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Workshop Mechanics:

  •  On each poem you turn in, put your name, the date, and the kind of poem you’ve attempted in the upper right corner.
  • At the time I'm writing this, the class size is very small. If that holds, we will try to discuss one poem each week for each of you.
  • If you have a second poem, turn it in to me. I cannot promise written critique on every poem every week, but will do my best to get comments back to you. 
  • Poems may be distributed to classmates either by bringing copies to class a week before they will be discussed or by sending them out on e-mail no later than 7 pm on the Sunday preceding class. (This deadline may be adjusted according to what you all have to say about it.) It is your responsibility to get copies to your classmates on time. You can't expect them to provide thoughtful feedback otherwise.
  • Whenever possible, please paste your poem into an e-mail message. Send the poem by attachment only when poem length, line length, or special formatting needs make pasting unworkable.

  • You are responsible for reading your classmates’ poems before class and writing comments on them. "Writing comments" means at least a short paragraph of response and advice, as well as marginal comments or questions. You can add more during workshop but do not wait until then to read the poem seriously. We will need to use our class time efficiently. Hand in your copies of the poems, with comments, to me. I will look them over, then pass them on to the poets. 

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