George Mason School of Law

Todd J. Zywicki
George Mason Law School
3301 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

Professor Todd J. Zywicki: Courses Taught

Law 167 - Bankruptcy

Studies legal, economic, and social issues in bankruptcy through a survey of the Bankruptcy Code and the previous Bankruptcy Act. Considers bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization, as well as the role of the courts and trustees in the bankruptcy process.

Law 102/103 - Contracts

Introduction to the principles of contract law, including the consideration doctrine, offer and acceptance, promissory estoppel, and the regulation of the bargaining process.

Law 172 - Business Associations

Provides a detailed introduction to the law and economics of agency, partnerships, limited partnerships, and corporation law.  The second half the course focuses on publicly traded corporations, focusing specifically on the nature of fiduciary duties.

Law 473 - Rule of Law Seminar

The purpose of this course is to explore first how the Western conception of the rule of law emerged and became established, and then to explore how the rule of law and constitutional government produced freedom and prosperity in the Western world.  Our intent is then to explore the connection between these two core concepts in the Western tradition of political and economic liberty and finally to examine the "exportability" of these ideas to non-Western countries and the former Soviet-type economies.


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