Walter Crane, illustration for "The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage"

Fairy Tales on the World Wide Web

The sites listed are good places to start an Internet seach for fairy-tale sources and studies:

Yahoo fairy tale link:

Children's Literature Web:

D. L. Ashliman's site  (strongly recommended):

(The Ashliman site includes classification of Tales by Aarne-Thompson categories and essays about folklore and fairy tales.)

Another good page of fairy-tale links:

From Ashliman's collection: LePrince de Beaumont's version of "Beauty and the Beast":

An online bookstore with very good links to tale texts in cluding some used in Duffy's Grimm Tales:

The "Cinderella" Site at the University of Southern Mississippi:

The "Red Riding Hood" Site at the University of Southern Mississippi:

Texts of Grimms' tales from the Ashliman site: 1812 editions

 "Little Briar Rose"
"Little Snow White"
"The Frog King" (parallel texts of 1812 and 1857)
"Allerleirauh" ("All Kinds of Fur")
"Little Red-Cap"