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Slow Snail


Although m-commerce seems to be a convenient idea, there are many tribulations that lower the popularity of mobile commerce. Since m-commerce is a fairly new idea, IT professionals are still conducting and improving technological standards to make the system of m-commerce more convenient. In order for m-commerce to advance, there needs to be some sort of standard within the operative environment: A way that each unit can operate with another in a customary system ( Chance ). For example, in the highly technological advanced, Keio, Japan, recognized specifically for its mobile technology, an operating system known as u-Texture was developed. U-Texture can create different applications, and is able to arrange and recognize new connections ( Holmquist, 54 ). Because there are a variety of operative environments available in the U.S., it is harder for American companies to conduct m-commerce ( www.SearchMobileComputing.com ). Therefore, m-commerce is much less popular in America then in Europe and Asia ( www.SearchMobileComputing.com ).

Problems with Devices

Another drawback of m-commerce is that most handheld devices have weak processors and limited memory; a great setback when doing business over the internet ( Zhang, 75 ). The top of the line Hewlett-Packard Pavillion Media Center TV desktop can store 500GB of memory; the Toshiba-Satellite Notebook can store 220GB of memory; whereas the Palm T/X handheld organizer can only store 128MB of memory (Esmaeilian). Desktops and laptops are a preferred memory source and thus, more reliable in e-trade (Zilliox, 70-71). Handheld devices also have poor resolution and data entry can be quite difficult with a small keyboard ( Zhang, 75 ). Unless the handheld device is a 2.5G or a 3G technology unit (Zilliox, 79), the network can be sluggish and tend to be less secure then wired devices ( Abbott ). In many cases, wireless networks are one fourth the speed of standard wired networks (Zilliox, 74). Since some rural areas might not have wireless communication, wireless online services are not as reliable when on the move (Zilliox, 74). Most wireless networks are common in urban areas. Since non-mobile computer devices are much more reliable and have been in the market longer then wireless devices; most people are more inclined to do electronic commerce than mobile electronic commerce.