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Siyu Wang 

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics
Interdisplinary Center for Economics Science (ICES)
George Mason University


Prior to George Mason University, I received my B.S. degree at Shanghai Jiaotong University, where I started my exciting pursuit of experimental economics at the Smith Experimental Economics Research Center. I also attended Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for a year as part of my undergraduate degree.
Both of my parents and many other relatives are professors in China. My mom teaches Physical & Sport education in Chengdu Sport University. My dad teaches Operations Research in the business school of Southwest University for Nationalities. Growing up in an academic family, it has always being my dream to stand on classroom platfroms and conducting inspiring research, especially after I discovered my love for economics.

I’m an avid foodie having grown up in Sichuan, the birthplace of Chinese spicy food. I am very fortunate to find my husband who is an outstanding statistician and an amazing chef. We compete on making American, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and Italian food. The following are some of our "competition" dishes, you're welcome to be our judge : )

Noodles Picture
   Noodles by Siyu              

Carbs Picture
   Rice by Siyu        

Chiken Picture
  Chicken by Siyu
Noodles Picture
   Pasta by Garrett

Fish Picture
   Fish by Garrett

Carbs Picture
   Bread by Garrett

Besides experimenting with new recipes, I also love sailing on a semi-competitive team, badminton, and dancing. (Hopefully all the exercise cancels out the eating…) I love all kinds of sports and achieved national level II certification of both badminton and long jump. I do long-distance biking and jogging regularly.
Biking at Lugu Late, where Mosuo-the matrilineal
society lives in China
Sailing on Potomac river

Finally, I have been playing a traditional Chinese musical instrument (known as Guzheng) for 20 years. In 2005, I reached the highest level achieveable in China, Level 10. Guzheng is a traditional Chinese plucked string instrument that is part of the zither family. It was popular as early as in the Warring States (475-221 BC), especially in the state of Qin in the west of China. Its name came from the folk tale that Se (a large table harp) was split half to settle a family quarrel between two sons, thus creating the first two Guzheng. The bottom part of the "Guzheng" character means "quarrel". Guzheng is "immediate relative" of the Japanese Koto, the Korean Kayagum, the Mogolian Yatag, and the Vietnamese Dan Tranh.
ICES Party
"ICES Star" at ICES Annual Party

Four Courts
Chinese Music in Ireland Four Courts, Arlington, VA

Traditional Chinese Music Band
Chinese Traditional Music Band

Youtube link of my music:

High Mountain and Flowering River
Melody of Remembrance
Fisherman's Song at Dusk
Spring of Snow Mountain  
Traditional Chinese Music Band 1
Traditional Chinese Music Band 2

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