Terry Myers Zawacki 

Director, University Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum.
Department of English,  George Mason University

112 Robinson A.  MSN 2G8.  (703)993-1187.  tzawacki@gmu.edu

Dr. Terry Myers Zawacki directs the University Writing Center, Writing Across the Curriculum, and is a visiting assistant professor in the English Department. She teaches freshman and advanced composition courses (English 101 and 302) as well as Nonfiction Writing (English 309 and 489), Writing Ethnography (English 311), and Peer Tutoring in Writing in the Disciplines (CAS 390). Prior to her responsibilities for the writing center and WAC, she developed and directed George Mason's Linked Courses Program, a WAC-oriented general education program.

Terry has presented papers and panels on WAC and Linked Courses at 4C's, WAC, Learning Communities, and Assessment national conferences. Her article, "How Portfolios for Proficiency Help Shape a WAC Program," co-authored with Chris Thaiss, is included in WAC and Program Assessment, edited by Brian Huot and Kathleen Blake Yancey. "Is It Still WAC? Writing in Learning Communities," co-authored with Ashley Williams, appears in WAC for the New Millennium, edited by McLeod, Miraglia, Thaiss, forthcoming from NCTE Press.

In addition to her work on writing in-and-across disciplines, her scholarly interests focus on gender and writing. "Telling Stories: The Subject Is Never Just Me" appears in Stories Told in School, edited by SusanMarie Harrington and Linda Adler-Kassner, forthcoming from University of Michigan Press. Her dissertation, an ethnographic study of academic women and their writing histories, is entitled Telling Stories: Gender, Writing, and Teaching Writing


English 309: Nonfiction Writing