Sequence for Teaching Phonics (Spache & Spache, 1986)

Element                                      Examples

Simple consonants b p, m, w, h, d, t, n, hard g, k, hard c, y, f
Short vowels a, e, i, o, u, y
More difficult consonants v, l, z, s, r, c, q, x, j, g, s
Consonant blends and digraphs ck, ng, th, zh, sh, th, wh, ch
Simple consonant blends with l, r, p, or t, as bl, pl, gr, br, sp, st, tr, thr, str, spl, scr
Long vowels a, e, i, o, u, y
Silent letters knife, write, talk, gnat, black, hour
Vowel digraphs ai, ea, oa, ee, ey, ea
Vowel diphthongs au, aw, oo, oo, ow, ou, oi oy, ow
Vowels with r ar er, ir, or, ur. Same with l and w
Phonograms (rimes) ail, ain, all, and, ate, ay, con, eep, ell, en, ent, er est, ick, ight, ill, in, ing, ock, ter, tion

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