This is my new page for:
ENGL 209 -- Enhanced Digital Texts -- Spring 2002
Section 003

Hello, and welcome to my website.
My name is Stephen Diehl and I am a Decision Sciences/Management Information Systems major
pursuing minors in both Information Technology and Multimedia.
I am technically a senior but will be graduating in May 2003.
This is the first page for ENGL 209, a course I am taking in order
to fulfill the requirements for the multimedia minor.

This semester I am taking the following courses which is a lighter credit load than usual:

Course ID
Course Title
AVT -104 -003 Studio Fundamentals Karametou, M
DESC-352 -002 Methods and Models of Management Science Rhode, A S
ENGL-209 -003 Enhanced Digital Text Taciuch, D F
IT -108 -001 Programming Fundamentals (JAVA) McJunkin, M M
IT -108 -201 LAB  Dwivedi
MIS -403 -001 Computer Systems Analysis & Design Chen, M

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This page is a bit rudimentary, but shall improve as the course continues.
Keep checking back for updates.
P.S. Blinking text is annoying.

Page created on March 26, 2002
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