Multimedia Projects for Educational Purposes -- Fair Use Guidelines

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Motion Media, DVD, VHS Up to 10% or 3 minutes (whichever is less)
Text Material Up to 10% or 1000 words (whichever is less)
An entire Poem with less than 250 words
3 poems by the same author
5 poems by different authors
Music, Lyrics, Music Video Up to 10% of  an individual work (no more than 30 seconds per event)
Alterations should maintain the original basic melody and the fundamental character of the work
Illustrations and Photographs Up to 5 images by an artist or photographer may be reproduced or incorporated

Up to 10% or 15 images (whichever is less) from a published collective work

Numerical Data Sets Up to 10% or 2500 fields or cell entries (whichever is less) from a copyrighted database or data table may be reproduced or incorporated
Copying and Distribution Limitations Up to 2 use copies (one of which may be placed on reserve)

1 copy for preservation purposes to be used or copied to replace one of the use copies that has been lost, stolen, or damaged

Each principal creator of a joint project may retain one copy

Educators and students may use their personally created educational projects over secured electronic networks only accessible by students enrolled in curriculum-based courses at remote sites, for review after class, or for directed self-study

Students may retain one copy of their personally created educational projects only for their portfolios and for job and graduate school interviews

Time Limitations When duplication cannot be prevented (over an otherwise secure network) then educators and  students may use the educational multimedia projects for a period of only 15 days after its initial real-time remote use in the course of instruction or 15 days after its assignment for directed self-study**

Educators may retain their own personally created multimedia project for education purposes for a period up to two years after the first instructional use with a class**

**For use beyond these time limitations, permissions must be obtained for all copyrighted works incorporated in the projects