Guidelines for Exemplary Phonics Instruction (Stahl, 1993)

Concept of how print functions (purpose)

Foundation of phonemic analysis

Clear and direct teaching (sounds in words)

Integrated into total reading program

Reading words, not rules

Inclusion of onsets and rimes

Independent word recognition strategies

Automatic word recognition skills


500 Words from 37 Rimes
(Adams, 1990)

ack ain ake ale all ame an ank ap ash

at ate aw ay eat ell est ice ick ide

ight ill in ine ing ink ip ir ock oke op

or ore uck ug ump unk


Teaching Phonics

Introduce Sound-Letter in isolation

Teach blending sounds to form words

Provide immediate feedback on oral reading errors

Provide extensive practice

(Grossen & Carnine, 1993)

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