Identity Poetics

English 685 ~ Fall 2001 ~ Susan Tichy 
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Required Books

Cary Nelson: Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry, Oxford University Press, 2000. 0-19-512271-2 

Walter Lew: Premonitions: The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry, Kaya Productions, 1995. 1-885030-14-2 AS OF AUG 24 THE BOOKSTORE IS HAVING TROUBLE FINDING COPIES OF THIS BOOK. TRY TO FIND ONE ELSEWHERE.

Nathaniel Mackey: School of Udhra. City Lights, 1993. 0-87286-278-x

Kamau Brathwaite: The Arrivants. Oxford University Press, 1973. 0-19-911103-0 

Harryette Mullen: Muse & Drudge. Singing Horse, 1995. 0-935162-15-1

Edwin Torres: Fractured Humorous. Subpress, no date. 0-9666303-6-X

O’Rourke, Daniel, ed. Dream State: The New Scottish Poets. Polygon, 1994. 0-7486-6169-7.

David Kinloch: Paris-Forfar. Polygon, 1994. 0-7486-6183-2

Tom Leonard: Intimate Voices. Vintage, 1995. 0-09-952361-2

C.S. Giscombe: Giscome Road. Dalkey Archives Press, 1998. 1956478-184-4.

Myung Mi Kim: Under Flag. Kelsey Street Press, 

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha: DICTEE. Third Woman Press, 1995 [1992] 0-943219-12-4. 

For information on hunting small press, Bristish, used & out-of-print books, click here.

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Worldwide Web
Many of our secondary readings, interviews with poets, etc., will be found on the web. Many can  accessed on or through these sites:

Author Pages from the Modern American Poetry (MAP) Web Site, designed by Cary Nelson to complement the anthology:

Author Pages from the Electronic Poetry Center Author Pages:

Papers presented at a 1997 symposium at Rutgers, Poetry and the Public Sphere:

UbuWeb: Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry

For specific citations see the detailed reading scheduleS. 

Photocopied Readings (for purchase in the Copy Shop):

Nathaniel Mackey. 2 excerpts from Discrepant Engagement: Dissonance,
Cross-Culturality, and Experimental Writing. University of Alabama Press, 2000. 
a) “Other: From Noun to Verb.” 265-285. And notes to same, 302-305.
b) Excerpt from “The Changing Same.” Section III, 34-45. And notes to same,

Nathaniel Mackey. Interview. By Edward Foster. Talisman 9 (Fall 1992) 48-61.

Kamau Brathwaite. Excerpt from ConVERSations with Nathaniel Mackey. We Press &
Xcp: Cross-Cultuiral Poetics, 1999. pp 28-57. 

June Bobb. “Reconceiving Self & World”. Beating a Restless Drum: The Poetics of
Kamau Brathwaite and Derek Walcott. Trenton, NY & Asmara, Eritrea: Africa
World Press, 1998. 17-49 

Charles Bernstein. Introduction. Close Listening: Poetry and the Performed Word. Ed.
Bernstein. NY: Oxford UP, 1998.3-26.

Harreyette Mullen. “The Solo Mysterioso Blues: An Interview with Harryette Mullen.”
By Calvin Bedient. Callaloo 19.3 (1996) 651-669.

Hunt, Erica. “Notes for an Oppositional Poetics.” The Politics of Poetic Form: Poetry
and Public Policy. Ed. Charles Bernstein. NY: Roof Books, 1990. 197-212.

A.J. Aitken. "A History of Scots." The Concise Scots Dictionary. Mairi Robinson,
Editor-in-Chief. Edinburgh: Chambers, 1985. ix-xvi

Robert Crawford. "Home." Identifying Poets: Self and Territory in Twentieth Century Poetry. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 1993. 142-175.

Tom Leonard: "The Locust Tree in Flower."  Intimate Voices: Selected Work 1965-1983. London: Vintage, 1995 [1984].

Kim, Myung Mi. Interview. By James Kyung-Jin Lee. Words Matter: Conversations
with Asian American Writers. Ed. King-Kok Cheung. Honolulu: U Hawaii, 2000. 92-104.

And a few more to be added.

Instructor’s Notes (for Purchase in the Copy Shop)

Audio & Print Texts at the Johnson Center Reserve Desk:

See detailed reading schedules.

Additional material passed out in class

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