Setting Up Your Laptop to Dynamically Grab an IP Address (DHCP) under Windows 95/98

To change your settings... 1. Click on Start to open the Start menu.
2. Select Settings and then Control Panel.
3. Double-click on the Network icon in the Control Panel window.
4. In the Network window, change the "Primary Network Logon" to "Windows Logon".
5. In the box where the installed network components are listed, scroll down until you see TCP/IP followed by the name and model number of your Ethernet card.
6. Click on it once to select it.
7. Click on the "Properties" button under the list.
8. One-by one, click on the following tabs at the top of TCP/IP Properties window: IP Address, Gateway, DNS Configuration, and WINS Configuration.
9.  Change the settings as follows...

IP Address…Click in the option button for "Obtain an IP Address automatically"

Gateway…Click on any gateway numbers listed under "Installed Gateways" and click on the "REMOVE" button

DNS Configuration…Click in the option button for "Disable DNS"

WINS Configuration…Click in the option button for "Disable WINS Resolution".

CAUTION: If your laptop has already been set up to connect to another network (outside of the classroom network) then make sure you write down each of the settings very carefully so that you can change them back if necessary. For example, if you connect your laptop in your office at George Mason, the settings will be different. If you need assistance with changing the settings for to connect in classrooms, contact Susan Campbell ( for help.
10. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the TCP/IP Properties window.
11. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the Network window.
12. Restart your laptop so the new settings will take effect.