D'ou vient le fromage?





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Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! The French love their cheeses.... C'est si bon!!!!!!

You and your class have just learned that the French stereotype each other just like the Americans do. As you are aware, one stereotypes the other person with the region. Having discussed some of the regions of France, we are going to look at a product that the French love to eat and it is almost found in every region of France. Its cheese!!! Cheese is as different as people and that is what makes us unique like cheese.....


You and your classmates get go to a Gourmet Food Store to discover different french cheeses. French cheeses come in a wide varierty of selections. These cheeses come from different parts and regions of France. At the Gourmet Food Store, the manager gave us a lists of the cheeses we can choose from. You will choose one. From that choice you will gather information about that cheese, share the information with your class and also bring a sample of that cheese for us to have our party......

Your task will be to work with a partner, to write a one to two page report, typed, doubled space in french. You and your partner will do a 5 minute oral presentation in french. A poster will be a great way to show off your work as you will need to: provide a picture of the cheese, you will provide a picture of France showing where the region is located. And finally bring a sample of the cheese. You will have one week to do this project.



You will need to research:

The selections were:1) Epoisses de Bourgogne2) Camembert, 3) Picodon de Valreas, 4) Chabichou 5) Conde d'Argonne de Champagne, 6) Valancay, 7) Brie, 8) Emmenthal, 9) Raclette and 10) Munster.


On the internet, there are many resources to find information about France and its cheeses. Here is a listing of these sites for you to visit and gather information.

You may use other resources such as magazines, journals, or library books. If you do, you must include a bibliography with your paper.



7 points for each section

Students will be graded on: 1) content, 2)completion of task, 3) grammar, 4) vocabulary and 5) individual grading of student of that group






You will have discovered from this activity that France is a wonderful country with much to offer through its culture, geography and history. This project has shown that there can be connections between products and perspectives of the culture studied.

And of course, the fun part.....lets'eat and enjoy....

The teacher will bring crackers, french bread and apples so that the class can share and taste the selections which were discussed and brought to class.