(NOTE: Each chapter includes an Introduction.)
1. Conceptualizing Violence.
How to Think About Violence, James Gilligan. Boys Will Be Boys, Myriam Medzian. Biology, Development, and Dangerousness, Elizabeth J. Susman and Jordan W. Finkelstein. The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell. Shame: The Emotions and Morality of Violence, James Gilligan. The White City and the Wild West: Buffalo Bill and the Mythic Space of American History, Richard Slotkin.

2. Social Construction of Masculinities, Femininities, and “The Other.”
'Night to His Day': The Social Construction of Gender, Judith Lorber. Speaking of Gender: The Darkened Eye Restored, Carol Tavris. Introduction: Post-Vietnam Blues; Old Warriors, New Warriors, James William Gibson. Song of Napalm, Bruce Weigl. Guerrilla War, W.D. Ehrhart. Masculinity, Power, and Identity, Nigel Edley and Margaret Wetherell. No Man Is an Island: Men in Relationships with Others, Christopher Kilmartin. Black-Widow Women, James William Gibson. Dressing the Dolls: The Fashion Backlash, Susan Faludi. Feminist Fatale: BUST-ing the Beauty Myth, Debbie Stoller. Recipe, Janice Mirikitani. Who Is the Enemy and What Does He Want?, James William Gibson. The Fight Against Hate: Why We Can't-and Shouldn't-Win It, Andrew Sullivan. The Outsiders, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

3. Youth Violence.
Youth Gangs: A Developmental Perspective, Daniel J. Flannery, C. Ronald Huff, and Michael Manos. Gang Member Demographics and Gang Subcultures, Irving A. Spergel. 'Race' Politics, Luis J. Rodriguez. Students' Reports of School Crime: 1989 and 1995, Kathryn A. Chandler, Christopher D. Chapman, Michael R. Rand, and Bruce M. Taylor. Supremacy Crimes, Gloria Steinem. I Prayed for Gun Control and Got Better Background Checks, Tonya M. Matthews.

4. The Violation of Body Space.
Violence Against Women: Physical and Mental Health Effects, Part I: Research Findings, Lisa A. Goodman, Mary P. Koss, and Nancy Felipe Russo. Violence in Intimate Relationships: A Feminist Perspective, bell hooks. Battering: Who's Going to Stop It?, Ann Jones. Healthy Choices, Janice Mirikitani. Acquaintance Rape: Revolution and Reaction, Paula Kamen. Preface; An Assault on Sexual Identity, Michael Scarce. Impact of Sexual Abuse on Children: A Review and Synthesis of Recent Empirical Studies, Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett, Linda Meyer Williams, and David Finkelhor. The Impossible, Bruce Weigl. Abuse, Toi Derricotte.

5. Violence and Sports.
Sporting Masculinities: Gender Relations and the Body, Andrew Parker. Sexuality and Power, Michael Messner and Donald Sabo. Sports: When Winning Is the Only Thing, Can Violence Be Far Away?, Myriam Medzian. Boyhood, Organized Sports, and Construction of Masculinities, Michael A. Messner. Our Guys: The Basement, Accusation and Denial, Bernard Lefkowitz. The Boys, the Broomhandle, and the Retarded Girl, Alicia Ostriker.

6. Media Representation of Violence.
Sin and Redemption: The Sugar Ray Leonard Wife-Abuse Story, Mike Messner and William Solomon. Why We Watch, Jeffrey Goldstein. Sizing Up the Effects, Sissela Bok. Aggression, Sissela Bok. Predictors of Children's Interest in Violent Television Programs, Joanne Cantor and Amy I. Nathanson. Lay Killers: Tough Enough?, Sherrie A. Inness.

7. Preventing Violence and Revisioning the Future.
What Works, and Why?, Joy Dryfoos. Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools, Keving Dwyer, David Osher, and Cynthia Warger. Guns, Gun Control, and Homicide: A Review of Research and Public Policy, Philip J. Cook and Mark H. Moore. It's Only Art, Karen Finley. Conclusion: Redefining Power, Terry Kupers. How To Create Less Violent Societies, James Gilligan.