Economics 103: Principles of Micro-Economics


Professor: Alex Tabarrok

Office: Carow Hall, Tel. 993-2314




Class Location: Science Technology I 131


Office Hours: M: 3-6, W: 1:30-3:30

Im usually in my office during the week far beyond the hours listed here. Feel free to drop by my office at any time or email or call for an appointment.


All students should periodically check their GMU email account for important information.


Textbook: The textbook is Modern Principles: Microeconomics by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. You can buy the text at the GMU bookstore. It is easiest to buy it with an activiation code for EconPortal--see below. EconPortal also comes with an e-book. There is also a study guide for the book, which is useful.


EconPortal is required for homework and other assignments. If you did not buy an activation code with your book you can buy one at the link below. Activate your code as follows. 1) Go to:


Note that Mac users need to use Firefox.

2) Click on the link "REGISTER AN ACTIVATION CODE."

3. Find course. Enter activation code

4. Enter email addresss, choose password. Log in.


Honor: Cheating and/or plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated. Violation of this code results in an immediate F for the course and reported to the Honor Committee.


Special Accommodations: Students requiring special accommodations because of documented disabilities should see me as soon as possible.


Grading: Homework (30%), midterm (30%) and final exam (40%). The grading scale is as follows:

A+: 90%+, A: 85-89% , A-: 80-84%

B: 70-79%, C: 60-69%, D: 50-59%

F: 50% -


Plus-Minuses for B through D grades, where allowed by university policy, will occur at the upper and lower 2.5% level. For example, 70-72.49 will be B-, 72.5-77.49 B, 77.5-79.9 B+ and so forth.


Homework: Late homework is not accepted for any reason. I will, however, drop the lowest of your homework assignments. Thus, you get one but only one freebie. Use it wisely.


The Final Exam: will be as scheduled by the university on Mon. 12/19 7:30 pm 10:15 pm


Warning: Most students consider this class to be difficult. If you want to receive a good grade it is vital that you attend class. If you miss a class it is up to you to obtain the notes from someone else. Although I am happy to talk about economics at any time please do not expect me to repeat or even summarize any lectures that you have missed. Please ask questions in class at any time.