The Extended Hanson Family

Here is the Extended Family centered on Don and Bonnie Hanson of Santa Ana, California.
Husband: Don Hanson, Santa Ana, CA
Father: Oliver Hanson
Wife: Claudia Hanson
Sister: Evelyn Ekhaml
Brother's Widow: Irene Freeland
Brother: Dean Hanson
Stepsister: Donna Wilson
Wife: Bonnie Hanson
Mother: Nell Compton
Sister: Ruby Wells
Sister: Nina Gearhart
Sister: Sabra Irby
Husband's Sister: Ruby Compton
Brother's Widow: Mina Caudill
Brother's Widow: Katherine Caudill
Sister: Paula Schneider
Sister: Judy Scott
Brother: Reecie Compton
Sister: name and family info withheld by request
Brother: Bob Compton family info withheld
Son: Robin Hanson, Pasadena, CA
Wife: Peggy Jackson
Father: Bill Jackson
Brother: Jack Jackson
Mother: Mary Ellen Jackson
Brother: Jim McKinney
Brother: Bob Jackson
Wife: Mary Jackson,
Sister: Trina Nelson
Son: Chris Nelson
Son: Doug Nelson
Son: Eric Nelson
Daughter: Rebecca Nelson
Son: Tommy Hanson, b.'91
Son: Andy Hanson, b.'93
Son: Chat Hanson, Downey, CA
Wife: Jeanne Hanson
Child: Pheobe Hanson, b.'99
Son: Jay Hanson, Santa Ana, CA
Wife: Vikki Hanson
Son: Daniel Hanson, b.'92
Here is an old 90K picture of, from upper left, by rows: Jay, Don, Robin, Chat; Vikki, Bonnie, Peggy, Jeannie; Tommy, Daniel, Andy.

If I've left you or people you care about off, just let me know and I'll add them! I used to have city info for everyone here (and used to have more people here), but someone objected to this info being made available.

Robin Hanson April 7, 1997
known by AltaVista