(Master's) Microeconomic Theory
Fall 2006 GMU Syllabus

Economics 611 (Section 001), meets Monday, 7:00-9:40pm during Fall 2006, in room Arlington (Original Building) Room 302.

Instructor: Robin D. Hanson, Asst. Professor, Economics (rhanson@gmu.edu, http://hanson.gmu.edu)
Office Hours: 5-6:30pm, at Arlington office, Truland Building Room 400Q, 703-993-4854. Other days I'm usually in at Carow Hall Room 10A, 703-993-2326.
Catalog Entry:

611 Microeconomic Theory (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Admission to the doctoral or master's program or ECON 306, ECON 311, and MATH 113, or permission of graduate coordinator. Theory of behavior of consumers, firms, and resource suppliers. Theories of choice under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Partial equilibrium analysis of competitive and noncompetitive markets. General equilibrium analysis, welfare economics, and introduction to capital theory.
Recommended Text: (None are required.)
Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2005, ISBN 0-13-008461-1.
David M. Kreps, A Course in Microeconomic Theory, Princeton University Press, 1990, ISBN 0691042640.
DateLecture TopicPR ChaptersKreps Chapters
28 Aug Intro, Supply and Demand Ch. 1,2. Ch. 1,6 Hmwk 1
04 Sep No class this week
11 Sep Welfare and Regulation Ch. 4.4-4.5, 9 Ch. 5 Hmwk 2
18 Sep More Supply, Demand, Welfare Ch. 15 Ch. 5,6 Hmwk 3
25 Sept Externalities Ch. 18 Hmwk 4
02 Oct Consumer Behavior and Demand Ch. 3,4 Ch. 2 Hmwk 5
10 Oct Applications (Note meet Tuesday this week.)
16 Oct Midterm
23 Oct Monopoly Ch. 10,11 Ch. 9 Hmwk 6
30 Oct Game Theory Ch. 13 Ch. 11,12 Hmwk 7
06 Nov No class this week
13 Nov Uncertainty Ch. 5 Ch. 3 Hmwk 8
20 Nov Information Ch. 17 Ch. 16,17 Hmwk 9
27 Nov General Equilibrium Ch. 16 Ch. 6 Hmwk 10
04 Dec Applications and Review Paper due
18 DecFinal Exam 7:30-10:15pm
Note: I reserve the right to change the homework up until the day it is handed out.

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