  Bring John McDowell home with him at eve. 

5-9-1921 Men & Beulah get Monte caught after long time in morn.  Then Elmo plant & John drag. Nice day.  Some cloudy.  50o at 7AM.  Beulah come back in morning.  Elmo go R at eve. 

5-10-1921 66o at 8AM.  Rained a trifle last night.  Letter to May P.  Elmo plant, John pulverize & drag.  Beulah go to hang May basket at night. 

5-11-1921 Nice & warm.  Elmo finish planting corn N of house at noon.  In PM, he take me to see Dr West & then take fat pig that died to rendering works.  John drag & then pulverize on unplowed field.

5-12-1921 Nice day, look some like showers.  Elmo & I go to CV in morn.  John pulverize then Elmo fix spreader & he & John begin drawing manure before noon.

5-13-1921 Cold NW wind.  Men draw 22 loads manure.  Dry & dusty.  CK here at eve.

5-14-1921 46o at 7AM.  Cold NW wind.  Elmo go to Dr Penniman 3rd time & he say he not need to use needle on knee.  Then he help John draw manure.  John drag in AM & work on manure in PM.  11 Chicks.  Bell School Picnic at BlackHawk park.  John go R on bicycle at eve.

5-15-1921 (Sunday) 38o at 6:30AM.  Cold NW winds.  Very windy, but sun shine, tho cool.  Starr, Maggie, Annetta & Emily call in PM.  Elmo take Beulah home in morn & call at Picken’s.  John come in eve.  Furnace fire.

5-16-1921 Letter to Cousin Harriet.  Elmo plow & drag.  John draw manure.  Beulah mow lawn.  Cool.  Can 1 qt pie plant  [rhubarb].

5-17-1921 48o at 6:30AM.  Drizzle occasionally & cloudy.  60o at 4PM.  7 little ducks hatch.  Found 4 kittens in ice-house.  John plow.  Elmo take grist to CV in AM & hoe garden & do odd jobs in PM.  Letter to Mabel.

5-18-1921 Beulah wash.  Cloudy morning, rained a little last night, clear off, warmer.  Elmo & John take pigs to CV in AM & Elmo in PM, stay [inCV] to help CK load car.  John plow in PM.

5-19-1921 Fine warm day.  Elmo plant corn till noon, then he & Beulah go R.  Home at 4PM & then plant.  John plow.  CK drive in at eve to tell about sale of hogs. Set out tomato plants.  

5-20-1921 64o at 6:30AM.  Dry & windy.  Can 2 qts pie plant.  Beulah clean cellar.  Men work at creek piece, plant sweetcorn, etc.

5-21-1921 Finish planting corn.  Plant squash & pumpkin.  Beulah go to Starr’s at eve to garden club.  John to CV.  Elmo to R.  Warm.  Lettuce & onions for dinner & radishes.

5-22-1921 (Sunday) Warm. Windy.  Elmo & I to CV in AM or rather I stay at Fred’s as I hurt my knee. Roscoe relatives bring Mrs Phippen & Ruth down & Frank Davis & Asa’s with Mrs Sheldon, Ella & Susie Davis call in PM.  H Fitch’s here in AM. 

5-23-1921 Howard F came for load corn in AM.  Got 37 bu.  7 more chickens.  Hot & dry.  Cloud up in PM & blow hard at eve & rain enough to lay dust.  John draw manure.  Elmo go to CV in AM.  Then plow in hog lot till plow break, get load of clover straw for bedding, then go to R.  Stanley Barkley drowned.

5-24-1921 Hot, dry, windy.  Elmo go CV in AM.  Fix plow & plow pasture & pulverize.  John draw manure.  Beulah wash.  C Armour here to dinner. Rain about enough to lay dust again about 9:50PM. 

5-25-1921 Letter from May P.  Elmo finish seeding (to oats & rape) hog pasture & begin to drag at creek piece in AM.  Take wheat to R in PM.  Oil man here.  John draw manure.  Irma & Norman stop for crow [stet].  Starr, Emily & Stan call early.  Very warm till middle PM.  Then cool E wind.

5-26-1921 Rain a good shower after 9PM last eve.  Nice today.  Cool E wind.  Clear off in AM.  CK get clover.  Men fix fence, etc in AM.  Elmo start John cultivating in PM. Then go to Barkley-Ferguson funeral [possibly 2 children that drowned] with CK.  Letter from Kate. 

5-27-1921 Letter to Kate.  Rained a little last eve & some this morning.  Sun hot when out, but good breeze.  Elmo go CV for cement blocks for cemetary in AM & then get load of sand (Dinner at Frank’s) go R late PM.  Beulah hoe in garden.  John cultivate.  Dr West here to see mama.

5-28-1921 15 more chicks.  Good shower about dark last eve & rain again early.  Clear about 8AM.  Men fix pasture & pig fence & then Elmo go to work in cemetery.  John cultivate.  He & Elmo go CV at eve.  Picken boys drive in at eve.  Beulah mow lawn.  Letter to Bernice D. 

5-29-1921 (Sunday) Nice day.  Elmo take Beulah & go to Picken’s in morning. Mama not strong. Whittles here in PM.  Elmo & John go CV at eve. 

5-30-1921 Beautiful day.  Warm.  Get cloudy at eve.  Men cultivate.

5-31-1921 Partly cloudy, get cooler.  Beulah wash.  John cultivate all day & Elmo till noon.  Then he go to CV with grist & then to help on building at cemetery.


April 1921

4-1-1921 40o at 9AM.  Clear 3 painters here, paint on granary & fix barn windows.  Finish soon after dinner. Elmo work on oats. Elmo & Beulah go to Molander surprise at eve. 

4-2-1921 62o at 10AM. Elmo have about 14A oats pulverized in by night.  Go to R at eve.  Starr in few min. Emily & Stanley here all PM. 

4-3-1921 (Sunday) Very warm, clear.  Windy PM. Elmo take Beulah home in morning, stop at CK’s on way home.  Hear of birth of F Reid’s daughter Apr 1st.  Dudley, John Peterson & Starr call late PM.  Elmo go to CV in PM. 

4-4-1921 54o at 7AM.  Clear, windy.  Joe in to pay for grass seed.  1 yr calf die in sort of fit. Elmo work in oat field.  9 more little pigs.  Letter to Kate.  At evening another yearling die.

4-5-1921 Letter from May P.  Elmo go to see J Hennig, no help.  Then stop at CK.  Also bury calf, go to vote, on to R (Dr Wilson say silage probably kill calves). Stop at P Lake’s for grass seed.  Then work on oats.   Starr get seeder in PM.  Annetta, Sadie & Anna call.  Beulah come in PM. 

4-6-1921 4 more little pigs.  Beulah clean mama’s room, closet, hall & stairs.  Elmo have Clarence K help him sow grass seed, oats & barley. 

4-7-1921 A little cooler.  Some cloudy in AM.  Beulah went to Gleaner’s at Mat Ralston’s.  Elmo sow barley, etc.  Beulah start to clean storeroom. 

4-8-1921 Clean in store-room.  42o at 7AM.  44o at noon.  Very muddy. Elmo go to CV with grist & home about 2:30.  Rained hard, hailed, blow, thundered & lightened hard about 4AM.  Beulah go home after school out with brothers to club at her father’s. 

4-9-1921 Rain some last night & then freeze.  Beulah drive back in morning.  30o at 7AM.  Sun out some in early AM.  Then snow thru air rest of day.  We air bedding from store-room early.  Thus finish cleaning store-room.  Elmo go to R in AM.  Home before 2 & pulverize.  Ground white before dark. 

4-10-1921 (Sunday) Nice bright day, but cold.  Beulah drive pony home in morning. 

4-11-1921 32o at 7AM.  A fine washing day.  Beulah do a 2-week’s wash.  Elmo help Molanders move, home late PM & drag oats & barley an hour. First oats sown up.  Boys up for truck that refused to go home last night in lane.  

4-12-1921 Letter from Clarence.  42o at 7AM.  Cloudy much of AM.  Beulah dust books, pictures, etc in sitting room & put upstairs.  Iron.  Elmo drag last of oats & barley.  Mr Gregory & S Franceen here after dinner.  Hear of Will Davis death, which occurred yesterday. 

4-13-1921 Letter from Kate.  Warmer, grow cloudy in PM.  Beulah begin to rake dooryard in PM.  Also tear off some of sitting room paper.  Elmo take last of hay to R.  Then go to CV in late PM.  Cloudy early AM, too & rain a trifle.

4-14-1921 Rainy morning & mistly later.  Cloudy all day.  50o at 8\6PM.  Beulah tear off paper in sitting room & get nearly all but ceiling).  Elmo fix Ford (take off truck back).  go to CK & Phil Lake’s in AM.  Wash Ford.  In PM, go to Will Davis funeral.

4-15-1921 42o at 7AM.  50o about 9AM.  Then fell to 44o at noon & 34o at 4:30PM.  Cloudy, NE wind, rain at spells in PM.  Mama go R about 2:30PM with Starr & Maggie.  Mr C. Pickens died at 2AM.  Elmo go to see boys in morn.  Then sow grass seed on more oats & seed orchard.  Then go CV in late PM.

4-16-1921 32o about 9AM.  A regular blizzard began after dark last eve with hard pellets of snow & this morn.  Big drifts all about & still snowing & blowing from NE.  Elmo paint bedroom & part of sitting room.  Storm continue all day.  No mail.  Bring up colts. Drifts 4-5 feet high.  Letter to Kate.

4-17-1921 (Sunday) Letter to May P.  28o at 7AM.  Still storming early but stop about 7AM.  Then wind rise again, but sunny & bright before 12.  Thaw a good deal in PM.  Elmo & Clarence K break road to 5 corners in AM for Burpee.  Elmo go to funeral in PM.  Beulah stay here today.

4-18-1921 Letter from Puss.  Warmer & fields & yards getting bare.  Roads have much snow & neither good wheeling, nor sleighing.  Mail left at school.  Elmo help Beulah put down bedroom carpet & set up bed.  Paint rest of sitting room by 4.  Then drive to school & Kleckner’s in wagon.  Nice day.  Take up sitting carpet.

4-19-1921 Nice day.  SW wind. Snow fast thawing.   Drifts settling.  Starr in in morn. Elmo go R in “democrat.” Beulah beat dining carpet.  Painters stop in morn on way to Heidenreich’s.

4-20-1921 Cloud up late & rain about 4PM.  2 men come to paper, etc about 2PM.  Elmo go to CV for posts in AM in Ford, get stuck by McLarty’s.  All snow going fast.

4-21-1921 Snow vanished by rain.  2 men here papering, painting & patching plaster, etc. Dinning & sitting room carpets up & all in muss.  Elmo help man tear off dining room paper in AM.  Rain early in morn.  Beulah come back in morn.  J Hennig come in PM & he & Elmo work on pig fence.  Mostly cloudy. Letter from B Drake.  

4-22-1921 Elmo help fix/sew & put dining room carpet down in PM.  Do chores & help in house in AM as rainy.  2 men here to finish papering leave soon after dinner. 

4-23-1921 Elmo help CK & boys put on hay they bought here, then help Mr McLarty load his own.  In PM, help put down sitting room carpet & go R about 4PM.  Go to School meeting at evening. CK re-elected director. 

4-24-1921 (Sunday) Elmo greatly troubled with stiff knee these days, twisted it 2 or more weeks ago.  He take Beulah home & then call at Picken’s in morn.  In late PM, we go for ride. Roads dry except in spots & rough in spots.  

4-25-1921 Starr bring mama home in morning.  Shower about 7:30AM.  Beulah come in morn. Elmo to CV with grist about 9AM & not get home till 6.  Many grists there & then wait at Fred’s for heavy shower to pass.  Clouds & sunshine & heavy showers thru out day & evening, warm.  Beulah bring down & arrange books & pictures in sitting room, etc.  Apple trees in bloom.

4-26-1921 Letter to Puss.  Partly cloudy and showers in PM & at eve.  Beulah wash & get most of clothes dry.  Elmo go R in Ford in AM.  Stuck by ¼ line. He & J Hennig & CK work on E side furnace cellar wall in PM – caved in.

4-27-1921 46o at 8:30AM.  W wind, cloudy, sun out a trifle.  Showers thru day.  Elmo help Mat R drive cattle to #CherryValley because he put in a heifer.  Home about 1:30, do odd jobs.  Beulah iron, etc.  His knee bothers him greatly.

4-28-1921 Box from Archie.  J Hennig & Elmo finish cellar wall & work on pig fence.  Beulah mow front lawn, have bonfire, tho most too wet.

4-29-1921 Letters from Aunt Alice & Mary W.  Partly cloudy & few sprinkles of rain in PM.  Elmo go R all day & look for man.  Find none.  At eve go ask for Geo Brown.  Beulah clean backyard, mow N of house & have bon-fire.  Then visit school.

4-30-1921  Light frost last night.  Geo B came before breakfast.  Manure garden, plow it & plant early potatoes.  Geo pulverize on creek piece in PM.  Beulah put in garden seeds.  CK & boys come for hay.  Letter to Aunt Alice.


March 1921

3-7-1921 New teacher.  Miss Armstrong discharged as incompetent & school has been closed a week.

3-8 to 3-13-1921 [no entries]

3-14-1921 Card to Mrs Purdy. Letter to Mary Weaver.  Rain. Letter from Puss.

3-15-1921 54o at 3PM.  Mostly cloudy, sun out enough so Beulah get most of clothes dry, windy.  J Hennig here & men split wood.  F Davis come and he & Elmo get pig from CK. Letter from May P.

3-16-1921 30o above at 7AM. Bright & still. Letter to Puss. Elmo split wood till noon then go #Rockford in Ford. Starr drive in Watson here at eve.

3-17-1921 47o at 10AM. Rained a trifle this morning. J Hennig here, cut wood.  Beulah clean her room in AM.  About 10:30 men go to work on pig fence. 

3-18-1921 Foggy part of morn. 31o at 7AM. Painters begin to paint barn. Beulah clean in man’s room.  Dig horseradish, etc.  We have had horseradish several times.  Elmo go R with hay in PM.  Roads drying.

3-19-1921 62o at 8AM, windy. H. Fitch came for fanning mill.  3 painters here.  Rain hindered them in AM & they work part of PM.  Thunder shower in morn.  Elmo go to #Belvidere in PM.

3-20-1921 (Sunday) 70o at 10AM.  50o at 5PM.  Cloudy.  Rained about dark.  H. Carlson here in AM.  Elmo go for ride in PM.  Windy.  Mrs McLarty find a violet blossom in their pasture. 

3-21-1921 Cooler. Mr Shreveson jury. Letter to Kate.  2 painters here.  Starr in in morn.  Elmo sow clover on wheat by school. At noon Elmo & men fall from barn & Larson hurt back, so Elmo take him home & go R.  Other painter go home after dinner too.  

3-22-1921  28o at 7AM.  Pleasant.  Beulah wash. Elmo plow around field & in PM saw wood at F Reid’s.  Nystrom here for clover seed.  Starr & Bert Walker bring fanning mill back at eve.  3 little pigs.

3-23-1921 Walter help Elmo clean oats in AM.  Telephone man take phone from Mama’s & our line not work in PM.   Mr Lundvahl here in PM. Then E & I go to CV to see Larson who is better.  Mary & CK with Ralph here at eve.  Partly cloudy. 

3-24-1921 Rain hard much of AM.  Mist some in PM.  Elmo do odd jobs, take grist to #CherryValley in PM & #potatoes to Mr Haley.  Letters from Kate & Cousin Hattie. 

3-25-1921 Easter cards from Bernice B. Elmo do chores & help in house, tear off paper, etc as 2 painters come to paper man’s room, patch a little in ma’s & get ceiling on our bedroom. Showers thru-out day. Mr McLarty here for grass seed. 

3-26-1921 Letter from Mary W.  Easter card from Ruby.  Phone fixed by PM.  One man come to finish papering bedroom.  Elmo bring bedstead and spring from Mama’s, dig horseradish, etc.  In PM, go R in Ford.  Showers & sun shine.  62o at 2:30PM. Mr Swanson here for grass-seed.  Annetta, Franklin & Stanley up in AM with #hyacinth.  

3-27-1921 (Sunday) Windy, but warm, get some cooler towards night. Elmo take Beulah home in morning & go to C Picken’s.  Oil men here in PM.

3-28-1921 12o above zero at 6AM.  Pleasant, but cold.  Windy early.  Harold bring Beulah here in morn.  Mama have bad head-ache all day.  Ed Fitch & Mable call at noon.  Starr & children in late PM.  Beulah clean in cellar & we finish sprouting potatoes.  Elmo go R with hay.

3-29-1921 21o above at 6AM.  Clear.  Beulah wash counterpanes, comforter, coverings, lounge coverings, etc.  Windy.  3painters here.  Elmo do odd jobs.

3-30-1921 Three painters here.  38o at 9AM.  Frozen this morn.  Beulah wash.  H Smith come for clover seed.  Elmo go R in AM.  Bright & sunny.  Rob & Maggie here after dinner for clover seed. Mrs Brown call to plan Molander surprise.  Elmo sow & pulverize oats after 3 PM.  It cloud up & rain a trifle at dark.

3-31-1921 Three painters here. Elmo take hay to #Rockford. Sow oats late PM.  Dr West come to see mama, she very hoarse.


February 1921

2-1-1921 Beulah wash. Elmo draw up 3 loads wood in AM. Go #Rockford in PM.  Howard, Irma & Norman Fitch here to supper & for evening.  Cloudy, sun out a min.  Few flakes snow. Dry most of clothes indoors. 

2-2-1921 W. wind, cooler.  Partly cloudy but groundhog saw shadow before dinner. Elmo fix pole for wagon tongue and then he & I take it to CV to blacksmith in AM. 

2-3-1921 Elmo get up 2 loads wood and help F Davis all PM.  Fix saw frame.  Fred here most of day.  Snowed about an inch last night.  Partly cloudy.  Get quite cold in PM.

2-4-1921 Letter to Kate.  Turn warmer during night & almost rain.  Snow melt fast.  Elmo get up 2 loads wood on sled in AM.  Go R in PM.  Russell stay all night with ma, as Elmo & I go to W.A. Ralston’s to supper & for evening. 

2-5-1921 Russell walk home in morn as it frozen.  Elmo go to C Picken’s & CV in AM.  Then to C Picken’s again in PM to grease saw.  Nice clear day. 

2-6-1921 (Sunday) Cloudy & snow enough to make ground white in PM.  I finish reading “West mayo.”  Hear of Matthew Ralston’s Sr serious illness. 

2-7-1921 Letter to Cousin Hattie.  Cloudy, snowed little more last night.  Elmo get up 2 loads wood in AM. 

2-8-1921 Letters to Aunt Agnes & Clarence M.  Beulah here.  Elmo go R with hay. Cloudy, 30o above at 8AM.  Rain a little & cement walk covered with ice.

2-9-1921  Letters to May P & Mabel E.  Cloudy, chilly.  34o above at noon.  Elmo take hay to Rockford.  Mr Earl McLarty bring his family here in PM.  F. Davis drive in in PM.  Anna & Walter McF drive in. 

2-10-1921 Elmo go to Elferson sale.  Cloudy, rather chilly.  Mist a little at evening.  34o at noon.  Slippery.  Howard & Irma drive in.

2-11-1921 Cloudy.  40o at 2PM.  Man here & sell hog food.  Elmo go R in Ford.  Surprise at Willie Ralston’s at eve, but we decide not to go.

2-12-1921 Cloudy, but not cold.  Elmo put 2 old pigs in barn in AM.  In PM, go to Sullivan sale.  Letter from Kate. 

2-13-1921 (Sunday) Letter to Kate & Lucy S.  Beautiful day.  44o at noon.  Roads sloppy.  Elmo & I go to CV to see Dr West for Mama.  Elmo take roosters to CK in late PM.  Much muddier than at noon. 

2-14-1921 Fine day, thaw much.  Roads deep with mud.  Elmo go #Rockford in #Ford.

2-15-1921 40o at 9AM.  Letter for seeds. Elmo put repairs on drag & paint it.  Fine day, but very muddy.

2-16-1921 Cloudy & look much like rain early, then about 9AM, begin to get colder & get very windy. Ed leave Florence here & he go to sale at W Ralston’s with Elmo.  Elmo go R first.  Beulah here & wash. Letter from Aunt Agnes.

2-17-1921 12o above at 6, also at 10AM.  Windy & some snow squalls. But late PM pleasanter & mama call at McLarty’s.  We saw wood till noon about 3 hrs. Elmo take B home at 4:30. 

2-18-1921 Elmo have lunch & then go to CV with grist.   Saw robin.

2-19-1921 Elmo put straw in hens nests, cut wood, etc in AM.  Go R in PM.  Get medicine for sick heifer.

2-20-1921 (Sunday) 21o above at 8:30AM.  Nice day.  Read “A Daughter of the Dons” aloud.  Only one rig go by. 

2-21-1921 20o above at 7:30AM.  Nice day, but pretty cold.  Elmo take 2 pigs to Popham.  In PM, Fred D here for buzz saw.  Rob Watson in to ask us to Mr Carlson’s tomorrow eve.

2-22-1921 Cloudy, east wind, begin to snow in PM & keep at it all evening.  We go to H. Carlson’s at eve with McLarty’s.  Elmo take mama to Aunt Alice’s before dinner.  13 little pigs.

2-23-1921 12o above at 8AM.  Nice day. Elmo & I go to C Picken’s to plan about surprise on McLarty’s.  Then go around & invite part of people.  Get lunch & Elmo then take Geo Picken to R to get gift.  Two pigs die. 

2-24-1921 Elmo go #Rockford with hay. Partly cloudy & snow a trifle in PM & eve.  Beulah come over in late PM & we all go to McLarty’s at eve.

2-25-1921 Nice morning, later chilly & some cloudy.  Beulah here, after she gone Elmo & I go for Mama in R.

2-26-1921 30o at noon, cloudy, N wind. Elmo get fanning-mill from H Fitch’s & go #CherryValley in AM.

2-27 to 3-1-1921 [no entries


January 1921

1-1-1921 Dark, cloudy, foggy till noon, then clear off.  Warm in PM.  Not cold in AM either, roads muddy an inch or so deep.  We go to Starr’s in Ford.  Wind blow up after dark from W & cloudy again.

1-2-1921 (Sunday) 29o at 8AM. Nice day. I read “The Valley of Silent Men” aloud.

1-3-1921 32o at 8AM.  Beautiful, clear, still morning.  Beulah here.  Wash, clothes not freeze. Asa & Allie Hammond bring Susie & Bessie & “Little Thad” here in PM.  Get stuck below Richardson house. Dress chick. Letter from Puss.

1-4-1921 Cloudy, thaw. Elmo go Rockford in Ford.  Mrs Molander telephone Mrs Frigast back in R.  Clear off in PM.  Rain a few drops at 12 M. Mat & MaryJ bring Picken boys over at night.

1-5-1921 Some colder but clear.  Ground frozen, W wind.  Elmo bale at EMB’s.  Beulah here.  Letters to May P & Puss.  Helen Molander stop on way to see Ruth Hesteds.

1-6-1921 S wind, white frost, rough roads.  10:30 AM, 36o above.  Bert Walker & Russell come for fanning mill & help Elmo put on load of timothy straw bales to take to R.  Letter to Clarence Martenson. 

1-7-1921 Nice day.  Roads muddy.  Elmo go to CV in Ford in AM & take hay to Geo Brown in PM, weigh at Peter Ralston’s. Hear that EMB crack leg bone yesterday.

1-8-1921 Letter to Aunt Agnes.  Fine, clear day.  Froze a little last night.  Elmo go R in Ford.  Stop at EMB’s.  Eunice McL here in AM.  I send galatea to Mrs Rourke’s.  Fred Davis here at eve.  Letter from Kate.

1-9-1921 (Sunday) Fred Davis got silage, here to dinner.  Geo Brown here for Bible money. Fine day overhead.  16o above at 8AM.  Thaw some.  Roads rough.

1-10-1921 Lovely day, 38o at 1 PM. Our school begin. Helen & Ernest in. Reservoir leaks & Elmo look “over home” for old one, but it not fit, so go CV.  Letter from Kate saying their Xmas box to us was traced to Rockford! In PM Elmo nearly finish self-feeder for pigs. 

1-11-1921 Fine day, 20o above at 8AM. Get cooler at night. Beulah here, dress chicken. Elmo go Rockford with Ford to Insurance meeting. Have dinner at Fitch’s.  At eve meet directors at CK’s. Mama walk to mailbox.

1-12-1921 Cloudy early morn, but soon clear, N wind. 8o above at 8AM. Elmo bale straw at Reid’s in AM.  He & J Hennig go to woods in PM.  Mama call at McL & Mrs Brown also, then she call here.

1-13-1921 Cloudy, chilly, SE wind.  Mr Hennig here chopping in woods.  Elmo help him in AM. Go Rockford in PM to see about 1918 income tax. Begin to snow about 3:30PM & keep it up all evening.

1-14-1921 About 2 in snow this morn. Cloudy, still, snowing a little thru out day.  26o above at 3PM.  Elmo take hay to Rockford.    

1-15-1921 12o above at 8:30AM, cloudy. Elmo bale at Mat R’s till ~3PM.  Go Rockford after that. Letter from Aunt Agnes.

1-16-1921 (Sunday) W wind blow hard all day. Dust & snow fly thru air. Fred D here in PM.

1-17-1921 1o above at 7AM.  Clear & still.  Elmo & J Hennig work in woods. 

1-18-1921 Partly cloudy, but warmer.  Beulah wash, etc. Elmo go Rockford with hay. Letter from May P.  Get J Hennig to saw wood at Geo Brown’s.

1-19-1921 Beulah here last night & today. Elmo & Hennig cut wood. Little sleet last night & mostly cloudy today. Strong S wind. Dress rooster. Letter from Mary W & to May P. Elmo go to CherryValley in morn.

1-20-1921 40o above at 7:30AM. 48o above at 9:30AM. F Davis came for silage. Then Elmo go to “20 acres” to cut wood. 

1-21-1921 51o above at 7:30AM. Cloudy, foggy, almost misty, but sun out a little. Elmo & Mama go Rockford. Get stuck both ways near Dorn’s. At eve, Elmo & I go to C Kleckner’s. Warm & bright from noon, tho it not seen thru cloudy & fog.

1-22-1921 Still warm & cloudy, sun out a min or so in PM. Elmo & I go #Rockford, dinner at Fitch’s. I there all PM. Roads very muddy. #Letter from MayP that was written Dec 28 & had been thru fire.

1-23-1921 (Sunday) Cooler, white frost & ground froze last night. Soon thaw however.  I read “Mary Marie” to Elmo.  Begin to feed pigs tankage.

1-24-1921 26o above at 7:30AM. Clear & cool. Elmo get grist ground at CK’s.  Also finish self-feeder & put tankage in for pigs. Get load #clover straw. Oil truck here at noon & man eat his lunch in kitchen.

1-25-1921 NE wind. Cloudy. Ground frozen. Beulah here. Cook last pumpkin. Elmo go #Rockford with #hay. Letter to May P.

1-26-1921 Fine day. Thaw very little. Elmo & I work on income tax till ~1PM. Then Elmo solder #Ford radiator & do most of chores & we go to #Rockford for mama ~4:30PM. Roads rough till we get to #gravel then good.

1-27-1921 Beautiful day. Elmo go to Barkley’s & C Picken’s in AM & #CherryValley in PM.

1-28-1921 Letter to Kate.  42o at noon. Fine day.  Elmo do odd jobs. Watson’s here at eve.  Letter from Clarence.

1-29-1921 Cloudy, some foggy. Elmo go #Rockford. At eve, McLarty’s take us to Brown’s to a surprise for Willie Ralston’s.  Misty & froze a little during evening.  Letter from May P. 

1-30-1921 (Sunday) Chilly, NE wind. Cloudy. Begin to snow after dark. Fred Davis here in PM. Later Maggie, Annetta, Joe, Walter, Emily, Stanley & Willie Seeley call. 

1-31-1921 Letter to Mary W.  Snowed enough last night to enable Elmo to draw up wood on sled, 4 loads. 7 little pigs.

December 1920

12-1-1920 Cloudy & some foggy.  38o at 7AM.  Elmo take grist to CV.  Letter from Kate. 

12-2-1920 38o above at 1PM.  Cloudy, SE breeze, but quite warm.  Elmo get gravel from Beaver in AM.  Go R in PM.  Maggie Jane take mama to Gleaners at N Breck.  Anna Reid & Maggie W elected Pres & ViceP.  Letter from Mrs Frigast.  Beulah here. 

12-3-1920 Letter to Kate.  Warm & windy, SW.  More like spring.  Turn cattle in corn-field.  Elmo go for gravel in PM.  Wagon box & reach break & he only get 1/3 load home.  Bale in PM.  Cloudy & rain at dark. Letter from May.

12-4-1920 Beulah here.  Dress rooster.  Rain last night & much of PM.  Sun out a trifle after dinner.  Elmo do odd jobs in AM.  CK here.  In PM go to Town Hall to meeting about joining R and from there to CV.

12-5-1920 (Sunday) Nice day.  Elmo go to CK’s in AM.  Take wash to Lakes’ in PM.  Good many autos past.  Letter to Cousin Mary.

12-6-1920 White frost.  Beulah here.  Bale hay.  Dress 2 roosters.  Some cloudy, but nice day.  Dress 2 ducks at eve.

12-7-1920 Cloudy. Thermometer 30o above at 8AM.  Snow a few flakes at eve.  Finish baling at noon.  Elmo do odd jobs in PM.  Fred D here at eve.

12-8-1920 Letter to Mabel.  Bright & sunny & still, frost last night.  Elmo take pigs to CV for CK in AM.  Burn brush in orchard in PM.  We go to Barkley’s to party at eve.  Franklin stay with mama. 

12-9-1920 Letter to Puss.  Cloudy all day. White frost.  Elmo & mama go R in AM.  Look like snow. 

12-10-1920 Cooler, clear, windy, NW.  Elmo work on wagon box & take house pump pipe out of well.  Pump not work.  In PM we go to Belv for lumber for box & well repairs.  Have dinner at Asa’s.

12-11-1920 Elmo work on wagon-box all AM and last part of PM.  CK come about 1 & help fix pump.  Here till 3PM.  Find pump not broken, but leaf under sucker.  Warm.

12-12-1920 (Sunday) Sunny early, then get cloudy & foggy.  We go to Whittles after dinner and then for mama.  Roads good.  Tho wind & big ruts at ¼ line.  Warm.  SE wind.

12-13-1920 58o at noon.  Cloudy and thunder & lightning about 10 & rain hard much of the time between 10 & 3.  Clouds break some, but rain again at eve & strong wind.  Beulah here, dress duck, stay all night.  Elmo go R in Ford, stay at Barkley’s.

12-14-1920 Letter to May Purdy.  30o at 7:30AM.  Windy, snow little last night.  Beulah go McLarty’s this morn.  Elmo have ever sharp pencil, candy, $5 & book for birthday.  Also card from May Purdy.  Squally looking clouds.  Elmo do odd jobs. 

12-15-1920 27o above at 8:30AM. Strong west wind.  Squally, snow quite fast at times & then sun come up.  Elmo go R with hogs.  Fred D here at eve.  Card from Mrs Drake announcing birth of twins on Dec 2nd.  Children are preparing for tree & program at school.

12-16-1920 Fine day.  Elmo go with Mr Lundvall to get petition signed after dinner.  Mr L here to dinner.  Afterwards, Elmo get washing from Mrs Lake’s. 

12-17-1920 Nice day.  30o above about middle of day.  Elmo take 11 ducks to R in Ford.  Schmauss in looking for stock.

12-18-1920 9o above at 8AM.  Elmo go R with hay.  Nice day, but cold.  Announced Card from Van Dykes of birth of son.  Elmo find egg in hay load.

12-19-1920 (Sunday) Very fine day.  Read to Elmo “Erskine Dale”.  Mama find 3 eggs.

12-20-1920 Cloudy & snow a few flakes early & then clear & is fine day.  Beulah here & wash, clothes a little.  Dress a duck.  Elmo get 2 pigs from Barkley’s & change drake there. Put away machinery in AM.  In PM, he & I go R.  I call at Fitch’s.  Mailman bring ma COD package to house.  Letters to Kate & Aunt Agnes.

12-21-192027o above at 7:30AM.  Begin to snow before light from E, blow hard.  Snow much of day and towards late PM & even rain little.  Beulah dress chick, iron, etc.  Elmo open up silo, do odd jobs.

12-22-1920 36o in morn, get up to 40o thru day.  Very dark & foggy & fog lift about 4PM & rain for awhile.  Good evening after all & school have basket social.  Roads not bad, some sloppy.  Elmo go R in Ford.

12-23-1920 25o above at 8AM.  20o at noon, partly cloudy.  NW breeze.  Elmo have stiff shoulder.  Put tar paper on porch.  Letter from Aunt Agnes.

12-24-1920 2o below on tree, 1o above at window at 7:30AM.  Clear & still.  Elmo go to CV to see, to Dr West about his lame shoulder and then on to R.  Find no trace of Kans box. Pack up Starr’s Xmas things.  Starr, Annetta, Russell & Emily up at eve & we look at our presents.

12-25-1920 Howard & Irma take us to Fitch’s to dinner.  Mama stay down at Aunt Alice’s.  We drive around by Whittles on way home, but they gone.  Begin to snow from SE about middle of PM & keep it up till into night.

12-26-1920 (Sunday) 26o above at 7AM.  Clear, nice day.  Look like good sleighing.  Kleckners here in PM. 

12-27-1920 Sunny. 8o above at 7:30AM.  Beulah drive over in buggy.  Elmo take hay to R on wagon, tho some go on sleds. Starr bring mama to his place in Ford when he leave Joe & Arthur down & children bring her up in cutter in PM. 

12-28-1920 6o below at 7AM.  Elmo take hay to R on sled.  Get team shod.  Mr. McLarty bring his family over in PM. 

12-29-1920  Elmo go R with hay on sled.  Fine sleighing. Grow much warmer thru day.  Picken boys here at eve.

12-30-1920 Nice day.  31o above at 7AM.  Thaw.  Sleighing in R hurt, but not in country.  Elmo take to R on sled.  Mr Molander bring his wife, Sadie, Anna, Kenneth & Maggie, Annetta & Emily up in PM.  Letter from Cousin Lucy.

12-31-1920  Chilly, cloudy, SE wind. 34o above at 10AM. Elmo take jack screw back to Neils & stop at C Pickens on way home in AM.  In PM, carry off another load of silage & then go R in Ford.  Get very cloudy & foggy late PM & rain a trifle at eve.  


November 1920

11-1-1920 Rain much of day.  Roads quite muddy.  Elmo bale at CK’s.  There all day tho not bale more than 150 B on acc’t of rain, etc.  Starr & Stanley call in PM.  Letter from Kate.  Card from Annetta.

11-2-1920 Snow so as to show for a little on ground.  Elmo, Mama & I go to vote.  Then E get wash from Lake’s, put up engine & corn binder, take dump boards back to Molander, get apples from Earl McL, etc.  Cold.

11-3-1920 Beulah here. Wash outside of windows & take off kitchen screens.  Stuff up door in dining.  Elmo take pigs to CV for CK in AM & go to Mrs Williamm Reid’s funeral in PM.  Nice day, tho some cloudy late.  Hear Harding & Coolidge elected.

11-4-1920 Nice, sunny day.  Somewhat windy.  Elmo plow.  Mr & Mrs Brown come to take mama to Gleaners at Geo Pepper’s. 

11-5-1920 Nice day.  34o at 7AM.  Elmo take me to Dr Els in morn.  Then plow till noon.  In PM, bale at Barkley’s. 

11-6-1920 Matie Teeple died 3AM.  Elmo bale at Barkley’s.  Go to CV at eve.  Eunice & Ruth here in PM.  Mama finish Emily’s sweater.  Cloudy, rain trifle early & again in PM & eve. 

11-7-1920 (Sunday) Cloudy, sun out part of time, especially PM.  Elmo & I to Fred D’s, Frank Davis, & Starr’s before dinner. Elmo go for ride in PM.

11-8-1920 Cloudy almost all day.  SE wind. Rain most of PM, last part hard.  Elmo plow in AM.  Go to Matie’s funeral at Allie’s in PM 2 o’clock.  Letter to Kate. 

11-9-1920 Cloudy, windy, snow flurries at dark.  Elmo plow.  1st get a load of clover straw for cattle.  Beulah here.  Dress 2nd duck.

11-10-1920 22o at 7AM.  30o at 4PM.  28o at 5PM. Clear, ground frozen, but Elmo plow.  Take wash in morn.  Letter to Puss.  Letter from May P. 

11-11-1920 28o at 7AM.  NW wind, cloudy.  Snow little in morn.  14o at dark.  Begin shred at Mat’s.  Clear before sunset.  Letter to Mrs Van Dyke.

11-12-1920 9o at 6:30AM, 12o at 7:30AM.  Clear till late PM.  Then cloud all over.  NW wind.  Elmo shred at Mat’s till noon.  Then at CK.  No school because teacher takes exam.

11-14-1920 (Sunday) Mostly cloudy, chilly.  Begin to snow about 10:30 & snow gently rest of day.  Fred D here to dinner.  In late PM, we go to Mr King’s to call.  Letter to Cousin Hattie.

11-15-1920 Partly cloudy.  Elmo shred at Barkley’s.  Telephone after dinner we would have shredders next day & I call Beulah, she get here at 2.  Dress 3 ducks.

11-16-1920 Elmo home all day, we shred in PM.  Machine partly set before noon, 12 men to dinner.  Fine day.  Elmo & I go Belv at eve.  Harold come for Beulah after school.  Letter from Belv Lumber Co.

11-17-1920 Cloudy PM.  Fine day tho.  Elmo shred at Brown’s. Joe bring mama home from R at eve.  Letter from Clarence.  

11-18-1920 Clear off early.  Elmo shred at Brown’s till noon, then at Reid’s in PM.  A fine day 45o above at 4PM.  Letter to Mrs Frigast. 

11-19-1920 Letter to May Purdy.  A fine day.  Furnace fire almost too hot.  Mama call at McL in PM.  Elmo shred at F Reid’s. 

11-20-1920 Beautiful day.  38o at 7AM.  60o at 2PM.  Still.  Elmo & I go R in AM.  I to Dr Ells.  Take 3 bu potatoes to Dr Ells.  In PM, Elmo plow 2 rounds & break plow (too much frost) so he & I go to 14th Ave factory.  Then Elmo get wash & take it.  Letters from Mabel & Mary W. 

11-21-1920 (Sunday) Letters to Kate, Lucy S & cards to Clarence & Belle W.  54o at 7AM.  Cloudy, SW wind.  Misty at times.

11-22-1920 Extremely chilly, windy, misty.  Thermometer 33o all day.  Elmo turn pigs into cornfield, plow.

11-23-1920 33o at 7AM.  Elmo & I go R.  I to Dr Ells’.  Home at 11:15 AM, then Elmo plow.  Cloudy, but not so chilly or windy as yesterday.  36o at noon.  Letter from Bernice B. 

11-24-1920 Elmo finish plowing piece N of house at noon & in PM go to 14 Ave factory & Belvidere.  Beulah here.  Dress 2 ducks & 1 rooster.  Cloudy, snow cover most of ground when we awake & snow little more.  Melt before night.  Ther get up to 36o above during day. 

11-25-1920 [Thanksgiving] – All Starr’s, Beulah & Dorothy H here to dinner.  Elmo go R for ice cream early.  Then plow by creek.  Starr, or Joe plow, too.  Cloudy, sun out about a min in AM.  Ther 31o.

11-26-1920 Cloudy, chilly.  31o above in morn.  Elmo plow at creek piece.  Starr in to phone in AM as plow not stay in.  Letter from Puss. 

11-27-1920 Mostly cloudy, but clear off in PM.  Then sun set in cloud.  Elmo use gang on creek piece today & it go all right.  Ruth & McLarty call in PM.  Joe in to eat his lunch.  He finish plowing at Mama’s.  Ther reach 42o in PM.  Snow last night, so ground white, gone in AM. 

11-28-1920 (Sunday) SE breeze.  Sunny fine day.  Elmo go CV, also get wash in PM. 

11-29-1920 Very dark, foggy, misty.  Elmo finish plowing at noon.  Go R in PM.  Letter from Mabel. 

11-30-1920 Rained some during night, but clear off early today.  42o above at 7AM.  Elmo pick over potatoes, 10 bu, for Jaycox & put away gang plow.  Top of straw stack slid off last night.  Little calf.  Elmo & I go R in PM.  Stop at Thomas’, Lundvall’s, Reid’s, & CK’s.


October 1920

10-1-1920Heavier frost last night.  Edwin Molander here helping set up corn.  Corn killed & getting dry.  Elmo go Bel at eve and Fred Davis here at eve. Letter to Puss.

10-2-1920 Letter from Kate. Warmer.  Wind SW.  Clear.  Elmo unload ChasK’s wagon & take home early morn & then go R with hay.  Home at 1PM.  Carpenter come to make plans.  Then cut corn for load feed & go R. 

10-3-1920 (Sunday) We take mama to Starr’s in AM & then stop at Howard F’s & on to Belv.  Call at Teeple’s min, as Matie sick, then thru CV to R, to Whittles.  They coming out here (bring G Stevens & Hazel & husband) so we come home (stop at H. Prices).  Get ma ‘bout dark.  Buick bother, dirt in gas.  Summer-like. 

10-4-1920 Beulah here. Carpenters here.  Truck of lumber come.  Elmo work with carpenters.  Nice day. 

10-5-1920 Elmo take me to dentist in AM & mama go to R for a few days.  In PM, Elmo work with carpenters till 4:30.  Then he & I go to CV & stop at Starr’s & Bert Walker’s on way home.  Fine day.  

10-6-1920 Leaves are turning.  Elmo work with carpenters till 2:30 (raise it), [a barn addition] then go to Mrs Frigast’s sale.  Starr & children here at eve.

10-7-1920 Elmo get up earlier & get corn & squash out of way of potatoes & help carpenters till about 9:30.  Then go to CV & H Fitch come about 10.  Elmo soon home & Mr McLarty help pick up potatoes.   Howard dig.  Elmo help carpenters part of PM.  Get wagon box of potatoes. Mama come home with Willie Ralston’s from town & Gleaners at Rob’t Breck.

10-8-1920 Beulah here.  Elmo go R in AM, then work with carpenters what time he get. CK here in AM & back in PM to take Elmo to Mrs Frigasts for cattle.  We have surprise for her in PM.  Directors here at eve to plan fence.  Also F Davis. Fine warm day.  Doors wide open.

10-9-1920 Elmo work with carpenters.  Go to #CherryValley.

10-10-1920 (Sunday) Geo Brown & Dr Wilson in in morn.  Elmo go with them to help shut up Brown’s mad bull.  Beulah, Dorothy, & cousin, Mr & Mrs Will Davis & son, Dudley & 4 of Tom’s & Joe & Walter call thru day.  Elmo go to Fred D’s in AM. 

10-11-1920 Hull clover. Mat hull his here, too.  Beulah here.  9 for dinner.  2 for supper.  Elmo go to Belv in morn. Geo Fitch’s barn burn. Very warm.  Letters to Puss, Kate & Martha.  28 2/3 bu clover seed from 16 A.

10-12-1920 Elmo get jack screws from Neil Breckenridge in morn.  Work with carpenters on barn. At 4:30 go to Belv.  Geo Brown & Irma here in morn.  Little cooler, but door & windows open.  Look much like rain in AM.  Lighten, but all clear up. 

10-13-1920 Very warm, look showery early.  S wind. Carpenters finish work on barn about 3 PM and leave.  Elmo take hay R, pick up after men, take ladders home, etc.  Put jack screw under house.  EMB here in AM to insure barn addition.  F Reid here at eve to get help baling.  Mama get few grapes, most gone.

10-14-1920 Cloudy & rain lightly, several times thru day.  Elmo bale at F Reid’s till about 3 engine break (blanket put on to keep off rain get caught) then Elmo get feed ground at CK’s & cut some corn. 

10-15-1920 School apple tree have some blossoms on it.  Elmo bale at F Reid’s till noon.  The work at school house fence cement posts with directors till rain (short, heavy shower about 4PM) stop them.  Joe & Stanley come here for children & bring tomatoes.  Sunny part of AM & sun out after shower.  Warm. 

10-16-1920 Real warm.  Elmo work on cement posts at school until 11:30, then get building home from there & after 2PM, we all go R.  Mama stay down.  Florence visit with me in car.  Letter from May P.

10-17-1920 (Sunday) Foggy, cloudy, everything damp till about 10AM.  Elmo clean Buick carburetor.  We go to Durand about 12.  Get wash at Lake’s when get back. F. Davis here at eve.  Warm.

10-18-1920 Rain some last night & this AM till after 9.  Clear before 12.  Warm.  Elmo & I go R.  Roads sloppy, no deep mud.  Mama come home with us.  CK here for cement about 4. Elmo fix Ford after dinner, then cut corn. 

10-19-1920 Card from Clarence.  In AM, Elmo set up corn & dig rest of potatoes, 3 bu. In PM, take form from school post & then he & I go to Belv (I see Mrs Thrush) then to Fred’s & CV.  A beautiful day, but cloud up in late PM & rain a trifle just about dark.  Elmo go to Brown’s in rain. 

10-20-1920 An even finer day.  78o at noon.  CK come in morn & help Elmo get out husker & Elmo go R for repairs, then in PM fix husker. Elmo go to CK’s for oil at eve.  Letter from Bernice, B Drake.

10-21-1920 Fred D bring up his tractor about middle AM and he & Elmo with husker get out 2 loads corn in AM. Geo Brown Jr here in PM & they get out 4 loads.  Nice warm day.  Elmo go to CK’s & Pickens at eve.

10-22-1920 Partly cloudy in PM. Warm. Fred & Geo Jr both here and get out 9 loads.  Jack & Dan [#horses] run up to house with load & upset in front yard. [horses] Elmo go R at eve.

10-23-1920 Rain trifle last night & this morn. Fred & Geo Jr here till noon.  Husker break and bother some before, so they only get out 2 ½ loads. Elmo go R for repair in PM.  Drizzle again in early PM.  Letter from Puss.

10-24-1920 (Sunday) Letter to May P.  50o above at 8AM.  Elmo go to Fred’s at eve.  Starr, Maggie & 5 youngest call before dark.  Cloudy.  Starr’s bring us ripe tomatoes.

10-25-1920 Letters to Mabel & Mary W & Lucy S.  Grow cloudy towards noon.  Cool E breeze.   Drizzle some in PM & eve.  Fred & Irving here.  Husk 7 2/3 loads.  Husker break same place as Sat & Elmo get rep at noon.  Boys husk 2 end rows.   

10-26-1920 Rained last evening & much of today, gently.  N breeze, cool.  Roads look wet.  Elmo make door in barn, pick up boards etc.  Put 7 baskets seed-corn in cellar.  Take wash to Lake’s.  Letter from Mamie D.  Children bring in more tomatoes. 

10-27-1920 Letters to Mamie & Bernice D.  Elmo start to plow.  Plow till 4 PM.  Then pick 2 end rows corn & let water out of Fred’s tractor as it is getting cold. N wind, cloudy.

10-28-1920 1st flurries of snow in PM.  Fred & Geo Jr here & husk 5 loads. Break machine before noon, by running nose into ground, but fix themselves.  About 5 get hot box & find some rollers cut out.  Clear off thru day, cold.  N wind.  Letter to Kate & from Cousin Hattie.  Ma get coat etc from over home.  Mrs McL bring over apples.

10-29-1920 Men come to husk about 9 (Elmo go for repairs early) get out 5 loads by 4PM finish.  22o above at 6AM.  Clear.  Grow warmer in PM.  1st furnace fire at eve. Card from Bernice.

10-30-1920 Clear SW wind.  Warmer. Elmo & ma go R at 8AM.  Elmo stop at CK’s to bale till night from about 10AM.  We go to Watson’s at eve on return find our Ford in yard.  Some cloudy at eve. 

10-31-1920 (Sunday) Cloudy, quite warm.  Drizzle little in AM.  Begin to rain about 4PM & keep up.  We go to Frank Davis, Asa’s, & Thad’s, & find no one, then in Fenton’s where H. Fenton tell us of Matie. Then on to R for ma. 

September 1920

9-1-1920 Nice day. Elmo find gasoline pipe in Buick leaking, and break it in fixing so take to R.  Get load coal (soft) in PM.  Annetta & Russell call in PM.  Also Astrid & Helen here with sweet corn.  Howard, Irma, babe & Doris Houser [Irma’s family] here late PM. 

9-2-1920 Nights real cool for some time past.  Dry. E wind.  Fred Davis here at eve.  Elmo get a load of coke.  Letters to May P & Kate. 

9-3-1920 Cool, partly cloudy.  Elmo take me to Dr Ells’ early then go to Mat’s to bale.

9-4-1920 Elmo bale at EMB’s. Take Anna home at eve. H Carlson here in morn.  

9-5-1920 (Sunday) Elmo & I go to Lake Koshkonog, get caught in shower coming home, rain here enough to make roads real slippery with mud. 

9-6-1920 Nice day. Warmer.  Elmo take wash to Mrs Lake & then at H Fitch’s till noon.  Saw wood, etc.  After dinner go to #CherryValley & Fred’s and get his cement mixer & wheelbarrow.  Fred come & last half PM they work on forms for barn wall. 

9-7-1920 Fred here & Elmo go to CK’s in morn & he come too, about 9AM.  Fred & Elmo work on Buick wheel till Chas get here.  Then all work on wall except a while after dinner when they finish fixing wheel.  Beulah here.  Dress young duck.  School begins. 

9-8-1920 Fred here over ½ AM and help Elmo finish wall.  Then Elmo unload coke and take grist to R.  Get cloudy & rain little before dark.  Cool.  Maggie Jane take mama to all-day Gleaners meeting at Mrs Ward Shaw’s.

9-9-1920 Rain some last night and gently at times during AM & again in late PM.  Elmo to Elkhorn Fair with Brown’s. Maggie, Joe & Stanley go too.

9-10-1920 Nice day after fog of early AM lift.  Warm.  We all go R early (I to Dr Ell’s) Then Elmo cut and rake nearly ½ of clover by school.  Letter from Aunt Agnes. 

9-11-1920 Elmo get wash from Lakes’ in morn & bale at Geo Brown’s.  To CV at eve.  Warm, cloudy early & late in day.  Clear all thru mid-day.   Whittles home from W. [Washington] today. 

9-12-1920 (Sunday) Nice day, tho windy.  Elmo & I drive to Lowden farm, leave mama in R.

9-13-1920 Beulah here.  Can 6 qts grapes & 5 glasses grape jelly.  Elmo take hay to R in PM. 

9-14-1920 Elmo fix corn-binder have to go to CV & R for repairs.  I go with him.  In PM, help CK make cement floor.  Kleckner boys bring mama home from town after school.  Real warm.  Mr H Kezar buried.

9-15-1920 Partly cloudy. Very warm.  72o at 6AM.  SW wind.  Elmo cut little corn with binder to see how it go & then take hay to R & vote at primary on way home. 

9-16-1920 Elmo go to “shed” to help get out silo-filler, etc in AM.  Fill at E Barkley’s in PM.  Engine bother & not do much till 4 PM. 

9-17-1920 Elmo fill silo at Barkley’s.  Letter from Kate.  Warm.  Finish filling Starr’s silo.  Annie McF in to bring oil cloth table cover.  McLarty children here after school.

9-18-1920 Elmo fill at C Kleckner’s.  Warm.  Fred Davis here at eve & go R with Elmo. Letter from Cousin Lucy.

9-19-1920 (Sunday) Nice day.  Cool E wind.  We home all day.  Mary J & Floyd bring Mrs Salley, Irene & her husband & son to call in late PM.  Starr, Maggie, Annetta, Emily & Stanley here at eve. 

9-20-1920 Nice warm day.  Partly cloudy.  Elmo help CK in AM & Mat R in PM fill silo.

9-21-1920 Elmo fill at M Ralston’s in AM & F Reid’s in PM.  Very warm.  90o at 3PM.  Clear.  Beulah here.  Can 4 qts grape juice & 9 dishes grape catsup.  Letter from Cousin Mary. 

9-22-1920 Elmo do all sorts of jobs getting ready for silo filling, go to R & CV.  Men & machine all get here about 5PM.  Get on few loads, & set machine.  Mr & Mrs Carpenter bring Hattie Enoch & Mrs Catlin to call in AM.  Nice warm day. 

9-23-1920 Fill silo here till 2:30 & then fill at Brown’s.  Beulah here.  12 men to dinner.  Can 5 qts pears.  Very cloudy, windy & hot & about 11AM, it rain so windows are wet for about 5 min & all blow away & clear off.  Very dusty.

9-24-1920 Elmo fill at Brown’s.  Very warm & windy. 

9-25-1920 Very warm.  Letters from Puss & May.  Fill at G Brown’s till about 1:30 PM. Begin at EMB’s about 3:30.  Walter cut most of clover & begin to rake.  Florence here to dinner.  Beulah drive in.  Look in back for presents. [May’s B’day]

9-26-1920 (Sunday) Letters to Kate & Mabel.  Mr McL bring apples here in AM.  Then Elmo & I to Fred’s, CV, Starr’s & Mrs Frigast’s for wash.  Very warm & cloudy.  Sprinkle in morning & showers in PM & eve till roads muddy. 

9-27-1920 Nice & some cooler.  EMB here early to say too wet to cut for filler.  Elmo finish cutting clover.  Then cut corn & get load for cows, etc.  Then rake clover till noon, when he go to EMB’s to fill silo. Put away machine.  Card for Miss Pulver.  Letter from Mrs Van Dyke. 

9-28-1920 Cooler.  60o at 4PM.  Windy.  Beulah here, can 2 qts pears.  Do part of wash, etc.  Elmo drag piece for wheat & rake clover in AM.  In PM, sow winter wheat, about 4A. 

9-29-1920 Slight frost last night, 1st.  Elmo finish raking clover.  Then 10AM, go R, home about 2:30 & cut corn.  Real cold, W wind, mostly cloudy.

9-30-1920 Letter from May Purdy.  Another light frost last night.  Nothing hurt.  Elmo go to Molanders & Kleckners in morn, then cut corn till noon.  Cold W wind.  In PM, he & Chas K get lumber for barn from Belv. 

August 1920

8-7-1920 Get here to thresh from F Reid’s about 4:30 PM.  Thresh timothy (10 bu from 3 A) & barley, 44 bu from less than 2 A).  Ed come for Mable about 3:30PM.  Elmo take Carl to R at eve.  He come back with him. 

8-8-1920 (Sunday) Several light showers during last night.  Roads some muddy.  Sun & wind dry things good deal, but heavier shower about 6:30PM.  Elmo go CV & take wash to Mrs Frigast in PM. 

8-9-1920 Carl draw 7 loads manure. Elmo go to Pecatonica for baling wire.  Sun out most of day, but thunder shower about 4 PM.  Ed bring Mable about 10AM.  Letters from Kate & Mary Weaver.

8-10-1920  Warm.  Dark cloud N & Elmo go round with only little sprinkle here early morning.  Thunder & lightning.  We bale haystack & timothy straw, 307 bales, by 4 PM.  Elmo & Carl clear up & get ready for threshers. & Elmo, Carl & I go CV at eve.

8-11-1920 Thresh oats & wheat.  Oats average 42 ½, Wheat average 11 ½ [stet].  We finish about 4PM & men go to Brown’s.  Beulah help.  Mable on errand to McLarty’s.  Hot.  Elmo get wash.

8-12-1920 Very hot until showers after dinner.  Men thresh at Brown’s & move to CK’s after dinner, but good rain prevent starting there.  Work on old pig fence when get home.  Mable get crabs [crabapples] from McLarty’s and make 1 ½ glasses jelly.

8-13-1920 Much cooler & cloudy all day.  Few drops rain at eve.  Elmo take baled hay to R & get Buick at eve [Buick must be the older car].   I go to CV with him & Walter, Russell, & Stanley bring me back to Starr’s where I wait for Elmo. F. Davis and Miss Johnson call in PM.  Carl draw 4 loads manure. 

8-14-1920 Carl draw 4 loads manure & clean out tank.  Elmo take hay to R & wash Buick.  At eve, take Carl home, Mable & mama also stay down.  Mrs Molander, Anna, Edith & Mr Carey call in PM.  Letter to Kate. 

8-15-1920 (Sunday) Elmo & I drive to Grasslake.  Elsie & friends bring Mable out at eve.  Warm.

8-16-1920 Warm nice day.  Elmo thresh at CK’s.  Mable make 8 glasses apple Jelly – get apples from “over home.” Mrs Frigast in early morn. Beulah stop for sewing late PM.   Fred Davis, Mamie, Frank & Lester Davis, & Ruth & H. Fenton here at eve.  I abed all day.

8-17-1920 Letters to May P & Bernice D.  Elmo thresh at CK’s in AM & EMB’s in PM.  Put away machine.  Mrs McLarty here in AM.  Warm.

8-18-1920 Elmo take 2 hogs to R & in late PM we all go to CV.  E breeze. 

8-19-1920 Nice day, some cloudy.  E breeze.  Elmo draw 2 loads manure in AM.  Go R in PM.  Florence spend day here & help make 3 qts watermelon pickles.  Mable can 5 qts tomatoes.  Letter to Mary W. 

8-20-1920 Can 9½ qts tomatoes & 2 pints ketchup.  Elmo bale at EMB’s.  Home about 2:30.  Shower about 2PM & again about 9.  We call at C Picken’s at eve.  Elmo work on Buick & cut some brush in late PM.  Card from Kate.  Annetta, Anna, Sadie & Helen M & Astrid P, here in PM. 

8-21-1920 Letter from May P.  Cooler.  Elmo draw manure.  At eve, Ed come for Mable & Elmo & I go to Belv.  Take Annetta (stopping at Starr’s & Mrs Frigast).  Clarence have pneumonia & pleurisy.

8-22-1920 (Sunday) Elmo & I take washing to Mrs Lake & go to R.  Have dinner at Aunt Alice’s.  Give them ride, then bring mama home.  Mable come at eve.  Ernest, Raymond & Evar here in AM.  Quite cool.

8-23-1920 Cool, 68o at 4:30PM.  Mama & Mable at McL in AM, get apples.  Elmo & I go R. I to dentist’s & then we wait for parade, none come, go to dinner at Fitch’s.  Elmo take grist to R in Ford in late PM.  Partly cloudy. 

8-24-1920 Some warmer.  Clear.  Elmo change Buick tire.  Take ashes out of cellar.  Draw manure.  Annetta here in PM.  Walter in AM.  Elmo get wash from Mrs L at eve.  Made 12 dishes marmalade & 11 jelly dishes.  Elmo & I go CV after dinner.  Then he try to plow sod.  Hard.

8-25-1920 Beautiful day.  Elmo, Mable & I go to Burritt picnic & take Annetta & Walter.  Leave mama at R. 

8-26-1920 2 ½ qts watermelon pickles.  9 ½ qts tomatoes canned.  Elmo plow for wheat.  1 glass plum marmalade. 

8-27-1920 Elmo finish plowing by school about 4:30 then do odd jobs.  In AM, take me to dentist’s.  Some warmer, partly cloudy.  Rain about enough to lay dust in late PM.  Beulah here in PM.  Elmo & I go to Fred’s & CV at eve.  Kill 3rd rooster.  Make 4 cups plum marmalade. 

8-28-1920 Cool & cloudy.  Elmo go to CV for batteries for engine to pump water early AM.  Then pulverize plowing.  Howard & Irma come for Mable at eve.  Fred here at eve.

8-29-1920 (Sunday) Rain enough to lay dust in morn.  Elmo & I drive to Lakes Geneva & Delevan (also Starr’s, Kl boys & Peterson’s) a most beautiful drive.  Clear before noon.  Take Mama to Kleckner’s.  Anna M come at eve. 

8-30-1920 Warmer.  Clear, windy.  Elmo go to CV in morn in Ford.  Then to Belv for cement.  1st pumpkins ripe.

8-31-1920 Elmo get load of soft coal.  Mrs Brown call.  Anna go to club at Greenlees with Annetta & Helen M, & Astrid P. 


July 1920

7-1-1920 Letters to Puss & Martha.  Men get screens for porch from CV at eve.  Ed bring Mable [Fitch] out in morning. Look much like rain early.  Walter here.  Sadie go right after dinner.  (Walter take her in Ford.)  Rain trifle in PM & cloudy most of day.  Men get up 4 loads hay, fix track, etc.  Cowbarn full till attles [?]. Walter go home before supper.  Men cultivate till night. 

7-2-1920 Walter here in PM.  Elmo ted hay & then cultivate corn & all get up 4 loads hay in PM. 

7-3-1920 Very warm.  Elmo & Carl cultivate, dinish 4th time.  Paris green part of potatoes.  Elmo & I go CV in PM & Elmo take Mable & Carl to CV at eve.  Mable get cherries from McL.

7-4-1920 (Sunday) Cloudy, cool.  Annetta & all children but Joe call in AM. Fred D, Rob & Maggie with Will, Belle & daughter call in PM.  Elsie bring Mable out at eve.  1st peas.

7-5-1920 Letter to May P.  Cloudy, sprinkle at times.  Cold.  Elmo cut hay & Paris green potatoes in AM.  In PM, he & I ride thru Perryville, Monroe Center, Lindenwood, Holcomb, Davis Jc, & Rockford.  I wear sweater buttoned up tight.  Rain enough to wet windshield once or twice.  Take Ford.

7-6-1920 Rain some last night.  Cool.  Elmo go R with grist in Ford in AM.  Sow clover seed in corn S of barn & drag in with rake & then cultivate. Carl walk up from CV last night & cultivate today.  Mable go R with her father after supper. 

7-7-1920 Mable out before breakfast.  Cloudy, cool.  Rain little last night.  Russell mow lawn.  Men culitivate, also Elmo ted hay in late PM.  Finish putting eggs in water glass.

7-8-1920 Card from Kate.  Rain little last night.  Elmo start cutting hay, Walter come & then he cut & ted & Elmo & I go to Belv (roads fine).  Cool wind, sun out early.  Then get cloudy & thunder about 11.  Carl cultivate.  Elmo green potatoes before dinner.  Then rain little.  In PM, Walter do odd jobs & then ted.  Elmo cut weeds, etc, green potatoes. 

7-9-1920 Letter from Martha.  Elmo & Walter hoe, Carl cultivate early AM.  Then get up 6 loads hay.  Mable get cherries from McL these days for table.  Mama pick 2 bowls raspberries. 

7-10-1920 Elmo mow, Walter ted, Carl cut bresh by school, then get up 4 loads hay.  thunder & lightnen at eve.  Elmo take Carl & Mable to R at eve. 

7-11-1920 (Sunday) Beautiful day.  Elmo go to D. Picken’s early AM & in PM we all go for ride thru Belvidere.  Ed, Florence & Lee bring Mable out at eve & stay a little.  Carl come after dark.  Hen with 1 chick.  Have new potatoes for dinner which Elmo bought. Sadie in a min with flowers of Mrs Frigasts on way to Delevan.  Card to Belle Whittle.

7-12-1920 Letter from Kate. Quite heavy thunder shower at about 7:30PM.  Clear early morn, then wind blow up & get cloudy all over by PM.  Rain little between 6 & & PM.  Walter here.  Men get up 7 loads hay.  Elmo cut little.  2 bowls raspberries.

7-13-1920 1 bowl raspberries.  Clear early but soon look showery, SW wind.  Carl cut brush by school.  Elmo finish cutting hay by school & some on 7A creek piece 10:45 & he & I go R, to Mrs Roufke’s.  Home at 12:45.  Rained little about 10:30.  Roads muddy from last eve rain.  In PM, Elmo ted & Carl cut brush & they get up 1 load hay. 

7-14-1920 Men get up 6 loads hay.  Mable go to picnic with her folks just before supper.  Rest of us take wash to Mrs Frigasts & on to CV.  Mama see Dr West.  Walter here.  Can 1 qt beets. 

7-15-1920 Walter mow all AM, after raking trifle.  Men fix fence, pulley, etc for stack in pasture by creek.  In PM, I sit in Ford and watch them stack 4 loads of hay.  Nice day. 

7-16-1920 Nice day.  Walter finish mowing creek piece.  Carl cut brush & I sit in Ford and watch them stack 2 ½ loads (then rope break) they fill up load & take to barn & Elmo & I get a rope from mama’s in AM.  Can qt beets.  8 more ducks.  3 ½ loads of hay in PM. Also Sadie, Anne, &Annetta, Mrs Molander, Helen & Kenneth call. 

7-17-1920 1 more duck. 2 ½ loads of hay today.  Then cut little slough grass & put on stack.  Put away loader, cut weeds, etc.  Elmo take Mable & Carl to R at eve.  Carl came back.

7-18-1920 (Sunday) Partly cloudy & cool.  Aunt Emma here all PM.  Dudley, James, Esther, Addie & Rachel with all Starr’s here late PM.  After dark, Mary & Chas K & Ralph here.  Mable come at eve.  Several of Starr’s children here in AM. 

7-19-1920 Elmo cultivate potatoes, cut burdocks, etc.  Take Buick to CV & ride home with Starr.  I at Mrs McL while he gone.  Carl draw 1 loads manure, with Elmo helping on 3.  Warmer.  Very dry & dusty these days. 

7-20-1920 Warm, some cloudy, sprinkle.  Carl & Elmo get out 10 loads manure in AM. & Elmo Paris green potatoes.  In PM, he get gravel from Beaver & Carl draw 4 loads manure.  Mable get last cherries from McL.  She & mama get small picking raspb.  Letters to Belle Whittle & Cousin Mary. 

7-21-1920 Hot.  Threatened heavy shower in PM, but hardly laid dust here.  Pour about ½ hr by Beaver when Elmo there.  He get 2 loads gravel, go CV & he & I go to gravel pit hear Nimtz & onto Harlem.  Carl draw 10 loads manure.  Mable pick last peas.  Letter from Puss.  Little cooler late PM.  Man here who put gravel by pasture. 

7-22-1920  Carl draw 11 loads manure.  Elmo get 2 loads gravel.  Cut barley in orchard with mower, dig potatoes, etc.  Starr’s (all but Joe) here at eve.  Very warm.  Mable find few raspberries. 

7-23-1920 Letter to Cousin Lucy.  Hot.  Very strong SW wind.  Thunder & sprinkle a trifle about 1 o’clock.  Carl drew 6 loads manure by about 2:30.  Then set up timothy.  Elmo get load gravel, then about 10:30, he & I go R, home before 2 & he cut most of timothy with binder.  Elmo go CV at eve to get ma medicine from Dr W. 

7-24-1920  Letters to Puss & Kate.  Much cooler, N wind, cloudy.  Men finish timothy & cut barley.  Go R at eve, also Mable go.  Start oats late PM.  Mrs Elmo Pepper have operation tonight.

7-25-1920 (Sunday) Real cool, especially indoors.  Starr & children in in AM & Annetta drive up with children in late PM.  Elmo take wash to Frigast & go to CV late.  Mable & Carl back at eve.

7-26-1920 Warmer.  Very dry.  Finish cutting oats N of house & begin on 10A.  Carl shock.  Elmo go to “shed” to thresher meeting at eve.  Fred Davis here at eve.  2 little ducks disappear. 

7-27-1920  Nice day.  Kill old rooster.  Men shock oats. Fred Davis here at eve.

7-28-1920  Letter from May P.  Warm & dusty.  Irma take Mable to club.  Ed & Lee come for mama about 5 & she go R.  Elmo go CV in AM & get gravel from Larson’s and Carl draw 5 loads manure.  Elmo finish cutting oats in Pm & Carl shock.  Frigasts bring wash at eve.

7-29-1920  Very warm & dry.  Elmo finish cutting wheat & men put away machinery about 4PM.  Carl set up & Elmo, too, in late PM.  Mable iron.  Children bring my new voile which Mrs R send out by Starr.  We all go to Sinissippi store at eve.

7-30-1920  Men finish shocking oats in AM.  Oilman come at noon.  Elmo take Mable & me to Maggie J for Gleaners at noon & then shock wheat.  Then he & I go to CV.  Carl draw 5 loads manure.  Very warm & dry. 

7-31-1920  Elmo rake and cock barley in orchard.  Then take grist to R in Ford, stopping on way stop to help get thresher machine out.  Carl draw 5 loads manure & when Elmo get back, they get out 2 more.  Elmo take Carl to R at eve.


June 1920

6-16-1920 Letter from Kate.  Mrs McDonald walk over in AM.  Very warm until late PM.  Rain enough to bring Elmo from field before 11, but he go out again before noon, cultivate till about 3.  Rain again much of time, till nearly dark.  Elmo go R to to see Belle Whittle before she go to Tacoma. 

6-17-1920 Corn slightly touched by frost last night.  Thermometer 48o about 8AM.  Cold NW wind.  Partly cloudy.  Elmo cultivate field potatoes & go R with Ford & grist in PM.  Mama come home with him.  Archie D come about 4PM.  Russell mow lawn & weed peas & beets in AM. 

6-18-1920 Cool. Pleasant.  Elmo take Archie for a ride around by Mat Ralston & Picken’s.  Then took a load of corn to CV for Mr McL.  Archie rode to State Road with him.  In PM, Geo Picken bring sheller over about 4, shell our corn.  Mr McL help.  Geo stay for supper.  Eunice & Ruth here on errand.  Mrs Frigast & Clarence bring wash in PM. 

6-19-1920 Mama & Sadie go to McLarty’s in PM.  Elmo draw 3 load corn to CV.  Annie & Helen come with pail of strawberries at eve & Sadie go back with them.  2 more ducks.  Letter from Cousin Lucy.

6-20-1920 (Sunday) – Nice day, tho cool.  Elmo go R in eve for man.  Carl Sell.  I read in “Portegu.” 1 more duck.

6-21-1920  Sadie come before breakfast.  Elmo & Carl cultivate until rain stop them before 3PM.  Then do odd jobs.  Not heavy showers. Card from Kate.

6-22-1920 Elmo take 2 loads corn to CV & cultivate between times.  Carl cultivate.  Partly cloudy, sprinkle late PM.  Sadie go R with her folks in PM.  Elmo & Carl drive to C Pickens at eve.  They all gone to 75th Anniversary of their church.

6-23-1920 Men cultivate.  Clarence & Mrs Frigast get up hay on our road.  Elmo & I take Carl to R at eve.  Elsie Marsh Snell buried this PM.  Was married only last Sat.  Partly cloudy.

6-24-1920  Sadie go to McL.  4 more ducks.  Warmer.  Elmo go R in AM.  Carl cultivate.  Elmo cut grass at “20”.  Carl hoe potatoes after 4PM when he finish cultivating corn 3rd time.  Clarence bring up 3 boxes berries & mama go back with him to Starr’s.  Elmo mow orchard, etc.

6-25-1920  Men cultivate, hoe & pick bugs off orchard potatoes.  Put cobs in cellar, get up 1 load hay.  Men go to R at eve in Ford.  10 chicks.

6-26-1920  2 more chicks.  Walter here & men get in 3 loads & a piece of hay from “20” & orchard.  Starr, Maggie & Emily bring ma home to supper.  Anna come for Sadie in PM & Mable come out in AM.  Elmo take Mable & Carl to CV at eve.  Warm.  Some cloudy, windy. 

6-27-1920  (Sunday) Very warm.  Windy.  Starr’s & mama, Elmo & I go to Roscoe to see Uncle Chas & John Randal.  We take wash to Mrs Ben Lake.  Howard, Irma & Norman drive in.  Carl come back at eve.

6-28-1920  Letter from May P & Kate.  Very warm & windy. Carl cultivate.  Elmo cut hay by school in AM.  He & I go R after dinner.  Home soon after 4, then Elmo ted.  1 more chick.

6-29-1920  Rain early morn & sprinkle few times thru day, tho sun out some.  Elmo take porch screens to CV & Carl cultivate.  Elmo ted hay, then cultivate.  5 more ducks. 

6-30-1920 Cards from Cousins Hattie & Lucy.  Packages from Kate & Marth.  Letter from Puss. Sadie & I celebrate mama’s birthday.  Sadie take cake to Mrs McL.  Walter here in PM.  Carl cultivate & Elmo mow & ted & get out loader in AM.  Men get up 4 loads in PM.