Sequence &
<>               Collage   

big & small, old & new

(a highly partial list)

those with * include visual art or design
those with ¥  include collage or collaboration

¥ Andrés Ajens (translated by Erin Mouré: quasi flanders, quasi extremadura

Anna Akmatova: Requiem

George Albon: Brief Capital of Disturbances

Yehuda Amichai: Amen

Jennifer Atkinson: The Drowned City

Jane Augustine: Transitory

Mary Jo Bang: The Eye Like a Strange Balloon

Beachy-Quick: North True South Bright; Spell

John Berryman: The Dream Songs

Louise Bogan: After the Persian

Eavan Boland: Writing in a Time of Violence; Domestic Interior;

Kamau Brathwaite: The Arrivants; XSelf

Lucie Brock-Broido: The Master Letters

Gwendolyn Brooks: Gay Chaps in the Bar; A Street in Bronzeville

Laynie Brown: Rebecca Letters (a book of 3 sequences)

Basil Bunting: Brigflatts

Ann Carson: The Autobiography of Red; 

Ciaran Carson: Belfast Confetti (a book of 3 sequences)

* Blaise Cendrars: The Prose of the Trans-Siberian
and of Little Jeanne of France

Aimé Césaire: Notebook of a Return to the Native Land

¥ * Theresa Hak Kyung Cha: Dictée

¥ * Chris Chen: Uncle Chen's Oriental Slapstick

¥ * Allison Cobb: Born 2 (a book of sequences)

Jennifer Coleman: Letting Blood (written in this class in the 1990s)

* Tina Darrah: Raymond Chandler's Sentence; Sputter Plot;

Jean Donnelly: Legend (an alphabet for Alex); Anthem

Rita Dove: Thomas and Beulah

¥ T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land; The Four Quartets

Odysseas Elytis: Little Mariner

Lyn Emanuael: The Dig

George Evans: Eye Blade

¥ * Alec Finlay: You Are Invited a page of projects & collaborations,
including mesostic poems, circle poems, grid poems, corrections,
multilingual crosswords, & more

* Ian Hamilton Finlay: Heroic Emblems;

Carolyn Forche: On Earth (an abecedarian); The Angel of History

Allison Funk: Meditation on a Cold Estate

Forrest Gander: Torn Awake (a book of sequences)

Jack Gilbert: Threshing the Fire

¥ * C.S. Giscombe: Giscome Road

Linda Gregg: Chosen by the Lion; The Ghosts Poem;

Louise Glück: The Wild Iris, Ararat

Barbara Guest: The Glass Mountain

H.D. Trilogy; Demeter;

Kimiko Hahn: Cruising Barthes; Cuttings

¥ * Joy Harjo & Stephen Strom: Secrets from the Center of the World

Tony Harrison: The School of Eloquence

Robert Hass: On the Coast Near Sausalito

Seamus Heaney: Station Island

Lyn Hejinian: My Life; The Cell

Michael Heller: Bialystok Stanzas

Zbigniev Herbert: Mr. Cogito

Nazim Hikmet: Letters from Chankiri Prison; 9-10 PM Poems;

Geoffrey Hill: Mercian Hymns; Apology for the Revival of Christian
Architecture in England

Brenda Hillman: Loose Sugar; Cascadia

H.L. Hix: Kindling Point

Fanny Howe: On the Ground

¥ * Susan Howe: Singularities; The Europe of Trusts; The Midnight;
to name a few

Langston Hughes: Montage of a Dream Deferred

Edwin Jabes: The Book of Questions

¥ * Kathleen Jamie: The Autonomous Region
(w/ photographer Sean Mayne Smith)

¥ * Lisa Jarnot: Some Other Kind of Mission; Sea Lyrics

Robinson Jeffers: Apology for Bad Dreams

David Jones: In Parenthesis

Barbara Jordan: Tutelary Poems

Jackie Kay: The Adoption Papers

Sally Keith:

Myung Mi Kim: Under Flag

David Kinloch: Un Tour d'Ecosse; Dustie-Fute

Galway Kinnell: The Book of Nightmares

Peter Klappert: 52 Pick-Up; Eight or a Dozen Meditations in a Barn;
The Prime of Life; The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty

Irena Klepfitz: Bashert

Yusef Komunyakaa: The Palimpsest; Songs for My Father;
the Thorn Merchant poems in I Apologize for the Eyes in My Head;

Maxine Kumin: Letters

Li-Young Lee: Always a Rose; Furious Versions

Tom Leonard: Six Glasgow Poems

Denise Levertov: Olga Poems

Philip Levine: For the Country; Letters for the Dead; Burned

¥ * Walter K. Lew: Treadwinds

Timothy Lieu: With Chaos in Each Kiss

James Longenbach: Thresholds of the Visible World

Federico Garcia Lorca: The Tamarit Poems

Robert Lowell:  The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket

Mina Loy: Songs to Joannes; Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose;
Three Moments in Paris; Three Italian Pictures

Hugh MacDiarmid: A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle

Maloutas, Barbara. Practices (chapbook).

Pattie McCarthy: Verso; bk of (h)rs

Aaron McCollough: Double Venus

Thomas McGrath: Blues for Warren

¥ Sandra McPherson: Spaces Between Birds

Semezdin Mehmedinović: Sarejevo Blues; Nine Alexandrias;
excerpt from
Legally Hanged

Edna St. Vincent Millay: Sonnets from an Ungrafted Tree

¥ Jane Miller & Olga Broumas: Black Holes, Black Stockings

Drew Milne: A Garden of Tears

¥ Czeslaw Milosz: Voices of Poor People; Bob's Metamorphosis; City
without a Name; With Trumpets and Zithers; From the Rising of the Sun

Edwin Morgan: Instamatic Poems

Harryette Mullen: Muse & Drudge; Trimmings; S*PeRM**K*T,
Jinglejangle (an abecedarian)

¥ Maggie Nelson: Jane

Pablo Neruda: The Book of Questions; Winter Garden; The Heights
of Macchu Picchu;
(to name a few)

Lorine Niedecker: Lake Superior

Michael Ondaatje: The Nine Sentiments

George Oppen: Discrete Series; Route; On Being Numerous

¥ Michael Palmer: Promises of Glass; Q; Autobiographies; Seven Poems with
a Matrix for War; Untitled; Sun;  Baudelaire Series; (to name a few)

Eric Pankey: Oracle Figures

St.-John Perse: Anabasis

Robert Pinsky: The History of My Heart

Kathleen Pierce: Confession

M. Nourbese Philip: She Tries Her Tongue; Zong! Zong!

Tom Pow: Landscapes

D.F. Powell: Cocktails

¥ Ezra Pound: The Pisan Cantos

Spencer Reece: The Florida Ghazals

Joan Retallack: Afterimages

Adrienne Rich: Diving into the Wreck; Shooting Script;
Twenty-One Love Poems;

Ranier Maria Rilke: The Duino Elegies

Muriel Rukeyser: Breaking Open

Kaia Sand: Progeny

Gjertrud Schnackenberg: Kremlin of Smoke

Alan Shapiro: At the Dump

¥ Eleni Sikelianos: The California Book

Gary Snyder: Mountains and Rivers without End; Myths & Texts

Gertrude Stein: Lifting Belly; Tender Buttons;

Wallace Stevens: Sunday Morning; Esthetique du Mal;

¥ Peter Streckfus: The Organum

Cole Swensen: Such Rich Hour; Thought Experiment

Arthur Sze: The Redshifting Web; Archipelago

¥ Susan Tichy: Inheritance: The Water Cure; excerpt from Heath; Song Book of the Pillagers; One, Two;

Jean Toomer: Cane

¥ * Edwin Torres: Fractured Humorous

Thomas Transtromer: Baltics

John Tripton: 52 Surfaces

Gael Turnbull: Twenty Words, Twenty Days

César Vallejo: Espana, Aparta de mi esta caliz;

¥ Sarah Vap & Tod Fredson: Echolalia: Gathering in South America

Derek Walcott: Omeros

Rosemary Waldrop: The Reproduction of Profiles; Blindsight; Cornell Boxes; A Key into the Language of America

Paul White: Duncan's Spiders

William Carlos Williams: Spring and All; Paterson

¥ * C.D. Wright: Deepstep Come Shining; One Big Self

Louis Zukofsky: A

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