AIMIS Laboratory
Astrophysical Ice and Matrix-Isolation Spectroscopy

The Laboratory
The AIMIS Laboratory is currently under construction at George Mason University. The core of the laboratory - the cryostat, vacuum equipment and infrared spectrometer - should be up and running by early 2008.

Dr. Paul Cooper
Prior to coming to GMU, I was a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. There I worked in the Cosmic Ice Laboratory in the Astrochemistry Division and was part of the Goddard Center for Astrobiology. My research project involved irradiating water-oxygen ice mixtures with 0.8 MeV protons and looking at the products formed. We identified infrared absorption bands of HO2 and HO3 radicals in ice for the first time. The detection of HO3 was only the 4th ever detection of this reactive radical in the literature!

My PhD research was performed in the Department of Chemistry at The University of Western Australia under the guidance of Dr. Terry Quickenden (1939-2006). My thesis was centered around the IR identification of H2O-HO and H2O-O2 complexes in argon matrices.

My undergraduate Honours thesis was also performed under Dr. Terry Quickenden, and involved developing a spectroscopic method of differentiating the blood- vs bleach-induced chemiluminescence of the forensic luminol test.

I am a graduate of Ocean Reef Senior High School and also attended Ocean Reef Primary School and East Peckham Primary School.