Electronic Poetry Center
Author pages w/ linked articles, poems; emphasis on Modernist, avant-garde, Objectivist, New York, & Language poets.

The premier archive visual poetry, sound poetry, concrete poetry, & the avant garde, from Beckett to Cage to Drucker to Torres.

Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing. An extensive sound archive of readings, interviews, poetry radio series, & webcasts. Their manifesto calls for poetry files to be free, downloadable, good quality, and well indexed.

Poem Present
Video & audio archive of readings & lectures at the University of Chicago, with a preference for innovative work, broadly defined..

Archive of the Now
A collection of innovative poetry and text-based work being produced in the UK. Based at the Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing, Brunel University, West London. Recordings, sample texts, bios, bibliographies.

Academy of American Poets
Author pages, articles, links, occasional symposia, news, + everchanging features on poets, poems, & poetic forms.

Poetry Society of America

Author pages & all that, but also an on-line journal featuring discussions by poets and critics on broad topics (like "poetry & politics" or "what is poetry criticism for?")

Modern American Poetry
Author pages with critical excerpts, interview excerpts, readings of individual poems, info on background & historical context, & links. An auxilliary to The Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry.

Sally Gaster's African American Phat Library
Harlem Renaissance Site, University of Michigan.

Poetry Kit
A UK poetry site with interviews, articles, poems, & fabulous links for poetry throughout the English-speaking world.

Nobel Laureates, Nobel Lectures

Full texts of books that are out of copyright, including Leaves of Grass, Tender Buttons, books by Eliot, Lawrence, Frost, Yeats; complete poems of Burns, Wordsworth, etc.; works on poetics by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Emerson, Whitman; + invaluable anthologies. Also Reference, Fiction, & Non-Fiction. 

Representative Poetry On-Line
On-line version of a teaching anthology published & updated by the University of Toronto since 1914. Several hundred poets whose work is out of copyright + statements on poetics, poems about poetry, etc. Terrific links on the Q&A page. Good glossary of poetic terms.

Project Gutenberg

Founded my Michael Hart in 1971, Project Gutenberg was the first producer of free electronic books, and now includes over 20,000 free book downloads, with 5 times that number accessible through their affiliate sites. Project Gutenberg books are presented in simple formatting, simple technology, supported by nearly all hardware and software. For most of these books, US copyright has expired.

Poetry Resource Page
Huge directories of writing programs, poetry journals & presses, contests, grants, residencies, & other resources. Entries on publishers include lists of poets they've published. Journal list is more comprehensive & aesthetically inclusive than most.

Literary Magazine Stand: The New Pages Guide to Literary Magazines
A generous selection of print journals, from private and university sources. A few unusual ones here, but innovative journals are not represented.

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Small Press Distribution

searches hundreds of databases worldwide, in one step, including large & small dealers. Includes new books from Amazon & B&N, so you can see at a glance if a used book is a good deal. If you check the right box, it will include British sources for new books, as well.

My favorite used book database -- worldwide, efficient, nonprofit. Their want-list allows you to keep a title there indefinitely, instead of automatically deleting once it makes a match.

Book Sense
Network of independent booksellers: find one near you.

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Enlgish Department

Preparing for the MFA Reading Exam

Guide to MLA Style

Writing Exercises

The Mag/pie
A blog about poetic collaboration & collage

Local Stuff:

DC Poetry Web Page: Local News & Readings 

GMU Readings         Fall for the Book

Lannan Readings/Georgetown    Lannan Readings/Folger

Mason Archival Repository Service
Recordings of Fall for the Book & other campus readings


Field Guide to the Birds
of Lorine Niedecker's Collected Works

Birding Babylon      Mission: Wolf 

Ian Hamilton Finlay      Alec Finlay

Traditional Ballads: Scotland, England, America

Scottish Poetry      The Scottish Poetry Library

Book Arts Web: On Line Gallery of Artist's Books

Hamish Fulton: Walking Artist      Avraham Eilat

History in Song      Colorado Poets

A Humument: The First Edition     A Humament Home Page

Books Arts Web   Artists' Books Online 

Favorite Typewriters of Famous Writers 

Wave Books' interactive Erasures page

New Writing + Art

Fascicle    Slope

Jacket    How(ever)


The Unquiet Grave

Here Comes Everybody

The Diagram    

VisPo 504
   Altered Books
Michael Garafalo's
Concrete Poetry Index

The Complete Review
& Literary Saloon

Lorine Niedecker:
facsimile of holograph
"Paean to Place"

Mina Loy:
Lunar Baedeker, 1923

A Table of Contents for HD's Collected Poems

Michael Heller:
Accidental Center
& selections from other works

Arthur Sze:
The Silk Road

Marc Weber:
48 Small Poems

Marc Weber:
Circle of Light

More Stuff:

Petals on a Wet Black Bough:
American Modernist Writers & the Orient

Beineke Rare Book & Manuscript Exhibition

British Romantic Women Poets, 1789-1932
From the Shields Library, UC Davis: dozens of poets, facsimiles of original publications.

Kim Scargborough's Futurism Home Page
The Italian Futurist Book
An exhibit at Colophon.com, curated by Maurizio Scudiero

You can't say you didn't know

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Perceval Press: In Other Words: a digest of opinion & information

American Civil Liberties Union

Iraq Body Count

National Priorities Project: Cost of the War 

The Guardian:
Iraq Special Report

WN Network
Baghdad Page 

Baghdad Bulletin

Revolutionary Association
of the Women of Afghanistan

Democracy Now

Fairness & Accuracy
in Reporting