Wanli Qiao


Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

George Mason University

Fairfax, VA 22030


E-mail: wqiao at gmu dot edu

Phone: (703)993-1707


Publications and Manuscripts

Qiao, W. (2017). Asymptotics and optimal bandwidth selection for nonparametric estimation of density level sets. arXiv: 1707.09697.

Qiao, W. and Polonik, W. (2017). Extrema of rescaled locally stationary Gaussian fields on manifolds, to appear in Bernoulli, arXiv: 1510.06833.

Qiao, W. and Polonik, W. (2016). Theoretical analysis of nonparametric filament estimation. The Annals of Statistics, 44(3), 1269-1297.


Conferences and Workshops

Qiao, W., Maximova, T., Plaku, E., and Shehu, A. (2017). Statistical Analysis of Computed Energy Landscapes to Understand Dysfunction in Pathogenic Protein Variants. Comput. Struct. Biol. Workshop (CSBW) - ACM BCB Workshops, Boston, MA  (accepted).