Robert Ehrlich is an Emeritus Physics professor at George Mason University. His current research interest is in finding evidence for the reality of faster-than-light particles or tachyons -- which has led to a 2018 paper presenting some tantalizing results. You may be interested in this press release (including a link to the paper) or a physics colloquium, which he would be happy to give, his schedule permitting. Ehrlich is also interested in renewable energy, and promoting renewable energy education see, for example his junior level 2013/2017 textbook Renewable Energy: A First Course, and his course web site PHYS 331 Fundamentals of Renewable Energy. A complete list of his publications can be found on his resume. You may also be interested in a 7 min interactive explanation of relativity for the layperson: Relativity: Adventures of Albert and Marie, and his humorous video speculating what Einstein might have to say about faster-than-light particles just click on above image, In his spare time, Ehrlich is hopelessly addicted to the game of Go,