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Section 001 / Fall 2004 / Susan Tichy / Tuesday 7:20-10:00 / Thompson Hall 106


Ballad Stanza, Common Measure, Hymnal Stanzas, Iambic Tetrameter, & Other 4x4s

See also: Short Quatrains (Iambic tetrameter) on List Page 4

Anon. Song & Lyric (15th c):
Lyke Wake Dirge 68, Western Wind 68

Ballad Tradition: Sir Patrick Spens 87, The Unquiet Grave 88, Wife of Usher's Well 89, Barbara Allen 90, Get Up & Bar the Door 96

Elizabethan & Restoration Courtly Song & Lyric:

Marlowe (16th c): Passionate shepherd to his love 233

Ralegh (16th c): Nymph’s reply to the shepherd  140

Herrick (17th c): To the virgins to make much of time (Gather ye rosebuds) 320

Suckling (17th c): Out upon it! 413

Lovelace (17th c): Song: To Lucasta going to the wars 430

Donne (17th c): Valediction forbidding mourning 275, The Ecstasy 276

16th & 17th c. “Fourteeners”:

Whitney (16th c): fr The Manner of her will (W) 135

Finch (17th c): The Answer 521

18th c. Hymns:

Wesley: My God! I know; I feel thee mine 588

Cowper: fr Olney Hymns 636

18th c. Song: Burns: Green Grow the Rashes 688, Of A’ the Airts 689, John Anderson My Jo 694, Bonnie Doon 694, A Red Red Rose 694

18th c. Lyric:

Montagu (18th c): A Receipt to Cure the Vapors 579

Goldsmith (18th c): When lovely woman stoops to folly 627

Cowper: Epitaph on a Hare 637

Wheatley: A Farewell to America 659

Blake (18-19th c): The Divine Image 673, Little Boy Lost 673, Little Boy Found 674, A Divine Image (Cruelty has a human heart) 679, Holy Thursday (II) 679, The Clod & the Pebble 679, A Poison Tree 680, The Tyger 680, London 681, Mock on Mock on 682

19th c.:

Wordsworth: She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways 721, A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal 722,

Coleridge (19th c): Rime of the Ancient Mariner 744

Written After Swimming from Sestos to Abydos 766, She Walks in Beauty 767, So We'll Go No More a Roving 768

Keats: La Belle Dame Sans Merci 842

Emerson (19th c): Concord Hymn 850

Tennyson (19th c): In Memoriam AHH 899 (abba "In Memoriam" stanza)

Bronte: Hope 945

Dickinson: starts p. 1010: #49, 241, 254, 258, 280, 465, 712, etc.

C. Rossetti: Song 1026, Up-Hill 1027

Carroll: Jabberwocky 1033

Hardy:  I Looked into My Glass 1050, The Darkling Thrush 1052,  In Time of “The Breaking of Nations” 1057 or 
MODERN  59, The Oxen MODERN 59, Shut Out that Moon 50, Drummer Hodge 47, Channel Firing  51, A Poet 58

20th c.:

Yeats: The Wild Swans at Coole (extended to a sestet) 1088, An Irish Airman Foresees His Death (extended 16 lines) 1088,
Easter 1916 MODERN 105, Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop MODERN 130

Robinson: Miniver Cheevy 1108, Mr. Flood’s Party 1110, both also in

Frost: Stopping by Woods 1131

E.Thomas: Adlestrop 1147, The Owl 1148

Lawrence: Youth Mowing

Eliot: Whispers of Immortality
MODERN 468, Sweeney Among the Nightingales 469

McKay: A Midnight Woman to the Bobby

Hughes: Cross 1322, Song for a Dark Girl 1323

Kunitz: He 1347

MacDiarmid: (poems in Scots)
Cloudburst & Soaring Moon, Parley of Beasts, O Wha's the Bride

Cummings: may i feel said he 
MODERN  552, anyone lived in a pretty how town 553, my father moved through dooms of love 554

Graves: Down Wanton Down

Smith: Not Waving but Drowning 1331, Thoughts about the Person from Porlock 1332
Cullen: Incident 1337

C. Day Lewis: Two Songs 1341, Where Are the War Poets? 1343

Betjeman: Death in Leamington 1356, Arrest of Oscar Wilde 1357

Auden: Tell Me the Truth about Love 1362

MacNiece: Bagpipe Music (14ers)

L. Hughes: Cross
MODERN 689, Song for a Dark Girl 691, Madam & Her Madam 697, etc.

Auden: Tell Me the Truth About Love 1362

Niedecker: Swept Snow Li Po, What horror to awake at night MODERN 717

Hayden: Paul Lawrence Dunbar 1430

Roethke: My Papa's Waltz MODERN 848 (trimeter, read re: ballad & song)

Brooks: A Song in the Front Yard 
CONTEMP 141, Sadie & Maud 142, Of DeWitt Williams 143, The Vacat Lot 143, We Real Cool 145, Last Quatrain of the Ballad of Emmett Till 145

Bennett: Pass fi White 
CONTEMP 169, No Lickle Twang 170, Dry-Foot Bwoy 172, Colonization in Reverse 173, Independence 174, etc.

Creeley: Bresson's Movies 1430 (different form, but read in relation to ballad narrative)

Alun Lewis: Goodbye 1468

Douglas: Vergissmeinnicht 1514, Gallantry MODERN 862

Justice: Counting the Mad 1581

Stevenson: Willow Song  1741 (read re: ballad & song)

Dylan: Boots of Spanish Leather 1746

Randall: Ballad of Birmingham 1747

Cope: Bloody Men 1825, Flowers 1825

20th c. Blues Stanza:

Brown: Slim in Atlanta 1317, Chillen Get Shoes 1319, Conjured 1321, Memphis Blues

Hughes: The Weary Blues 1320, Bad Luck Card 1323, Harlem Sweeties 1323, Harlem 1324, Lament over Love
MODERN 690, Po Boys Blues 690, Gal's Cry for a Dying Lover 691, Bad Man 692, etc