Phonetics Software


the hyperphonetics software that is listed below consists of a modular package of hypercard stacks. they are designed to help linguistics students practice and understand the sounds of american english.

this software is for macintosh computers. it requires hypercard player or hypercard 2.1 or higher. the software is compressed and bin-hex coded, but self-extracting. after you have downloaded the stack files, please place them all in the folder named hyperphonetics.

please remember that this software is not to be sold and is still very much in progress. if you have questions or comments about the software, please contact steven weinberger

download the hyperphonetics folder

this folder contains a readme document, a stack to tell you how to increase hypercard's allotted memory, an oral tract test stack , a phonetic examples stack, and the opening menu for hyperphonetics. 400 K

download english vowels 4.2

this folder contains sounds and features for all of the american english vowels. it also contains sample spectrograms, and lip photographs for each vowel. put this folder into the hyperphonetics folder. 1,800 K

download english consonants 3.3

this folder contains sounds and features of all of the american english consonants. it contains spectrograms and lip photographs for allof the consonants. it includes on-line help. put this folder into the hyperphonetics folder. 1,500 K

download phonetic films

this folder of phonetic films are necessary to run the english vowels and the english consonants modules. place this folder inside your hyperphonetics folder. 1, 800 K

download the phonetic font set to run hyperphonetics

put these fonts into your system font folder before you begin to run hyperphonetics. 176 K

Authorable Digital Language Lab in a Box


adllib is a hypercard stack that allows language instructors to create customized language and pronunciation tutorials for their students. this is a preliminary version, and documentation will follow. it includes online help.

download adllib template software

updated 20 january, 1997