Why GMU for Developmental Psychology? 

If you like musty old buildings, city congestion, or country isolation, GMU is not for you. The university is located near where the suburbs of the nation's capital meet the rolling Virginia countryside, and the buildings are relatively new. That's good! We designed the psychology facilities to represent the state of the art. All of the cultural resources of a major city are 30 minutes away, and so are horse country and rural living. Ski slopes and beaches are within 1 1/2 hours. The suburban area surrounding GMU's 500+ acres is extensive. The community is relatively well-off and well-educated, so fine dining, shopping, entertainment and everything else you might want are close at hand. Part-time employment opportunities [and full-time opportunities for spouses] pay well and are plentiful in almost every field of endeavour.


The program's explicit focus on Basic Research and Applications in Developmental Psychology ensures that students who leave here can be well trained not only to conduct cutting edge research in developmental psychology, but also to apply their knowledge to the facilitation of optimal human development.  The program has a focus on early childhood with faculty who specialize in many domains within early childhood, including socioemotional development, cognitive development, and behavioral development.  The program offers excellent, individualized research mentoring experiences with faculty engaged in active and often externally-funded research programs.  See resources!


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