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How to Reach Robin Hanson

Office (Fairfax): 10A Carow Hall
Work Phone (Fairfax): 703-993-2326 (has voicemail)
CELL: 703-201-8129
Fax (Fairfax): 703-993-2323
Paper mail:
Associate Professor of Economics,
James M. Buchanan Center
MSN 1D3, Carow Hall
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
Home: Burke, VA 22015-3837
Home Phone: 703-239-9660 (has answering machine)

Obsolete Addresses

Old E-mails:,,,

RWJF Scholar in Health Policy Research School of Public Health 140 Warren Hall University of California-Berkeley Berkeley,CA 94720-7360 Office: 590D University Hall Phone: 510-643-1884 FAX: 510-643-8614

Mail Code 228-77 Division of Humanities and Social Sciences California Institute of Technology Pasadena,CA 91125
Office: 338B Baxter Hall Phone: (818) 395-4289 FAX: (818) 405-9841