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for graduate students

Readings listed below have been chosen to build on workshop assignments. A more extensive bibliography can be found at the site for my CVC course.

You have two decisions: you must choose six readings, and you must choose how to respond to those readings. A reading journal is one choice; creative response (accompanied by a statement about how your work responds to the reading) is another.  Even a short essay might do. Responses will be due in the second half of the semester (we'll agree on a date).

What constitutes "a reading"? A complete chapter or essay, a selection of works from an anthology or on-line journal, or....? Structuring your reading plan is part of your investigation.

What is Language?

Rasula, Jed & Steve McCaffery, eds. Imagining Language: An Anthology. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998. Not in our library, but well worth seeking out.

Tost, Tony, ed. "A Supplement to Imagining Language." Fascicle 2 (W 05-06)

Collage & Collaboration

Golding, Alan. "'Drawings with Words': Susan Howe's Visual Poetics." In We Who Love to Be Astonished: Experimental Women's Writing and Performance Poetics. Ed. Laura Hinton & Cynthia Hogue. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2002. In GMU library.

Perloff, Marjorie. "The Invention of Collage." In The Futurist Moment: Avant-Garde, Avant Guerre, and the Language of Rupture. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1986. An important reading for understanding what collage is, and does. I have put this book on Reserve.

Tost, Tony, ed. Fascicle 2. (W 05-06) Feature on Collaborations.

Visual Poetry

Abrioux, Yves. Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer. Second rev. ed. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998. Not in our library, but all former CVC students have a copy. Ask me to help you contact them, if you want to see this book. Have a look at Sheeler, below, to find out if you are interested.

Garofalo, Michael P. Concrete Poetry: Title Index to Websites, Books, Journals, Articles, and Poems. March 14, 2003. Listings for concrete poems, visual poetry, text art, interactive and hypertext poetry, shape poems, graphic arts and poetry.

Goldsmith, Kenneth, UbuWeb Concrete / Visual / Sound. The premier web site for international concrete and visual poetry. Archives and republishes work from the roots to the day before yesterday. Many of these sources are referenced on this bibliography. Please start by choosing and reading the "Resources" page. For statements on the poetics of visual work, you'll want "Papers."

Grimm, Reinhold. "Poems and/as Pictures: A Quick Look at Two and Half Millennia of Ongoing Aesthetic Intercourse." In his From Ode to Anthem: Problems of Lyric Poetry. Ed. Grimm & Jost Hermund. Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1989. 3-85. I have put this on Electronic Reserves, backed up with a paper copy at the Reserve Desk.

Hayles, N. Katherine. “A Humument as Technotext: Layered Topographies.” Writing Machines. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2002. 72-99.
I have put this on Electronic Reserves, backed up with a paper copy at the Reserve Desk.

Higgins, Dick. Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature. Albany: SUNY Press, 1987. One essay, "A Short Introduction to Pattern Poetry" is excerpted on UbuWeb.
  Not in our library, but available by interlibrary loan.

Klonsky, Milton. Speaking Pictures: A Gallery of Pictorial Poetry from the Sixteenth Century to the Present. NY: Harmony/Crown, 1975. This includes all Mallarmé's "Coup de Des" approximated into English by Klonsky. Also emblem and iconic poems, and some 20th century concrete & visual poems not found in the other anthologies. Not in our library, but available by interlibrary loan.

Sheeler, Jessie. Little Sparta: The Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay. Photographs by Andrew Lawson. London: Frances Lincoln, 2003. I have put this book on Reserve. We will also look at some images from it in class.

Wildman, Eugene, ed. Anthology of Concretism. Second enlarged ed. Chicago: Swallow Press, 1969. In GMU library.

Williams, Emmett, ed. Anthology of Concrete Poetry. NY: Womething Else Press, 1967. In GMU library.

Page Space & Book Arts

Carion, Ulises. "The New Art of Making Books." Kontexts No. 6-7 (1975). Rpt. Center for the Book Arts Art of the Book.

Center for Book Arts. Art of the Book. October 5, 2003. Web site of the New York book art gallery and workshop.

Drucker, Johanna. Figuring the Word: Essays on Books, Writing, and Visual Poetics. NY: Granary Books, 1998. I have put this book on Reserve.

- - - . The Century of Artists’ Books. New York: Granary Books, 1995. I have put this book on reserve.

- - -.  A History of the/my Wor(l)d. NY: Granary Books. Not in our library, but available by interlibrary loan.

- - - . Word Made Flesh.
New York: Granary Books, 1996. [1989] The whole class will be asked to look at this book. I have put this book on Reserve.

- - - . "Visual Performance of the Poetic Text." In Close Listening: Poetry and the Performed Word, ed. Charles Bernstein. Oxford & NY: Oxford UP, 1998. A concise introduction to how visual texts "perform," as well as a history and taxonomy of visual poetries in the 20th century. Highly recommended. The book is in our library.

Rothenberg, Jerome & Steven Clay. A Book of the Book: Some Works & Projections About the Book and Writing. New York: Granary Books, 2000. Not in our library, but available by interlibrary loan, and well worth buying.

Smith, Keith A. Structure of the Visual Book. Book 95, 3rd edition. Rochester, NY: Keith A. Smith Books, 1994.

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