The Arlington Central Library

Invites You to Celebrate

Hispanic Heritage Month


Guitarist Francesc de Paula Soler

Poet Rei Berroa

Wednesday, October 3, 2001 at 7:30PM

Arlington Central Library

About the Artists

Born in 1949, in the heart of a Spanish artistic family, Soler started his musical studies at the age of six.He has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards. Regarding his wide international activity as a performer, the critics - calling him “Poet of the Guitar”- have hailed Soler as the most notable name in the new generation of Spanish guitarists.His Guitar Collection (Book and CD) can be obtained through Mel Bay Publications.

Poet Rei Berroa, born in the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish Literature and Literary Criticism at George Mason University. He is the author of Book of Fragments (Calcutta 1990), Libro de los fragmentos (Buenos Aires 1988), Los otros (Santo Domingo 1983), among other books. Professor Berroa was last seen at the Arlington Library leading the book discussions on “Latino Voices in the United States.”

Words in Music / Music in Words

The Powerful Poetry of Music Woven Together 

with the Musical Quality of Words

I History of the Relationship of Music and Poetry
Anonymous Songs from the Cancionero

Anonymous Ballads from the Romancero

Cruz cruzada (Arcipreste de Hita, 1298-1343)

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (1698-1751)

Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

Miguel Hernandez (1910-1942)

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973)

Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936)

II Guitar

Anonymous (Bolivia) BOLIVIAN FOLK SONG *

Manuel M. Ponce (México)SCHERZINO MEXICANO


Joao Pernambuco (Brasil)SOUNDS OF BELLS *

Antonio Lauro (Venezuela)SEIS POR DERECHO *

Pablo Escobar (Paraguay)CHOPI *

Isaías Savio (Uruguay)BATUCADA

*Revision and harmonization by Francesc de Paula SOLER.

Guitar by ESTRUCH (Spain) Strings G.H.S. Vanguard

III Rei Berroa’s Poetry


Fragmento 1

Fragmento 2

Fragmento 8

Fragmento 11 “Corva la ciudad, en ruinas el cultivo”

Fragmento 14 “El indice, los ojos, el pulgar”

Fragmento 15

Fragmento 18 “El anafre, la tinaja y el baston”

Nada es este hueco sin tus manos


El don del desgraciado

Con respecto a cierta actividad de las palomas

Three Variations on the Theme of Peace and Dove

This program is also sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of The Embassy of Spain.