Identity Poetics

English 685/468 ~ Fall 2001 ~ Susan Tichy 

Week 10: Oct 29: Ma Language is Disgraceful:
Tom Leonard & Vernacular Scots

ach well
all livin language is sacred
fuck thi lohta thim

-Tom Leonard-

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Core Reading: Poems:

Tom Leonard:
Poems passed out in class.
CD at Reserve Desk: Nora's Place

Please listen to these tracks:
 5: Storm Damage
 6-7: A Priest Got on at Merkland Street
 8: Honest (This is an essay on writing.)
 12: Parokial / teatime / jist ti let yi no / yon night
 15: 14 Glasgow Poems (includes poems from Unrelated  Incidents, Ghostie Men & others)
 16: The Performance
 17: The Rainbow Of
 18: Nora’s Place (This is optional. It’s another sequence inside the head of character, in the manner of “A Priest Got on at Merkland Street” -- this time a young married woman.)

From Poems handed out in class last week:

Ian Hamilton Finlay: reread poems from Glasgow Beasts An a Burd
Robert Garioch: reread Heard in the Gardens
Edwin Morgan: 3 Glasgow Sonnets, Glasgow 5 March 1971, Glasgow November 1971
Kathleen Jamie: Forget It
Alison Kermack: The Shadow Minister, Askinfurrit, Time and Again
Robert Alan Jamieson: 19.11 hrs, 22.59, Resistin the National Psychosis (April 9th 1992)

Core Reading: Interviews & Secondary:

Leonard: Copy Shop, copied separately: “The Locust Tree in Flower”
Leonard: handed out with poems: “Honest.” He reads this essay on the CD.

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